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PUMA Hybrid Fuego x First Mile Performance Review

In recent years, environmental protection has become a theme that can be widely seen and carried out almost everywhere. Therefore, many words, say, “Love the earth.” “Protect our planet.” “Energy saving.” “Emission reduction.”, have also permeated our life. According to some environmentalists, it is important to make the green lifestyle integrated with our daily doings and make it a conscious behavior and social consensus.

So in the field of running shoes, many brands have also risen to respond to the appeal. And the PUMA and First Mile are certainly among them. Their latest joint masterpiece is the PUMA Hybrid Fuego x First Mile whose slogan is “Buy a par of shoes so as to protect the earth.”

First Mile is actually a non-governmental environmental  organization that collects plastic bottles to create sustainable jobs and reduce pollution. By sorting, cleaning and shredding those bottles, and turning them into yarns that can be used to make products, the organization has made great contributions to the society and environment. For the Hybrid, maybe you are familiar with it as well. It is a midsole technology launched by Puma two years ago that entails the advantages of absorbing shock and offering multiplicative energy feedback.

However, in terms of the shoes’ appearance and design, it is not favored by many people. But what is funny is that the more you look at it, the more lingering charm you’ll find in it. The shoes are indeed very simple but at the mean time very delicate, which is in line with the call to protect the environment. And if you look at it closely, you can see that its vamp has a dark pattern that looks quite like Pythons grains.

As a pair of running shoes, it is the outsole and the midsole that count. Maybe it is out of the consideration of saving costs or protecting the environment, the outsole and the midsole are integrated. Therefore, you may not expect too much support performance of it. And at the rear part, there is the NRGY which is quite iconic of Hybrid.

After checking the shoes, you’ll know that all the details seem to tell you that this is a pair of extremely eco-friendly shoes. You may not be able to perceive the recycled material, but as some other reviewers observed, even the shoelaces were made of environmentally friendly materials.

But after all, whether a shoe fits you only you yourself know. For me, the shoes’ performances are satisfying, but it is the comfortable experience it offers me that attracts me most. And to tell the truth, I am so obsessed with it that I’ll wear it wherever I go. And as for the size, I chose the one I usually picked which is just suitable for me.

With respect to the wrapping, I should say that it is superior which should to some extent be credited to the soft and skin-friendly vamp. It will only make you feel like wearing nothing. What’s even better is that the vamp can last very long, which means that the shoes can be a long-time companion for you.

Despite some observation that the support is not enough for jogging, it is in fact enough for daily wearing.  Besides, there is also a saying, “The shoes are so skin-friendly that they don’t like a pair of running shoes.” So you can just imagine how nice it feels.


To summarize, I think this is a must for running. And if you quite love running or you like exercising very much, you might as well take a shot. However, it is not limited to a certain people. It can also be used for daily wearing.

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Skora Core Performance Review

Skora, which can be said to be a niche brand, has not been our country for a long time and seems somewhat mysterious for many of us. But like other brands, there is always an inspirational  story behind their development history.

More than a decade ago, the brand’s founder, David, was told by his doctor that he was no longer suitable for running. But after 18 months’ rehabilitation and trying many different kinds of shoes,  David Sypniewski finally realized that if he wanted a pair of running shoes that would not only allow him to run, but also make him love running again, he needed to build it himself.

During this process, he found that the truly best shoes were the ones that could protect the runners’ feet as  well as making them relax. And so after his research with great concentration, the Skora Core is finally here and presented in front of us.

I knew at the first glance that this Skora Core must be very slim in the shoe type. And upon opening the box, I was a bit surprised at seeing the waterproof film which is used here to replace the traditional protective paper. Besides, there is also brief introduction of the tech used in the shoes.

To tell the truth, I was quite bewildered at seeing the shoes which seemed quite like track shoes rather than running shoes. But after trying the shoes, I knew that I was deceived. According to the official introduction, there are many technologies in the shoes.

For the shoelaces, they are an asymmetrical design which can better fit our foot shape and fit our insteps and will not loosen easily.

Since the shoes are positioned as barefoot running shoes, there is no need to wearing socks. And there is also no need worrying about friction with the shoes because the suede lining inside are actually very comfortable. What’s more, it can hug our feet very well, seemingly to be integrated with us.

The insoles are comfortable as well. They are made of thin foams and designed in such a way to fit our feet.

Taking the insole out, you’ll find that there is no thick EVA and you can see the outsole directly.

As you can see that the vamp is full of holes which are to ensure air permeability. And after I tried the shoes, I felt the vamp especially comfortable, which was a superior experience for me.

The black rubber outsole can to some extent absorb shock, although the cushioning is not that good as those shoes with super excellent cushion.

The big round design is very eye-catching at night because it is reflective. Therefore, this is also a pair of running shoes that are more than suitable for night running.


To summarize, Skora is a brand naturally built for running and has been focusing on creating real and natural running shoes. And it has also been insisting on its initial concept,” To run naturally and really.” So if you get to know the brand better, you’ll find that this pair of Skora Core are indeed very professional and if you have years of experience of exercising, then you are encouraged to take a shot for the shoes are particularly designed for you.

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Vasque Constant Velocity Performance Review

Vasque, as one of the world’s most famous outdoor shoes brand, is still enjoying its reputation and success. Although the styles of its shoes have changed a little over the years, one of the things that has remained unchanged is its distribution network because the brand firmly believes that professional distribution networks  will help maintain the its long-term success.

Though I am not that familiar with the brand, I have found after getting along with this pair of Vasque Constant Velocity that this is quite a nice and lightweight off-road running shoes with excellent performances and is suitable for long-distance cross-country running under various conditions.

The first impression it gave me was “This is a pair of light and low-key running shoes.” Checking the details and design, I found that the shoes were actually made very professionally: there was reinforcement in the necessary parts and nice designs to offer support . Before trying it, the outsole has also caught my eyes. The deep grooves of the outsole, I think, is sure to provide good grip and traction.

Then take a look at the vamp. The vamp is actually seamless, which can make our feet more comfortable and prevent gravel or dust from entering our shoes during running.

The shoes belong to AR series which is specifically designed for “Adventure Running”. Its wrapping from the arch to the heel is in fact very excellent. So if you tighten your shoelaces, you’ll further find that the wrapping is improved to a more prominent level so that your feet are firmly fixed inside the shoes. Besides, since the forefoot is wide enough, there is a large space for your toes. And the side protection will also help reduce the strain on your calves and knees, and avoid overwork injuries from regular cross-country running.

The tongue and the lining inside the shoes can both offer some support. And the foams that absorb shock also improve comfort. With the setups, we all can have a nice experience.

The Constant Velocity is equipped with Vasque Enduralast EVA which is a kind of compound and is to offer us a long-lasting comrade as well as prominent cushioning and rebound. It also adopts a more traditional design that can be attractive for running lovers who prefer landing on the heel during running. .

When it comes to the outsole, it is patterned with multidirectional and external convex gears whose size and depth are designed according to the different purposes of usage so that it can flexibly adapt to rough grounds in the wild. This Constant Velocity also adopts another tech named the Vasque AxisGrip which is also a complex to achieve the perfect balance of durability and grip.

As a matter of fact, the shoes’ outsole performs very well. It had rained right before the day of testing. But the shoes successfully stand up to my test. I wore them out to the rugged roads, and it turned out that the outsole gripped excellently. Above all, its performance remained steady.

For a runner, it is of great importance that his/her running shoes must be light enough rather than bringing burden to his/her feet. However, although many brands have made it, this was done so at the cost of reducing the thickness of the soles and declining comfort. So to reduce the weight but without losing the quality of the shoes and ensure stability and comfort has become a goal for many brands. And good news is that Vasque has done this quite well.


There are actually some shortcomings of the shoes. For example, some observed that Vasque shoes  generally don’t seem to fit well Asians, so there are negative feedback as well. But after all, there is not a shoe that is perfect. Having so many advantages, the shoes can be listed to the superior ones. Hopefully this can be somewhat help for you.

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Skechers Go Run 4 Performance Review

I received this pair of Skechers Go Run 4 before the new year of 2017 from one of my friends who knew my tastes about running shoes very well. Actually, this is a really meaningful New Year gift which has companied me for many important moments. And it is no exaggeration to say that we are trusted partners since we have experienced many games and trainings together. So here are my experiences and feelings about it.

This pair of Skechers Go Run 4 is mainly red and black with fluorescent green insoles inside. Therefore, the shoes’ appearance is relatively lovely yet low-key.

For the outsole, it is one of the highlights of Skechers Go Run 4  and is designed in such a pattern to increase the grip performance while on the one hand increase the flexibility. The chrysanthemum grains patterned as such indicates that the details are well considered. But what is not appreciated of the outsole is that there is no wear-resisting rubber in the chrysanthemum grains , making them not durable to last long.

In contrast, the arch is much better protected. In addition to the stiffer material that connects the front and rear foot together, the arch is covered with black rubber and offers better support during running than does the outsole of NB Fresh Foam Zante V2. But in short, the outsole is not durable as a whole, which is a fatality of the shoes and would turn many potential buyers away.

As you can see that there are two big holes at the heel which is the Quick-Fit system. This is also a unique design of Skechers Go Run 4, which makes it easier for runners to put on and take off the shoes.

Since many people are now into night running, it is of great importance to guarantee safety. So it is quite considerate that security has been considered before designing the shoes and is to the maximum extent made into the shoes by the brand. Checking the shoes, you’ll find that Skechers Go Run 4’s reflective material is distributed on the toes, heels and middle part.

The Skechers Go Run 4, along with insoles, weighs 409 grams, which is considerably lighter than  the NB Fresh Foam Zante V2.

My first impression of the cushion after wearing the shoes was that the heel cushion was much better than the front one. And if I land on my rear feet, I can obviously feel the feedback from the cushion, which differs greatly from the hardness of Mizuno’s cushions.  And because the cushions are quite light, the shoes are more than suitable for people with relatively light weight.  Besides, the vamp fixed my feet very well so that I felt like I were just wearing a pair of socks.


The shoe is very agile which is the general impression I can think of to describe it at the moment. It is very light and is therefore suitable for runners with medium or light weight. But to get the hang of it, you may patiently wait for some time. While its overall performances are great, I am still not so satisfied with its durability. But anyway, “No one is perfect.” and so is Skechers Go Run 4. So if you can treat it with some tolerance, you are sure to find a nice comrade.


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Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack Performance Review

This Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack is a pair of shoes that are special for me. Since I am a running lover, it is crucial to cop appropriate equipement. Therefore, I have picked many running shoes over the past several years in order to find the most suitable one for myself. And someday, I came across this Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack. I knew then that this would be put into my list of one of the most suitable. In this review, I am to share with you my feelings and experiences with it and it’s entirely up to you whether to adopt my opinions.

Honestly, when I opened the shoebox, Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack’s appearance has somewhat stunned me. What’s more, when I showed it to m y friends, they surprisingly said that “why did you buy another pair of such coquettish shoes?”. And I just smiled an unaffected smile. But anyway, like many of you, I am very pleased at seeing that there are more and more shoes of NB that are equipped with new tech.

As for the shoes, it is all blue using DWR  vamp and the wing-like pattern in the upper reflects the speed-driven nature of the Vazee Pace V2 Protect Pack. And along with the reflectors scattered,  the shoes are made all the more coquettish.

Besides, the leather in the toe and the sides of the shoe can provide protection  as well as a certain amount of support. However, “Every coin has two sides.” It is because of this DWR vamp that its softness is to some extent lost. And at the same time, since there is no breathable enhancement technology such as engineering mesh, the shoes might not be suitable for summer wearing especially for those who sweat quite a lot underfoot; but on the other hand, it is rather suitable for winter wearing.

With respect to the size, it is recommended to buy the shoes according to the size you usually pick. Then in terms of the shoelaces, they play quite an important role in improving wrapping. If they are tightened, you’ll feel your feet are fixed in the shoes. And the TPU in the heel also greatly improves wrapping for the heel. Therefore, it is ensured that the overall wrapping is enough and excellent.

The fact that I am accustomed to all kinds of knit and mesh  vamps makes me feel uncomfortable in this Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack. Its DWR vamp is actually somewhat pressing to my feet and the only word surging in my mind at the moment I put it on is “hard”. The RevLite midsole is lightweight though, it offers more rebound that cushioning. And along with the foamed-rubber outsole, I just can’t get used to it in a short time since I have recently wearing the Nike Flex RN .

However, when I was wearing it for a short walking, I made another discovery. To be exactly, the first feeling of wearing the shoes was not “hard”, but rather, it was responsive and especially bouncy. It is so responsive that it feels like “a lovestruck lover” who is always there to respond to every thing you do.


To summarize, this is a pair of running shoes that can prevent injuries during running process. But due to the waterproof nature of the vamp, the shoes’ air permeability is bad, thus making it more suitable for winter wearing. After all, the above are my personal views and experiences. So it’s up to you whether to take my advice here.

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Altra Escalante Performance Review

To tell the truth, I was quite lucky to be able to grab one pair of Altra Escalante at the very first time when it was released. And with the hope that this review serves as a guide or reference, I am here to share with you some of my experiences with it.

The one I copped here is the  traditional combination of red and black in its appearance with a white midsole. Simple as it looks, it is still elegant and nice. In addition, Altra offers a variety of colorways to suit the needs of a wide range of runners.

Looking at the vamp, you’ll find that it is made of woven materials. Although it is kind of common material, it is lightweight, breathable, and flexible. On top of that, the vamp is made in such a way to maintain support and reduce weight while providing a strong wrapping for our insteps.

The toe part adopts Altra’s original Footshape technology, making the toe much broader than that of many regular running shoes. Besides, the design makes it easier for the toe of the shoe to fit our feet better. In short, not only can the tech help runners get more comfortable experiences, but also help runners prevent injuries.

The tongue is also made of knitting tech, which is light and thin, causing no pressure to our insteps. And the inner lining of the shoe is filled with sponge, and the instep sponge is enlarged and thickened to ensure the enough wrapping.

For me, I sweat quite a lot in summer and the wet feeling underfoot is quite unbearable. So when I got the shoes, it is the breathability of the shoes that I checked first. And I knew that the first look of the insole had built up my confidence in it: there are many breathable and sweat holes at the back of the insoles to keep the soles dry and comfortable.

The outsole adopts the so-called Zero Drop which is another original tech of Altra. The Escalante, with Zero Drop technology, has the same cushioning on the heel and forefoot, perfectly balancing the weight distribution from front to back. At the mean time, it is beneficial for runners to develop correct running posture, so that the pressure on the foot can be relieved.

By pressing the midsole, you’ll know that the new Altra Ego in it is very soft and feels nice. The tech also provides a strong rebound during running, as well as providing the necessary cushion to reduce the risk of injury.


This Altra Escalante uses the latest running technology, Zero Drop, to help runners get the hang of running in the right posture and reduce the risk of injuries while the Footshape technology is conducive to generating traction that makes running more effective. The And the utilization and perfect combination of new technology and new materials ensure that the shoes are light and comfortable and at the same time provides enough cushioning and supporting performance, which is very suitable for runners to wear in daily training and competitions. So if you have some interest in it, you may as well take a shot.

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Fresh Foam Zante v3 Performance Review

If you wear New Balance, you must be a great runner!” said Jim Davis, CEO of New Balance. Honestly, I can’t agree more with what he said because I am a beneficiary of New Balance shoes. 

Here I’ve brought a pair of Fresh Foam Zante v3 of New Balance Fresh Foam  series, which is designed for relatively low-speed runners and is optimized based on big data research and development. . I found, surprisingly, that  Fresh Foam Zante V3 has inherited  the excellent performances of the previous versions. Above all, its excellent design and performance are highly appreciated by professional media, Runner’s World, and voted as 2017 Editor’s Choice

For the shoebox, it is still the iconic and highly recognizable one with details about the model and colorway of the Fresh Foam Zante V3 at the side.

It is said that this orange Fresh Foam Zante V3 is full of vim and vigor just like the sun. And from my perspective, the 111-year-old New Balance is still quite young; the lively LOGO has permeated my life.

In terms of the shoes, there is no exaggerated decoration in the appearance; but rather, it is the combination of plain appearance and brilliant setups and performances that becomes the secret of New Balance’s long-lasting success.

For the vamp, it is made of woven material, endowing it a three-dimensional visual effect. Such design is quite different from that of the previous versions.

The three-dimensional LOGO on the toe not only looks more beautiful, but also provides effective protection for our toes.

The midsole looks like a honeycombed wall, which is made by using 3D cutting technology and  to provide rebound. And the extension design at the front foot of the shoe can effectively prevent our feet from injury when exercising.

The Fresh Foam midsole is made of a multi-density combination of foam,  whose purpose is to ensure lightweight and provide softness and high elasticity. Simply put, it can offer us  very nice cushion and more effective feedback.

For the midsole, it is made of rubber +PHO[1] that is  patterned irregular hexagonal honeycomb. In a word, the overall improved design in the outsole can increase friction and offer more traction that greatly helps to start up.

With respect to its weight, Fresh Foam Zante V3 is 442g and we can see from the data in the picture that the weight difference between the two shoes is only 2 grams. Therefore, it can be seen that the quality control of New Balance is quite excellent and prudent. 

And the shoelaces here are the transparent and flat that can effectively prevent the occurrence of loosening when used.

As you can see in the picture, there are shadows inside the shoe, indicating that the shoe has good air permeability, which can quickly discharge moisture and heat occurred during the process of exercising so that the shoes are always kept dry and comfortable for us.

On top of that, security has also been considered when the shoes were being designed. There are actually reflective settings on the logo and the toe of Fresh Foam Zante V3. The logo is not reflective in the sunlight though, it is reflective on the inside and outside of the shoes.


In short, on the strength of my personal experience, the shoes are actually nice and gave me much help although they are not so perfect. But if you are also a running lover, I would highly recommend this Fresh Foam Zante v3. After all, New Balance can be said to be a leader in this field and has quite a lot of experience.

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UA Curry 6 Performance Review

When Curry 6 Fox Theater was released, it was a huge hit in the market. And as the new year on the corner, you may want to pick a pair of UA Curry 6 to reward yourself for the hard working over the past year.

Stephen Curry has upended the trend in the NBA, and in basketball in general, with his groundbreaking way of playing basketball. So we remember mostly his excellent skills and the records he broke one after another. However, what ensues this is that we overlook the NBA superstar’s creativity in other fields.

As the superstar matured, he’s honing every aspect of his skill. So since he is becoming more prominent, he needs a handier device, and Under Armour Curry 6 rises in response to the proper time and conditions.

As regards the shoebox, it is mainly gray with Curry’s Logo in the center and the other part of the box is decorated with Curry’s signature and UA’s Logo, giving the shoe a low-key look.

The Curry 6 of this review is the all-red colorway which is named “Heart of the Town” and aims at paying tribute to Auckland that witnessed Curry’s growth and gave him endless energy.

This Curry 6 is also a low-top model. Such design has appeared in the previous versions and is predicted to become the mainstream of the series in the future.

Undoubtedly, Under Armour  trying to continue the design style of Curry series and  make its reputation unshakable. As Curry said, “This is where we are fighting for. This is where we feel proud to win a championship and bring it back and see everyone out in the street celebrating after the game. Everything we do is for the fans because they are the driving force behind all the things we do.”

Then when asked my first impression of the shoes, I would say that they are quite lightweight. The vamp made of woven material and the midsole made by HOVR technology match each other very well, and indeed have a good performance in reducing weight.

Besides, it also impressed me by its thin vamp. The vamp that is made by weaving technology and whose texture feels quite like that of Curry 5 is both light and thin, but it is also hard at the mean time hard enough to offer solid support.

The highlight  of Curry 6 is the HOVR in the midsole. As the prominent tech of UA, it has a mesh structure and is quite unique externally, making itself very identifiable. Together with the TPU in the heel that offers enough stability and protection , it is very outstanding among many sneakers of today.

For the outsole, it is very special and  is designed to enhance traction and flexibility, and with the help of full-foot Speed Plate technology, the midsole is able to offer a more excellent performance.

Frankly speaking, the shoes’ wrapping has won my heart. At first, I was not accustomed to it. But some time later, I got the hang of it and I found its wrapping performance quite surprising, especially with the help of the socks of UA.  The appropriate tightness really makes me obsessed with the shoes.

The shoe, focusing on creativity, is clearly stated that it is a shoe that pays more attention to feedback and grip performance, indicating that those who attach great importance to cushioning had better turn to other shoes. In another word, the cushion of this shoe is just enough for using, and it is not so soft and elastic. So just do not expect too much of it in this respect.

As a pair of guard shoes, Curry 6, without adding carbon fiber plate, is really a nice surprise for it offers great support and stability. And as an elite player who is at the top level in skills, Curry has a high requirement for the support and stability of a shoe and Curry 6 is the right one.

When it comes to wear resistance, Curry 6’s translucent crystal outsole are inherently less wearable than the regular rubber. But it does work well in outdoor field. However, when faced with complex environment, there would be some material loss, which is quite a fly in the ointment.


As a superstar in the field, Stephen Curry is creating his own legend and is transforming the game of basketball in his own way. And Curry 6, with a more versatile performance, will givce Curry more new energy after his three championships and two MVPs. 

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A Close Look at Air Jordan XXXV

It’s been 30 years since the Air Jordan V hit the market and what I am looking forward to every year is undoubtedly the official debut of Air Jordan shoes. And I am sure many of you can identify with me. So when the latest Air Jordan XXXV was released, I was quite excited like many of you. Then take a look at the basic information about this one here. The size of this one is US9 EUR42.5 and a single shoe weighs 412g.

Starting with the Air Jordan XXXI five years ago, homage seems to have been the main theme of the AJ shoes in the last five years. So what homage can we expect from the Air Jordan XXXV?

The most obvious is undoubtedly the shoe tongue which impressed me so deeply. Such a huge, straight standing shoe tongue is undoubtedly the most obvious tribute. 


Compared to Air Jordan XXXIV, is there any continuation of Air Jordan XXXV? Of course, there is. That is the newly upgraded core technology Eclipse Plate2.0 which is much more prominent.

This technology, which was first used in the Air Jordan XXXIV, has been inherited by the Air Jordan XXXV and it did dazzle me last year. It is beyond question that while maintaining a nice stability, the design also keeps the overall weight of the shoe at a very respectable level.


Although size 9 of Air Jordan XXXV weighs 412 grams, which is a significant improvement compared with size 9 of Air Jordan XXXIV that weighs only 380g, the shoe is not in the least heavy considering the  vamp material and the improved midsole technology.

Although the Eclipse Plate used in the Air Jordan XXXIV last year was thought highly of, it is still imperfect and has some inevitable shortcomings. On the Air Jordan XXXV, the position of the Eclipse Plate is significantly moved back, and its area and thickness are also increased; on top of that, its perfect coordination with the Air cushion greatly decreases the probability of accidents.

The midsole of the shoes also stunned me: the front Zoom Bag+ the rear horseshoe-shaped Zoom Air is, in my opinion, too magnificent to describe.

Although judging from the shoe type, setups, it seems there aren’t flaws in Air Jordan XXXV, there are still new things in it.

One of the new things is the brand new Flightwire which reduces the weight of the upper while providing sufficient support. In addition to that, hidden inside the Flightwire is a reinforced structure called the Kurim, which provides an extra and stable support for the upper.

However, I know that some of you may be thinking that Air Jordan XXXV seems a little too plain and commonplace in its appearance and the colorways are not enough to feast our eyes. But luckily, Air Jordan XXXV will also be available in another four different colorways that embraces three players’ PE colorways.

On November 11, the DNA colorway, which pays tribute to the Air Jordan V Fire Red, is one of my favorites.

On November 30th, Zion Williamson’s PE, the Bayou Boys colorway will be released.

On December 24, the Guo Ailan PE, the Morpho colorway will be released.

On October 21, the WARRIOR colorways will be released.


For this pair of Air Jordan XXXV, there are quite different views. Some think highly of its high-end setups while other are complaining about its appearance. But all in all, I think for a shoe to stand out in this field, it is the shoe’s overall performance that counts. So let’s wait and see what excellence would Air Jordan XXXV bring to us.

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UA EMBIID ONE Performance Review

Talking about UA EMBIID , I had quite a nice impression of it because it was the first brand, rather than those better known brands, say, Nike or Adidas, that companied me through the very first college year when I just started my basketball “journey”. After all, it is usually the first ones that are most memorable.

So as soon as I got this pair of UA EMBIID ONE, I just couldn’t wait to play basketball in it to my heart’s content. And here is a brief comprehensive evaluation of this pair of UA EMBIID ONE after my first test of it: it is suitable for clean infields but offers the best experience in outdoor courts; it fits best for people with weight less than 80KG; and for the foot type, it suits very well for people with high insteps, but for those with wide and flatfeet, they are highly recommended to have a try before purchasing.

Here is also a non-performance reference scoring: the shoes are not heavy, but nor lightweight enough, either; its durability is of relative superiority; the air ventilation and comfort are both of moderate performance; its cost-effective performance is not that satisfying.

Then it is time for its on-court performances. For the vamp, it is relatively simple though, it fits my feet snugly, making it easy for me to put on and take off the shoes. So those who are simple-oriented might have interest in this UA EMBIID ONE as well.

The design on both sides of the front part is similar to flying wings, which can actually make it more suitable for people  with different foot types.

The heel wrapping, judging from the heel, is not that satisfying. As you can see, the padding in the heel is actually a little bit thin, so the shoes doesn’t hug my feet well. But luckily, ​this disadvantage can be made up for by tying the shoelaces tight so that I have never run into such problem.

And although the vamp is made of average mesh cloth, it is still strong enough to offer solid and nice support. On top of that, along with the wings on both sides that extends from the midsole, the integrity of the shoes is very good. However, you still can’t expect too much of it because the support is just ​enough instead of being outstanding.

In terms of the midsole, it adopts the full-foot micro-G and the HOVR in the rear, which is said to be the most excellent setup of UA.

The cushion of the forefoot is a single tech with moderate thickness. It is bouncy, but its feedback is not so noticeable, either. As for the cushion in the rear part, judging from my experience, it is pretty good and I should say it is the best of all my UA shoes.

Some observed that the outsole of UA EMBIID ONE looks quite like that of Soldier 14 and they are both more suitable for outdoor playing than indoors. But for me, there is a problem in its outsole: the gaps are a bit big, resulting in a bad performance on dusty courts. Therefore, the case, most of the time, is that: I couldn’t feel the grip performance when there were dusts in indoor courts and I even ran into an awkward situation once: slipping on court. However, when I was playing on outdoor courts, the grip was quite excellent which seemed to  be endowed with some kind of magic.

The torsion resistance of UA is always the most assuring part. With such a thick and hard outsole and an arch support setup, the overall rigidity is quite good.


In short, such iconic center-forward shoes are actually rare though it’s more like a chunky Curry 7. And I’d rather believe that it is the process with the shoes that matters. As long as you get the hang of it, you may be surprised at finding it a reliable comrade.