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Vasque Constant Velocity Performance Review

Vasque, as one of the world’s most famous outdoor shoes brand, is still enjoying its reputation and success. Although the styles of its shoes have changed a little over the years, one of the things that has remained unchanged is its distribution network because the brand firmly believes that professional distribution networks  will help maintain the its long-term success.

Though I am not that familiar with the brand, I have found after getting along with this pair of Vasque Constant Velocity that this is quite a nice and lightweight off-road running shoes with excellent performances and is suitable for long-distance cross-country running under various conditions.

The first impression it gave me was “This is a pair of light and low-key running shoes.” Checking the details and design, I found that the shoes were actually made very professionally: there was reinforcement in the necessary parts and nice designs to offer support . Before trying it, the outsole has also caught my eyes. The deep grooves of the outsole, I think, is sure to provide good grip and traction.

Then take a look at the vamp. The vamp is actually seamless, which can make our feet more comfortable and prevent gravel or dust from entering our shoes during running.

The shoes belong to AR series which is specifically designed for “Adventure Running”. Its wrapping from the arch to the heel is in fact very excellent. So if you tighten your shoelaces, you’ll further find that the wrapping is improved to a more prominent level so that your feet are firmly fixed inside the shoes. Besides, since the forefoot is wide enough, there is a large space for your toes. And the side protection will also help reduce the strain on your calves and knees, and avoid overwork injuries from regular cross-country running.

The tongue and the lining inside the shoes can both offer some support. And the foams that absorb shock also improve comfort. With the setups, we all can have a nice experience.

The Constant Velocity is equipped with Vasque Enduralast EVA which is a kind of compound and is to offer us a long-lasting comrade as well as prominent cushioning and rebound. It also adopts a more traditional design that can be attractive for running lovers who prefer landing on the heel during running. .

When it comes to the outsole, it is patterned with multidirectional and external convex gears whose size and depth are designed according to the different purposes of usage so that it can flexibly adapt to rough grounds in the wild. This Constant Velocity also adopts another tech named the Vasque AxisGrip which is also a complex to achieve the perfect balance of durability and grip.

As a matter of fact, the shoes’ outsole performs very well. It had rained right before the day of testing. But the shoes successfully stand up to my test. I wore them out to the rugged roads, and it turned out that the outsole gripped excellently. Above all, its performance remained steady.

For a runner, it is of great importance that his/her running shoes must be light enough rather than bringing burden to his/her feet. However, although many brands have made it, this was done so at the cost of reducing the thickness of the soles and declining comfort. So to reduce the weight but without losing the quality of the shoes and ensure stability and comfort has become a goal for many brands. And good news is that Vasque has done this quite well.


There are actually some shortcomings of the shoes. For example, some observed that Vasque shoes  generally don’t seem to fit well Asians, so there are negative feedback as well. But after all, there is not a shoe that is perfect. Having so many advantages, the shoes can be listed to the superior ones. Hopefully this can be somewhat help for you.