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Jordan Luka 1 Performance Review

Luka’s first pair of signature shoes have its exclusive shoebox. This model that I just purchased is Jordan Luka 1 CNY with Rabbit logo.

Luka 1 uses brand-new materail. As the first pair of signature shoes, it’s special.

The configuration of Jordan Luka 1:

It uses full-length Formula 23 cushion materail.

It uses IsoPlate stabilizing system.

The left and right asymmetrical Flightwire technology vamp.

The vamp of Luka 1 uses left and right asymmetrical design.The knitted fabric vamp is matched with stitches and hot-melting technology. It’s special. The inner side of vamp is printed with ‘NON DESISTAS, NON EXIERIS’. The inner space is big, it won’t oppress the instep. If your foot is thin, it should choose half size smaller. It’s better to have a try on physical store.The shoe tongue design is interesting. The first half has a lot of big ventilated holes. And the second half is made of artificial leather embroidered with LUKA’s logo, which improves air permeability and reduces the pressure from the shoelaces. The fitness is good. The shoe tongue won’t be easy to slide.

The inner side of shoe tongue has Rabbit pattern.

It only has ventilated holes on the shoe tongue, so the air permeability of vamp is not good.

The ankle design of Luka 1 is good. It has three layers’ design. The outsole extends upward. It has cup-shaped stabilizing plate. The inner side is added with a layer of lining, which connects the two shoelaces holes, so that you can adjust the degree of tightness of ankle.This kind of design improve the stability.The other light spot of Luka 1 is the brand-new insole cushion material-Formula 23 & IsoPlate stabilizing system. The red insole material is the brand-new Formula 23 cushion material. The Formula 23 material is covered with a layer of white cushion material. The middle position of outsole has hollow-out design, which reduce the weight. The feedback of Luka 1 is good. The stabilizing system IsoPlate should be made of TPU material. The thickness and stiffness is good.

The stability of the front part of the shoe depends on the IsoPlate, and the second part is extended depends on the upturning design of outsole, which offer stable supporting performance. The stability design of Luka 1 is great.
All most all of the The Luka 1 models uses transparent outsole material. I guess that it’s to expose the brand-new insole materail Formula 23.

The traction performance of Luka 1 is good. But after absorbing the dust, the traction performance decrease. And the transparent outsole is easy to be oxidized.

Jordan Luka 1 is designed according to the playing way and request of Luka. The resilience of insole is not excellent. But the stability and feedback of cushion is great. It also looks cool. You can have a try.