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HOKA CLIFTON 9 Performance Review

The most famous series running shoes of HOKA is CLIFTON series.

The 9th generation HOKA CLIFTON 9 keeps the characteristics of CLITON series shoes, including Meta Rocker insole configuration.

The thickness of insole is increased about 3mm. It uses ventilated mesh fabric shoe tongue, multi-layer functional mesh fabric and durable outsole rubber.

CLIFTON series shoes are the most representative running shoes series of HOKA brand. It’s different with HOKA Bondi 8. The thickened insole of HOKA Bondi 8 offers exaggerated cushion performance. The CLIFTON series pay attention to running omnipotency and foot feeling. The HOKA CLIFTON 9 keeps the original Meta Rocker insole configuration. It expects to keep the balance of stability, gait transition and cushion.

HOKA released many colorways of HOKA CLIFTON 9, maize yellow, blue and white etc.

The vamp of HOKA CLIFTON 9 is made of multi-layered ventilated functional mesh fabric. The characteristic of this fabric is to offer good fitness and supporting performance.

There are a few HOKA sea mew logo on the vamp. Overall design details in line with all kinds of HOKA outdoor shoes’ appearance.

The stabilizing structure on the outboard of shoe head has the reflective effect and also improve the air permeability of HOKA CLIFTON 9.

Although it doesn’t have nylon pull-tab design on the heelpiece and the vamp is not high elastic, but it’s low version, it’s easy to put on. The shoe tree is moderate, not too thin, not too wide.

Although the middle part of the shoe has a slight retraction design, with the multilayer functional mesh fabric, the middle position of foot is tight after putting on. The fitness is excellent.

Overall, HOKA CLIFTON 9 has big upgrade comparing with HOKA CLIFTON 8. It can satisfy your request of daily training.