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The Performance Review of Adidas ADIZERO SL

The configuration of Adidas ADIZERO SL:
About 50% of the Adidas ADIZERO SL uses recycle materials.
The vamp is made of engineered mesh fabric.
It uses full-length Lightstrike cushioning material.
The half sole also has Lightstrike Pro cushioning material.
The unit weight of US9 is about 245g.
The drop height is about 10mm. The height of half sole is 25mm, and the height of heelpiece is 35mm.

The size of Adidas ADIZERO SL is standard. The shoe tree is widened. If your foot is thin, it’s better to choose half size smaller. The front two shoelace holes uses spanner band design, but the spanner band doesn’t extend to insole, it’s just fixed on the vamp.The surface of vamp is constituted by two kinds of ventilated holes. It uses hot-melting on the shoe head. The flexibility of vamp is not big. The shoe head and shoelace holes use TPU coating film to reinforce the durability. After fastening the shoelaces, the fitness is great. The air permeability is not excellent, but good enough if the weather is not too hot.
The shoe tongue uses the same material as vamp to make the mounting hole. The shoe tongue didn’t slide when running.

The shoe tongue also has Adidas logo. The padding of shoe collar is not thick, but the built-in cup-shaped stabilizing plate is big and thick. The stability is good.

ADIZERO SL is lightweight daily training shoes. But the unit weight of US9 is about 245g.

The insole uses full-length Lightstrike, and the half sole also adds Lightstrike Pro material. It has hollow-out design on the outboard half sole to reduce the weight and improve the flexibility.The insole of half sole is widen to improve the stability. The flexibility is not excellent. But it’s very comfortable after putting on.
After running about 35km, the insole still keep the same, but the resilience of Lightstrik Pro becomes better. After running more than 50km, it becomes more comfortable.I also tried a few times of rop skipping training, the resilience of half sole is great and comfortable.I felt like the ADIZERO SL is a daily training version of the ADIOS 7, with a similar insole configuration, Lightstrike Pro with Lightstrike cushioning materails.
The height of ADIZERO SL half sole is 25mm and the height of heelpiece is 35mm. The height of ADIOS 7 half sole is 19mm and the height of heelpiece is 27mm. It means that the full-length sole adds 6mm Lightstrike.It’s more comfortable.The price of ADIZERO SL is cheaper.The outsole uses strip nicks. The deep and thick pattern has good durability and traction performance. I already run about 35km, but it doesn’t have obvious abrasion.ADIZERO SL is suitable for kinds of training. It’s comfortale, and has good resilience, supporting performance and cushion performance. And the price is cheap. As a pair of lightweight all-around training shoes, it’s worthy to purchase.