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The Performance Review of Adidas ADIZERO SL

The configuration of Adidas ADIZERO SL:
About 50% of the Adidas ADIZERO SL uses recycle materials.
The vamp is made of engineered mesh fabric.
It uses full-length Lightstrike cushioning material.
The half sole also has Lightstrike Pro cushioning material.
The unit weight of US9 is about 245g.
The drop height is about 10mm. The height of half sole is 25mm, and the height of heelpiece is 35mm.

The size of Adidas ADIZERO SL is standard. The shoe tree is widened. If your foot is thin, it’s better to choose half size smaller. The front two shoelace holes uses spanner band design, but the spanner band doesn’t extend to insole, it’s just fixed on the vamp.The surface of vamp is constituted by two kinds of ventilated holes. It uses hot-melting on the shoe head. The flexibility of vamp is not big. The shoe head and shoelace holes use TPU coating film to reinforce the durability. After fastening the shoelaces, the fitness is great. The air permeability is not excellent, but good enough if the weather is not too hot.
The shoe tongue uses the same material as vamp to make the mounting hole. The shoe tongue didn’t slide when running.

The shoe tongue also has Adidas logo. The padding of shoe collar is not thick, but the built-in cup-shaped stabilizing plate is big and thick. The stability is good.

ADIZERO SL is lightweight daily training shoes. But the unit weight of US9 is about 245g.

The insole uses full-length Lightstrike, and the half sole also adds Lightstrike Pro material. It has hollow-out design on the outboard half sole to reduce the weight and improve the flexibility.The insole of half sole is widen to improve the stability. The flexibility is not excellent. But it’s very comfortable after putting on.
After running about 35km, the insole still keep the same, but the resilience of Lightstrik Pro becomes better. After running more than 50km, it becomes more comfortable.I also tried a few times of rop skipping training, the resilience of half sole is great and comfortable.I felt like the ADIZERO SL is a daily training version of the ADIOS 7, with a similar insole configuration, Lightstrike Pro with Lightstrike cushioning materails.
The height of ADIZERO SL half sole is 25mm and the height of heelpiece is 35mm. The height of ADIOS 7 half sole is 19mm and the height of heelpiece is 27mm. It means that the full-length sole adds 6mm Lightstrike.It’s more comfortable.The price of ADIZERO SL is cheaper.The outsole uses strip nicks. The deep and thick pattern has good durability and traction performance. I already run about 35km, but it doesn’t have obvious abrasion.ADIZERO SL is suitable for kinds of training. It’s comfortale, and has good resilience, supporting performance and cushion performance. And the price is cheap. As a pair of lightweight all-around training shoes, it’s worthy to purchase.

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A Close Look at Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

As the most popular shoes of Yeezy series, the Yeezy 350 V2 has been released in a number of new colorways over the past two years, among which, I believe, the pure white one is favored by the most shoe fans.

Several years ago, I was also on the buying bandwagon of the pure white Yeezy Boost 350 V2. In 2018, the pure white one was massively replenished, which was definitely a shot in the arm for many people. Nevertheless, that has also caused the shoes to become the cheapest pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 shoes at the time. In the current market, however, it is at around 3000 yuan for size 42 , from which we can tell that the shoes are deeply loved by many people.

It is safe to say that white never goes out of style on many occasions, which is also one of the reasons why Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is highly welcomed. Its pure white appearance, in my view,  can go very well with our daily dressings and its cleanliness and purity will also be the focus of crowd.

Its woven vamp is visually more layered than the previous version. The design at the side vamp is also different from the last version in that it adopts translucent design to enhance air permeability. In the front part, there are quite a few big air holes that further increase the shoes’ breathability.

The shoes, as a whole, look quite like a pair of socks. Without shoe tongues, the shoes are more agile, eliminating the hassle of adjusting tongues not least when they are deflected. As for the shoelaces, they are integrated with the vamp, which, instead of being a decoration, plays a significant role in enhancing wrapping.


According to the official, Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Pure Oat” will be available on March 11, priced at US $220. Therefore, for those who are interested in Yeezy series or seeking a pair of simple, nice-looking and versatile shoes, this Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Pure Oat” will be a terrific choice.

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Adidas adizero adios Pro Performance Review

I’ve copped this adizero adios Pro for more than 1 year. During the past year I’ve participated in various matches in it and put myself and the shoes to tests. Judging from my experience, I think it is a pair of pretty outstanding shoes that deserves compliment and recommending. However, “what is honey to one may be poison to another.”Likewise, Adidas adizero adios Pro is not definitely suitable for everyone and it is recommended to take a shot before buying.

As Nike’s thick-soled carbon plate shoes represented by next% occupy a favorable position in major marathons, various brands have followed suit by using carbon plate as a focus in the development of racing shoes. Adidas adizero adios Pro is just a case in point.

My adizero adios Pro is the eye-catching fluorescent yellow that seems to be more vibrant than the fluorescent pink. As for the design, there are obvious distinctions from the style of the past. For example, the three bars at the side have now spread to the middle of the vamp, appearing to be very obtrusive.

As for the materials, they are smartly chosen. The knitted mesh vamp is actually very thin and light, and the holes in it ensure excellent air permeability during exercises. In terms of the tongue, it is directly connected with the inner lining of both sides and the soles so that it won’t move to the sides during running.

Regarding the weight, a single shoe weighs 246 grams that is relatively light. The heel of the shoes is 39.6 mm thick while the forefoot is 29.6mm.

Previously I also experienced such shoes as adizero pro, boston 9 and adios 5, all of them being relatively hard in their soles and not that responsive in the cushions. Actually, they would be more suitable for runners with weak ankle strength and short distance races.

Adios pro looks similar to the almost-simultaneous-launched adizero pro, but the biggest difference between the two lies in the thickness of the soles. What’s more, adizero pro uses the traditional LIGHTSTRIKE BOOST hybrid midsole, while the Adios Pro uses the new LIGHTSTRIKE Pro which is lighter and more elastic. Therefore, despite some similarities, adios Pro has outweighed adizero pro in more ways than one.

Regarding the wrapping, it is also good. According to the feedback of quite a few consumers, the shoes fit their feet exactly right and many of them feel like they were wearing a pair of relatively hard “socks”.

The half carbon plate in the heel seems to be born for runners who are used to landing on their heels. On the other hand, it also plays the role of anti-torsion and shock relieving. Different from the setup of Nike, the carbon plate of the forefoot adopts five carbon-fiber skeletons that not only reduce the shoes’ overall weight, but also offer sufficient support and propulsion force for runners.

The outsole of adios Pro is significantly different from those of the many shoes in the market in that the former is not equipped with any concave and convex patterns, but after my tests of the shoes, it turned out that its grip is no worse than the others, not least on plastic and asphalt roads. However, without the concave and convex patterns, the outsole is still inferior to other shoes in rainy days, which brings on another problem, poor wear resistance.

Its soles being thick, the shoe has prevailed over the thin-soled ones by saving energy consumption and relieving fatigue for runners especially when they are rather tired in the latter half of their running.


As a pair of carbon plate shoes, adios Pro focuses more on helping improve runners’ speed and is relatively poor in supporting. Therefore, for those runners with weak ankle strength, it is recommended to think twice before buying thick-soled carbon plate shoes.



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Adidas Supernova Performance Review

No matter how times change, there are always people whose love for running remains the same. And talking about running, a good pair of running shoes may be the first thing that comes to mind for many people. For me, I haven’t run in a while for personal reasons, but my love for running spurred me to keep running. After my friends’ recommendation and my collecting information from all parties, I finally decided to choose this pair of Adidas Supernova that is tailored to runners who decide to resume running.

In terms of the shoes’ appearance, there come in a number of different colorways so as to satiate the demands of its fans. The one I’ve got here is the fluorescent pink, which has a brighter, more stylish look than the others.

The vamp is made of woven breathable mesh fabric with different densities in different areas. The fore vamp adopts larger breathable meshes that can effectively increase air permeability. Besides, the vamp is carefully woven so that the vamp support and comfort are both greatly enhanced.

The three symbolic bars of Adidas at the side form an obvious contrast to the pink vamp, increasing a sense of beauty without seeming monotonous. The bars, however, are made of plastic that improves the shoe’ support, but reduces its breathabilty as well.

There in the upper part of the tongue is a logo that is also made of plastic, which is likely to rub our ankles. Therefore, it requires us to be well equipped so as to avoid any possible discomfort and put our abilities to good use.

There is a marked upturn in the rear topline, which is to help us put on and take off the shoes more easily and smoothly, and to prevent rubbing our ankles.

From the inside of the shoes we can see several wisps of sunlight clearly, from which we can tell that the vamp is quite thin and breathable. As for the insoles, they are only mediocre with moderate softness and elasticity.

The midsole adopts the BOUNCE material that is endowed with good toughness and elasticity. Compared to a Boost of the same size, BOUNCE is lighter and provides plenty of rebound during every runner’s exercise.

The heel of the shoe is added with Boost that is relatively light and elastic, allowing us to feel a high rebound cushioning during running, effectively absorbing the impact of landing, and protecting our feet in motion.

Like many other running shoes, Supernova’s outsole is also made of anti-slip rubber that increases its durability. The grip patterns also perform nicely by offering a good grip performance regardless of the road conditions.

Judging from my experience, the vamp wraps my feet very well, though there is still some room in the fore part. Nevertheless, it is because of the extra room that blisters caused by friction between feet and shoes can be avoided. For its weight, it is in line with the standard of marathon training shoes. However, as some people observed that they want the shoes to be used for commuting, I want to tell you from my own experience that the shoes would not be that satisfactory if used this way because the soles are not so soft.


Having enough flexibility, satisfactory comfortness, excellent wrapping and exactly right rebound, Adidas Supernova is overall good and saves much energy for runners. Although its tongues are a bit hard and may bring on blisters, it is still suitable for daily short distance running or daily training.

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Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Performance Review

Many of us were taken aback by Adidas Adizero Adios Pro whose performances has unexpectedly broken one record after another. This, according to some reviewer, may be the second running shoe to stun us after the NEXT%.

Coming out of nowhere, UltraBOOST made a great contribution to the sales volume of Adidas. Nevertheless, in spite of that, Adidas has still suffered several sales slumps before. It was because the fluorescent yellow Adios attracted quite a lot of attention in the match of 2008 in Berlin that there is now a better adios Pro which is more suitable for modern races and runners.

The technologies in Adizero Adios Pro are very strong. For example, its midsole material is by far Adidas’s most resilient material that is lighter and slicker than the classic BOOST. Thanks to the material, one will not feel much difference in the weight of the shoes in spite of the thickening of the midsole. At the height of seeking lightness, I think Adizero Adios Pro has done a very good job.

The internal structure of the carbon plate of adios Pro is different from those of other brands. The so-called EnergyRods consists of two parts: on the forefoot there are five carbon-fiber scaffolds that fits the bones of the foot and on the back there is a carbon plate for support. However, not being a professional researcher in this respect, I am not capable of saying how this carbon plate compares to others.

Some time after I bought the Adios Pro, I ran two 10kms in it. The first one was a contest, but in fact I still had little idea how the shoes were going to perform in the somewhat challenging match. Despite that, I was pleasantly surprised by the energy released by the midsole and carbon plate. It was rather cold that day, but the shoes’ cushioning and rebound were not in the least affected. What’s more, the Adidos Pro midsole could provide energy steadily on the hard road surface of the track, which, to me, was stunning.

Notwithstanding its excellence, I still can’t get the “particularly strong push”, as is called by many reviewers. Therefore, from my perspective, the detached EnergyRods carbon plate does not seem to be getting the best out of it.

Besides these, I am also impressed by the shoes’ overall stability which is much better than that of NEXT%. When I picked up my running speed, Adios Pro seemed to understand my mind and offered me its superior stability. With respect to its stability, I’ve inquired other runners around me who happened to own a pair of Adios Pro, and it turned out that we were all in agreement on its excellence.

However, there are also shortcomings of it. After running 5 km in the shoes, I suddenly felt numb on the soles of my front feet. Finally I found out that it had something to do with the thick midsole that is likely to give rise to overreaction to my soles after high intensity exercise. However, this is just for me. On the one hand, I am relatively heavy, weighing more than 150kg, and on the other hand, I am not capable of activating Adios Pro with both leg and foot strength.

The outsole, which was not considered good before, seems not so bad, either. By the end of my 20k run, the outsole didn’t wear that badly on the tarmac and didn’t have a slippery problem.


As a running shoe with both reputation and outstanding appearance, the Adios Pro is definitely far from perfect, and it seems to require a lot more abilities from the runner than I had thought. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is not good or unsuitable for us. Instead, every one of us, who has love for it and running, may still take a shot and try to enjoy it.


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Unboxing: Adidas DAME 8

Adidas recently launched the eighth signature shoe for NBA star Damian Lillard, the Adidas DAME 8. But surely, what is most compelling for most sneaker enthusiasts are the shoes’ setups. Adidas DAME 8 is powered by Bounce Pro midsole technology, with a brand new outsole setup and a still-affordable price proposition, attracting quite a few fans.

Unlike the shoebox designs of the previous two shoes, which reinforce the features of the DAME series, this Adidas DAME 8 shoebox incorporates more of Lillard’s personal story. With the bounty colors in its appearance, the shoebox puts on an air of liveliness.

There are two colorways of this Adidas DAME 8, both named 4th QTR K.O.. The black and gray one with its white midsole and outsole creates a sense of composedness and versatility for people. The other colorway of Dame 8 is the gold and purple one, symbolizing the moment of glory after winning. The eye-catching contrast also shows Lillard’s diversified development spanning sports, music to social care.

The fabric of the vamp is similar to that of the previous work, DAME 7, which is made of elastic mesh and strengthened for air permeability.

The fore area is quite spacious, causing no burden to the forefoot, and the shoes also seem to be a bit longer than those of the past.

Mixed material stitching has always been one of the features of DAME series. Suede and rubber finishes are specially sewn on the shoelace system and the outer area of the forefoot to provide both protection and stability.

There’s a huge DAME graffiti on the inner side of the shoe.

The shoelace system adopts the “4+1” shoelace hole setup that is relatively common in adidas basketball shoes.

The tongue is sewn with a nylon strap bearing the exclusive Damian Lillard logo and adidas three-line stripes to people put on the shoes.

The Bounce Pro, a tech latest developed by the brand, helps give players extra stability when they are sprinting on the court.

As for the nylon strap at the heel, it may be nothing more than a decoration since it is directly sewn on the vamp.

The shoes are designed middle-top, which, in my view, not only protects the ankle, but ensures certain flexibility.


The forefoot of the outsole is relatively long and the pattern is wave-like, providing consistent grip. Judging from the past DAME shoes, their grip performances are quite reliable.


Adidas DAME series has come to the eighth version and Lillard has also grown from a rookie player into a top star in NBA.  As he “grew up”,  the shoes he grew up with are also constantly evolving and improving into top shoes.  If you’re interested in the shoes coming out at the end of 2021, or if you happen to be seeking a pair of cost-effective shoes, it is highly recommended to give them a try.

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Unboxing: Adidas ULTRABOOST 21

With a myriad of running shoes on the market, many people are likely to feel dazzled, not least when they are choosing one pair that is after their own heart. However, for many experienced runners, chances are that they have clear goals and won’t get lost facing the various choices. In my case, it is Adidas that always pops up in my mind the first moment when I am going to buy new shoes and ULTRABOOST will be my preferential choice for it is really impressive.

When the brand first launched its Adidas ULTRABOOST 21 in 2021, I failed to cop one pair myself. But later I bought a pair by chance, which has greatly changed my view toward this sport and done me a great help.

For the colorways, the number has run into 30 besides the initial white one, which, according to the official, helps empower runners.

When I look at the ULTRABOOST 21 as a whole, I just can’t help but marvel at how different the shoes look and how powerful the setups are. ULTRABOOST 21 is utterly different from its predecessors.

Compared with the traditional weaving process of PK fabric of the previous ULTRABOOST shoes, ULTRABOOST 21 adopts the PRIMEBLUE material and the vamp adopts a new weaving texture, which is not only more eye-pleasing, but also excellent in wrapping and stability. On top of that, the design is also in line with Adidas’s emphasis on environmental protection in recent years.

The TPU translucent design on the side of the shoes and the abrazine logo of “ULTRABOOST” visually refreshes the appearance of the shoes while also provides good stability for the runners.

The upturn of the heel and the thickened cushion inherits the comfort and softness exclusive to ULTRABOOST shoes.

Due to the nature of BOOST material, the shoe type of ULTRABOOST has, over the years, continued a similar design. However, in this the new ULTRABOOST 21 we can see that it has ushered in a new subversion in the midsole BOOST design.

The BOOST midsole material at the heel has been unprecedentedly thickened, which, as a result, looks a bit exaggerated while at the same time changes the usual reserved appearance of ULTRABOOST shoes.

Of course, there is more to it than that. In fact, the thickened midsole has a stronger cushioning and rebound performance and makes runners more assured.

If the thickened midsole has stunned you, then the brand new outsole design might completely overturn your expectations of it.

Compared to the previous Horse rubber outsole , this ULTRABOOST 21’s is comprised of three parts. The edge and core area of the forefoot still use the classic Horse rubber that still ensures stability and wear resistance whereas the heel outsole adopts transparent material that is quite wear-resistant and can helps prevent slipping.

Over and above that, the brand new anti-torsional system brings a new breakthrough to the performance of ULTRABOOST 21. With this upgrade, the shoes’ overall support is then guaranteed.


In the words of Moritz Hollmuller, senior director of Adidas running shoes, ULTRABOOST 21 is undoubtedly the running shoe with the most comprehensive performances in Adidas as it is an integration of excellent lightness, cushioning and rich rebound. In my view, it is synonymous with excellence.


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Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra Performance Review

I’ve stuck to running for over five years, and what I benefited from the process is much more than I had expected. For instance, in addition to training my perseverance and stamina, I’ve also learned some knowledge about running shoes and how to choose the most suitable one for myself. This Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra, I should say, is in the list of the most suitable ones and here is its performance review which might do some help for you.

As regards the shoes’ appearance, I have to own that I am quite into it. Its simple but not monotonous black and white with a little pink at the inner side makes the shoes very inviting and unobtrusive. Over and above that, its simplicity makes it very easy to match our daily outfit. After all, not only are the shoes’ performances extremely important, but having eye-pleasing and compelling appearance also matters a great deal.

The Terrex Speed Ultra series is characterized with innovative designs aimed at assisting runners. As for this Terrex Speed Ultra, it is incorporated with innovative technology. For example, the outsole adopts three-dimensional grains, which is inspired by the design of gravel bike, with the purpose of providing convenience to runners. Made of the rubber of Continental, it will offer its owner a better grip than do the majority of shoes in the market right now.

The midsole is made of two unique materials and the height difference between the forefoot and the heel is 8mm, both of which facilitate easy start-up. The Lightstrike cushioning system is a truly excellent one that, combined with boost, provides superior rebound for the heel. During my running, the feedback under my feet seemed endless and I also seemed to be supported by the ceaseless “energy” underfoot.

The shoelace system is designed in a novel way so that the tongue is firmly fixed instead of sliding to the side, which, I think, is set to solve the problem that many people are troubled by. If you take a closer look at the tongue, you can find many holes in it that enhance the heat dissipation and prevent your feet from being bound by sweltering running shoes.

Over and above the aforementioned, there is a detail that should be made particular mention of. That is the number of holes on each of the three bars is different, showing the ingenuity of the shoe’s designer. And the laces are flat ones, which increases friction and prevents themselves from loosening during running.

Take my personal experience. One day last weekend I did a 15km workout, at the end of which I was tired, but I was still rather motivated and at ease, which I think should be credited to the lightness of the shoes.


To sum up, the TERREX SPEED ULTRA is a well-designed, lightweight as well as well-constructed off-road shoe designed for improving and increasing comfortness. However, it’s fair to say that this isn’t a versatile off-road shoe and is not suitable for everyone. Despite that, if you are searching for a lightweight and fast running shoe that is designed for long distances and can provide plenty of cushion on tough, rugged roads, then Adidas TERREX SPEED ULTRA would be a great choice.

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Adidas TERREX AGRAVIC ULTRA Performance Review

For a runner to do his level best during cross-country races, a pair of good cross-country shoes is essential. In my case, I will choose shoes according to the different road conditions; after all, the more you know about the “enemies”, the likelier you will win. Anyway, here I wanna recommend this Adidas TERREX AGRAVIC ULTRA which can save you much time in choosing shoes because it is both suitable and reliable for various kinds of roads.

My first impression of the shoes was that it looked simple yet quite inviting. It just turned out that the shoes can be matched with all manner of everyday clothes. With respect to the vamp, Adidas adopts some breathable material to improve comfortness. The mesh of the vamp is relatively hard though, it is easy to wash and quite durable. Besides that, the toe, as is shown in the picture, is designed in such a way that the protection there is splendid, which many brands have failed to do.

The upper is made of relatively hard material that is aimed at protecting the wearer’s ankles while offering support at the meantime. For the weight, a single shoe weighs 295 grams, which is at the average level.

In terms of the outsole, it is not widened because widening will only make the shoes bulky. During my matches and training, I can definitely feel the agility of the shoes. With the grains and materials of the outsole, I am further assured of its grip and durability.

Last week I put the shoes to a long-distance test. After the first test of around 15km, I didn’t feel any discomfort. When I was going downhill on gravel and dirt roads the shoes could provide me with good skid resistance. It was not that challenging for me to run uphill for it also offered perfect support for me even as I landed my forefeet first. In a nutshell, it can offer me excellent support on the uphill, and even after the downhill and the smooth flat road, I feel no aches or pains from the lactic acid buildup.

When the second 15km test was finished, I was somewhat taken aback by the cushion and feedback provided by the midsole. I felt like the shoes were my old friend for many years because they know me very well. The rear part of the sole is prominent in preventing slipping, and both the front and middle part of the outsole ensure cushioning and support that are badly needed for different road conditions, which sounds terrific and intelligent.

As time passed by, I felt a noticeable fatigue during the next 30 to 60km test. In the more rugged sections, the disadvantage of the hard upper is obviously felt. When I turned left or right downhill, the hard upper would produce pressure on my ankles, which requires some protection there rather than just wearing a pair of thin socks. To my relief, when the test was over, there was hardly any wear in the outsole.


In short, this Adidas TERREX AGRAVIC ULTRA is certainly not perfect. Not only does it have advantages, but also shortcomings that cannot be ignored. Notwithstanding that, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages, and the shoes are therefore generally satisfactory. But anyway, before purchasing, you’d better have a try in the flesh so that you may know whether it is suitable for you. After all, you won’t know if your shoes fit until you put them on.


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A Close Look at adidas Harden Vol.5

Talking about Adidas shoes in recent years, the first several words popping up in my mind were “cheap”, “emotional” and “moderate”. All in all, nothing to do with words like high-end. However, the fact is when the adidas Harden Vol.5 came out, I knew I had to ditch my stereotyped image about Adidas shoes.

The size of this one is US9 EUR42 2/3 and a single shoe weighs 480g.

Personally, the moment I got this adidas Harden Vol.5 , I felt it quite like a pair of children’s shoes. But as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover”. And so is the case here : Never judge a shoe by  its appearance. After some more testing, it turned out that this is a reliable comrade on court.

Like the sneakers, the shoebox is cartoonish and childlike with a lot of speckled patterns, and at the bottom of the box is a Harden’s handwritten signature.

And on the side, in addition to the shoes’ name, Adidas Harden Vol.5 , there is also a word “Futurenatural” which is the name of the major new technology of the shoes.

There is not an absolute official definition of the word “Futurenatural”, but as the name suggests, the shoe is quite futuristic and natural in its appearance.

As regards the midsole, it adopts a built-in BOOST+LightStrike, which is quite thick. And above the insole, there is a flannel-like material with the word BOOST written in a hollowed-out finish. But to be fair, such a built-in midsole is not uncommon today.

As is obviously seen, there is a super hard TPU extending from the midsole to the forefoot part. But as a rule, when talking about such design, people tend to related it with poor torsion resistance and arch support. However, you can be assured that the design in this Harden Vol.5 won’t fail you because it is an exception.

Then in terms of the upper layer of the midsole, there has been a lot of upturned processing so that the locking of the foot would be better.

In fact, only one layer below the blue part is the Boost, which is used to boost feedback while the lighter LightStrike wraps around the Boost. This design allows the overall weight of the shoe to be reduced as much as possible. So it’s the delicate treatment of these details that makes the shoe a little bit different. 

The vamp of the shoe is made with a 360-degree hot-press forging technique. Simply put, the vamp and outsole are integrated, so we can’t see any stitching on the shoe.

Simple as the shoe looks, all the most basic setups of other excellent sneakers can also be seen in this one.

As a pair of mid-top shoes, there are totally 5 sets of shoelace buckles which offers enough support.

Besides, the thickness of the lining of the heel is quite impressive because there are four sponges in the heel.

With respect to the outsole, there is some resemblance to Harden 4, but not exactly the same. The horizontal and vertical grid is more dense in the forefoot and more rugged in the back with a big “boost“ and an ”inside“ next to it.


In short, after a thorough and detailed understanding of the shoes, I really have great interest in them and high expectations for them. But can adidas Harden Vol.5 reverse some negative images of Adidas combat shoes? Well, please wait and see. Maybe there would be some surprises.