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Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra Performance Review

I’ve stuck to running for over five years, and what I benefited from the process is much more than I had expected. For instance, in addition to training my perseverance and stamina, I’ve also learned some knowledge about running shoes and how to choose the most suitable one for myself. This Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra, I should say, is in the list of the most suitable ones and here is its performance review which might do some help for you.

As regards the shoes’ appearance, I have to own that I am quite into it. Its simple but not monotonous black and white with a little pink at the inner side makes the shoes very inviting and unobtrusive. Over and above that, its simplicity makes it very easy to match our daily outfit. After all, not only are the shoes’ performances extremely important, but having eye-pleasing and compelling appearance also matters a great deal.

The Terrex Speed Ultra series is characterized with innovative designs aimed at assisting runners. As for this Terrex Speed Ultra, it is incorporated with innovative technology. For example, the outsole adopts three-dimensional grains, which is inspired by the design of gravel bike, with the purpose of providing convenience to runners. Made of the rubber of Continental, it will offer its owner a better grip than do the majority of shoes in the market right now.

The midsole is made of two unique materials and the height difference between the forefoot and the heel is 8mm, both of which facilitate easy start-up. The Lightstrike cushioning system is a truly excellent one that, combined with boost, provides superior rebound for the heel. During my running, the feedback under my feet seemed endless and I also seemed to be supported by the ceaseless “energy” underfoot.

The shoelace system is designed in a novel way so that the tongue is firmly fixed instead of sliding to the side, which, I think, is set to solve the problem that many people are troubled by. If you take a closer look at the tongue, you can find many holes in it that enhance the heat dissipation and prevent your feet from being bound by sweltering running shoes.

Over and above the aforementioned, there is a detail that should be made particular mention of. That is the number of holes on each of the three bars is different, showing the ingenuity of the shoe’s designer. And the laces are flat ones, which increases friction and prevents themselves from loosening during running.

Take my personal experience. One day last weekend I did a 15km workout, at the end of which I was tired, but I was still rather motivated and at ease, which I think should be credited to the lightness of the shoes.


To sum up, the TERREX SPEED ULTRA is a well-designed, lightweight as well as well-constructed off-road shoe designed for improving and increasing comfortness. However, it’s fair to say that this isn’t a versatile off-road shoe and is not suitable for everyone. Despite that, if you are searching for a lightweight and fast running shoe that is designed for long distances and can provide plenty of cushion on tough, rugged roads, then Adidas TERREX SPEED ULTRA would be a great choice.

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