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Saucony Shadow 5000 Rain Pack and Asics GEL-Kinsei OG

As a running lover for over ten years, I’ve participated in all sorts of matches and worn out many running shoes. When I reflected on my running “journey” of the past ten years, I found there are also some outstanding running shoes that deserve sharing. Here are Saucony Shadow 5000 Rain Pack and Asics GEL-Kinsei OG, both of them having their own distinctive advantages.

Rain Pack is the only one of the Socony 5000 series in 2021. There are three colorways, respectively blue, green and white, which are available only in Europe. Here I’ve got the blue and green one to share my experience.

This blue one is a bit like one of New Balance’s shoes, but, despite that, there are quite a few differences between the two. In terms of this colorway, I believe it is inviting to many running lovers or fans. After all, it is not only stylish, but also adds weight to our daily outfits.

Regarding the vamp, it is made of at least five different materials that are combined to improve the durability and support of the shoes. As is presented in the picture, both the toe and the mesh of the vamp consist of dark blue materials whereas the logo is made of eye-pleasing lake blue, which together creates an aesthetic effect for our eyes. On the face of it, the heel part also seems to be spliced in three colors.

At the inner side of the shoes, the midsole is made in two colors, the white and light yellow. Besides that, the shoelaces, the lining and some parts of the tongue are all orange, adding some vivacity to the shoes. As for the tongue, the material there is the traditional mesh with sponge filled inside. The inner lining is made of fabric while the insole is lake blue, which is consonant with the logo.

When it comes to this green one, it is somewhat different from the blue one. The toe part of it is light green box leather and mesh. In the middle part, the upper vamp is dark green and the lower is light green whereas the logo is changed to white. Then at the inner side, the fore part of midsole is added with lack blue paint. As for the lining, it is the white fabric here, complementing the shoes’ overall dark hue.

For Asics GEL-Kinsei OG which I’ve wore for only several times though, I think it should be highly recommended. The shoe is overall black, but it is not in the least monotonous. It is very cool instead. The toe is made of artificial leather and the vamp is woven in a special way that makes it both distinctive and recognizable.

The “GEL-Kinsei” is printed in red on the heel so as to highlight its identity.

The lining is also made of fabric that is friendly to our skin. For its outsole, the various grains there makes me assured of its grip performance. Because of the various grains, the outsole can provide me with excellent grip in different directions depending on the complex road conditions.


To sum up, both Saucony Shadow 5000 Rain Pack and Asics GEL-Kinsei OG can be listed as the outstanding running shoes, if not the best ones. Although they are not perfect, there are many aspects of the shoes that deserve recommending. Nevertheless, however good the shoes sound, you should still try the shoes in the flesh because it is only you who know if they are right for you.

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