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Unboxing & Closed Look: ASICS NOVA SURGE 2

The ASICS NOVA SURGE got high attention by the shoe fans after releasing due to its good workmanship, performance and price. Recently, the ASICS NOVA SURGE 2 was released. Let’s have a look at it today.

ASICS NOVA SURGE 2The shoebox is normal. The front side is printed with ASICS LOGO.

The vamp is made of fabric mesh, and the bottom layer has a lot of ventilated holes. It uses hot-melting material to reinforce the shoehead.

There are 7 couples of shoelaces holes. The front 4 shoelaces holes are reinforced with TU material. After fastening the shoelaces, it can fit the foot better.The shoe tongue is made of leather. The upper design is good. The inner side improve the supporting performance and the outer side improves the flexibility.The achilles’s tendon position and pink fabric position of shoe heel uses independent foam, which can fit the feet better.The outer side of shoe collar is printed with NOVA SURGE.The inner side of shoe collar is made of big area of leather material. The supporting performance is great.The stereoscopic TPU stabilizing plate improve the supporting performance.The outsole of shoe head has upturning design.

The outboard TPU on the forefoot sole extends to the arch position. The wavy three-dimensional shape edge not only improves the stability, but also improves the flexibility.The rear sole has upturning design, which increase the grounding area. It’s more stable when jumping to the ground.The high resilient FLTYEFOAM PROPEL insole technology increase the thickness of insole, and also offer excellent resilient feedback.The one-piece NON MARKING rubber can grip the ground well both on the indoor court and outdoor court.

The outsole has multi-directional grooves pattern. The grooves are deep. So it’s easier for the foot to bend when exercising.The width of EUR42.5 forefoot sole is about 119.27mm.The rear sole pattern offers good stability.The width of EUR42.5 rear sole is about 90.65mm.The arch position of shoe-pad has upturning design. It can fit the foot well. The surface fabric material is anti-skid and ventilated.The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 277mm.The width of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 94.39mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 5.06mm.The non-woven material insole fabric has foam lining to improve the comfort level.The unit weight of EUR42.5 single shoe is about 442.9g.

Comparing with ASICS NOVA SURGE , the appearance of ASICS NOVA SURGE 2 has been changed a lot. The exaggerated outrigger design on the forefoot sole let people feel safe and stable. The usage of FLTYEFOAM Propel insole technology improves the cushion performance and comfort level.
The open mouth of independent shoe tongue is big, so it’s convenient for putting on and taking off. You don’t need to worry even if your instep is high. The width of forefoot sole is moderate. It won’t press your foot. After fastening the shoelaces, the fitness is good. The supporting performance of shoe heel is good. The overall stability is excellent. As the forefoot sole has widened design. The wavy design sole not only offer more stability, but also improve the flexibility. We can feel the good cushion performance and resilient feedback from the FLTYEFOAM PROPEL insole. It’s suitable for inside lane and the players with heavy weight.

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Saucony Endorphin Shift Performance Review

The three products of Saucony Endorphin series have been available for a long time. Actually, they have also been the source of heat discussion for some time. Besides the Endorphin Pro and Endorphin Speed, I’ve copped the third one, the Endorphin Shift, and here is the performance review of the shoes.

The Endorphin Shift, according to the official account, is more compatible with runners’ daily jogging. Like the Endorphin Speed, Endorphin Shift is equipped with an engineered mesh vamp, but unlike Speed, its vamp is much thicker so as to ensure necessary support and superior wrapping.

The vamp of Endorphin Speed is also thicker than that of Endorphin Pro. It can be seen that when designing the Endorphin series, Saucony actually take into account the specific requirements of running shoes.

When it comes to the midsole material, that of Endorphin Shift is also different from those of the other two, the former being the PWRRUN whereas the latter the PWRRUNPB.

The PWRRUN, based on EVA, greatly improves its performance of energy feedback and durability through adjusting and the manufacturing process.

As for the PWRRUNPB, it is based on the PEBA material and through new foaming and manufacturing process, it has quite a nice cushioning and better rebound. In other words, PWRRUN can be thought to be inferior to PWRRUNPB, which is why the Endorphin Shift is bulkier than the first two shoes.

The Endorphin Shift has no built-in plates, but it also uses the SPEEDROLL in the midsole to help improve speed, as is the same design that can be seen in Endorphin Pro and Endorphin Speed.

Seeing that both Endorphin Pro and Endorphin Speed are super durable in their outsoles, which is the feedback from consumers, the brand also applies this idea in Endorphin Shift. In the easy-to-wear areas of the outsole, XT-900 carbon rubber is adopted to extend the life of the shoes, despite that the area covered by XT-900 is less than that of the other two products.

The much thicker vamp, the FORMFIT technology along with the heel TPU have coordinated perfectly with each other, creating a super nice wrapping and receiving many rave reviews from buyers. In a word, you can feel the shoes fit comfortably with your feet as you are running or walking.

In spite of that, however, the thick vamp is a mixed blessing. There are also disadvantages of it. On the negative side, its thickness is a kind of trouble for many people in hot weathers. Take my own experience. I felt rather sweltering under my feet even in early spring, and as it gets warmer, the situation will only go from bad to worse. Therefore, regarding this respect, the shoes are not recommendable for those who have particular distaste for heat under their feet.

Although PWRRUN is inferior to PWRRUNPB, as has been mentioned earlier, Endorphin Shift provides the best cushioning experience among the three models. However, its chunky midsole in turn makes the rebound of the shoes unimpressive. The SPEEDROLL, though provides a smoother transition, still lacks the necessary midsole rebound, which can be easily exposed when some fast-paced training in underway.

The Endorphin Shift has also a large TPU embedded at its heel that extends to the midsole for support. Besides, the carbon rubber of the outsole also extends to the midsole so as to enhance the shoes’ overall support.

As a pair of training shoes, the support of Endorphin Shift is definitely enough, but it doesn’t equal perfectness. When the wearer is training at a fast pace, the midsole, being too soft and thick, may result in unstability when he is landing on his heels.

The US size 9 of Endorphin Shift weighs 294g officially, but the actual weight of the one I got here is 290g. It seems the shoes are not so satisfactory in this aspect, not least with its bulky appearance.


Endorphin Shift resembles a lot to Endorphin Speed, as is observed by some reviewers, but there are in fact a lot of differences between the two shoes. Endorphin Shift is more than suitable for daily training, and if you are seeking one pair of shoes for jogging, Endorphin Shift is definitely a good jogging partner.

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Super Shoe Trends 2022

The past year has witnessed a lack of follow-through among international sportswear giants. For example, Nike did not launch any new product in the field of racing shoes last year, only relying on releasing new colorways and reducing prices. Besides, New Balance, Saucony and HOKA ONE ONE merely released some new products. It was only Puma and Adidas Asics that had done well in the past year. Nevertheless, with hopes for the new year, many brands are prepared to take part in the cut-throat competition and launch their new works.


Nike still prevailed over many brands by frequently appearing on courts in 2021, but it seems to be losing this advantage without the release of new hardcore running shoes. Despite that, Nike has mustered all its strength to change the situation through the release of various new running shoes. With all manner of new shoes exposed on social media, many people are electrified and expect to get their beloved ones.

Nike Alphafly NEXT% 2 has been a hit in the field of racing shoes and worn by many Nike athletes. However, it still remains to be seen whether the innovative work can change the problem of excessive pressure on wearer’s calves and ankles.

Nike StreakFly’s image has also been released. The shoes, without a carbon plate, is equipped with a ZoomX foam of moderate thickness that is inviting for many Nike fans. What’s more, the training shoes like Nike Pegasus Turbo 3 and Nike ZoomFly 5 are all coming to runners  this year.

New Balance:

New Balance has in the past year updated its FuelCell RC Elite, a carbon plate running shoe, along with a revamp of its training shoes. But among its various shoes, it is FuelCell Rebel V2 that has received the most popularity from runners.

New Balance is determined to change that and improve itself by launching a series of products. In addition to FuelCell RC Elite V2 and FuelCell Rebel V2 with which many runners are most familiar, New Balance is to release the SC Pacer and the SC Trainer as well.

The design concept of SC Pacer and SC Trainer is somewhat similar to that of several works of Adidas. The soles of SC Pacer are of medium thickness while that of SC Trainer are super thick, about 50mm. Despite that, the difference between them may be the experience they are to offer to runners, which still remains to be tested.


Puma did make a great stride in 2021 and it seems to continue the trend. In addition to the Fast-R Nitro Elite unveiled at last year’s World Expo, Puma also exposed Fast-FWD Nitro Elite that looks more radical than Fast-R Nitro Elite.


Saucony’s achievements in the field of new running shoes in 2021 are somewhat unimpressive. Although Endorphin series has ushered in new versions, the upgrades merely lie in the refinement of the shoes’ vamps. However, good news is that the brand is finally to take action and catch up with others.

In the new running shoes of 2022, Saucony actively adopts the design of thickening the soles. On the basis of the previous shoes, Saucony has its shoes thickened, and Endorphin Pro 3, Endorphin Speed 3, Endorphin Shift 3 and Triumph 20 have all become bulky.

Of course, it is about more than the above brands mentioned.  For example, Asics will release an iteration of its MetaSpeed series that has already been exposed online. At the recent Houston Marathon, Sara Hall has broken a record wearing the shoes. On top of that, HOKA has already launched a new shoe in January and will soon launch the HOKA Carbon X3 and the HOKA Mach SuperSonic.

Over and above that, Adidas will be loath to lag behind. Surely it is going to yield unusually brilliant results in 2022.


With so many new shoes to be released in 2022, we can not only enjoy a visual feast, but also look forward to the performance of a lot of shoes. Therefore, let’s wait and see what surprises we can expect from the new shoes.

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Unboxing: Carhartt WIP x Salomon CSWP Shelter

Carhartt WIP, one of Carhartt’s high-profile branch lines, announced a collaboration with Salomon, which has electrified many people looking forward to buying one work of the win-win co-operation between the two brands. Among the shoes of their collaboration, it must be this  Carhartt WIP x Salomon CSWP Shelter that has got the most attention. What’s more, the good new is that the pictures of the shoes have been officially released, which lives up to all the waiting and expectation of fans.

Based on Salomon’s classic hiking shoes, the CSWP Shelter, the two brands adopted dark blue in the shoes’ vamp and typical black for the other parts of the shoes, making the shoes quite cool and reliable.

Carhartt WIP has a global reputation for its hardcore tooling style while Salomon is known for being a dark horse of outdoor sports equipment in recent years. Objectively speaking, both brands pay special attention to professional design, which finally led to this Carhartt WIP x Salomon CSWP Shelter here. Actually, the shoes are based on Salomon’s exclusive technology and integrated with the unique aesthetics of Carhartt WIP.

Regarding the vamp, it is not only waterproof, but also tear resistant, making the shoes to be suitable on almost every occasion, such as on rainy days, and for daily wearing and exercises.

However, what’s most impressive for me lies in the outsole. To tell the truth, I am not so much  impressed by its appearance or grains as by its performance. According to some professional test, its grip performance is very excellent even on slippy wet grounds.

Over and above the dark blue and black in the vamp, there are also embellishment of khaki, gray and red in the heel, eradicating monotony while also increasing a bit of vivacity.

According to the official video, the shoes can easily adapt to a variety of complex environments. Being nice-looking though, it is by no means useless. On the contrary, it is extremely practical.


Carhartt WIP x Salomon CSWP Shelter is now available on Carhartt WIP and Salomon websites and some selected retail outlets. Therefore, for those who’ve fallen in love with it, it is recommended to take action right now.

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Brooks Hyperion Tempo Performance Review

Brooks, one of the four major brands of running shoes and also a century-old brand, was the first to use EVA midsole material in its works. Over the years Brooks sells very well in more than 80 countries and regions and has made some remarkable achievements in the circle. In the field dominated by carbon-plate running shoes, Brooks’ non-carbon Hyperion Tempo, however, has an important place and impresses people by its performances.

Judging from the shoes’ appearance we can know that it is a pair of shoes that aims to improve the wearer’s pace. Its simple yet “spell able” structure and streamlined appearance seem to motivate us and give us the impulse to exercise right away.

After putting on the shoes, the first feeling that pops into my mind was that they were super lightweight. A single shoe of size 9 weighs less than 206 grams, which, arguably, makes the shoes one of the most outstanding in this respect. From the perspective of personal preference, a running shoe weighing about 200 grams is the most suitable and favorable.

The vamp adopts only a layer of mesh that is very thin and there are quite a few “holes” in the fore part, ensuring excellent air permeability. To those people who can’t bear the heat under their feet, Hyperion Tempo may be a nice choice.

In terms of the shoe tongue, it is also made lightweight, with merely a single suede layer that fits perfectly with the wearer’s instep. To avoid the tongue from skewing, there in the middle is a perforation. However, from the practical point of view, the tongue tends to shift toward the outer side, and the perforation therefore may not be as effective as it should be.

The upper is not filled with too many foams, yet it is very compact and wears comfortable. With the exact amount of filling, the overall wrapping of the shoes is certainly satisfying for the majority of people. On top of that, the built-in hard TPU ensures the badly needed stability.

A midsole drop of 8mm and a moderate upturn at the front and back ends make the shoes generally suitable for speed running required by the natural transition of gait.

The midsole requires to be made particular mention of. Brooks adpots DNA FLASH technology which is Brooks’ first innovative technology that infuses nitrogen into the midsole, stably transforming liquid nitrogen into gaseous one and then evenly forming numerous closed airbag-like structure. Judging from my several running tests of the shoes, I can see that the overall energy feedback of its midsole is quite sufficient. The cushioning is exactly right for me who weighs about 75 kg, neither too soft nor too hard.

Nevertheless, there is still something that I quite expect of the shoes. Now that it is in winter, most shoes’ midsole somewhat become harder than they usually are, and their cushioning, rebound and feedback are remarkably reduced. But this is not true for Brooks Hyperion Tempo, which helps reduce the risk of injury. Therefore, based on the excellent performance of Brooks Hyperion Tempo, I wonder if its energy feedback can be further improved in summer when the temperature is high. This actually leaves me with great expectation.


In short, for those experienced runners, Brooks Hyperion Tempo can be used for training of improving speed. And for other types of runners, it is still more than suitable to be used for daily training or contests. Chances are that after trying, you may find more surprises in it than you had imagined.

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Saucony Shadow 5000 Rain Pack and Asics GEL-Kinsei OG

As a running lover for over ten years, I’ve participated in all sorts of matches and worn out many running shoes. When I reflected on my running “journey” of the past ten years, I found there are also some outstanding running shoes that deserve sharing. Here are Saucony Shadow 5000 Rain Pack and Asics GEL-Kinsei OG, both of them having their own distinctive advantages.

Rain Pack is the only one of the Socony 5000 series in 2021. There are three colorways, respectively blue, green and white, which are available only in Europe. Here I’ve got the blue and green one to share my experience.

This blue one is a bit like one of New Balance’s shoes, but, despite that, there are quite a few differences between the two. In terms of this colorway, I believe it is inviting to many running lovers or fans. After all, it is not only stylish, but also adds weight to our daily outfits.

Regarding the vamp, it is made of at least five different materials that are combined to improve the durability and support of the shoes. As is presented in the picture, both the toe and the mesh of the vamp consist of dark blue materials whereas the logo is made of eye-pleasing lake blue, which together creates an aesthetic effect for our eyes. On the face of it, the heel part also seems to be spliced in three colors.

At the inner side of the shoes, the midsole is made in two colors, the white and light yellow. Besides that, the shoelaces, the lining and some parts of the tongue are all orange, adding some vivacity to the shoes. As for the tongue, the material there is the traditional mesh with sponge filled inside. The inner lining is made of fabric while the insole is lake blue, which is consonant with the logo.

When it comes to this green one, it is somewhat different from the blue one. The toe part of it is light green box leather and mesh. In the middle part, the upper vamp is dark green and the lower is light green whereas the logo is changed to white. Then at the inner side, the fore part of midsole is added with lack blue paint. As for the lining, it is the white fabric here, complementing the shoes’ overall dark hue.

For Asics GEL-Kinsei OG which I’ve wore for only several times though, I think it should be highly recommended. The shoe is overall black, but it is not in the least monotonous. It is very cool instead. The toe is made of artificial leather and the vamp is woven in a special way that makes it both distinctive and recognizable.

The “GEL-Kinsei” is printed in red on the heel so as to highlight its identity.

The lining is also made of fabric that is friendly to our skin. For its outsole, the various grains there makes me assured of its grip performance. Because of the various grains, the outsole can provide me with excellent grip in different directions depending on the complex road conditions.


To sum up, both Saucony Shadow 5000 Rain Pack and Asics GEL-Kinsei OG can be listed as the outstanding running shoes, if not the best ones. Although they are not perfect, there are many aspects of the shoes that deserve recommending. Nevertheless, however good the shoes sound, you should still try the shoes in the flesh because it is only you who know if they are right for you.

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Skechers Speed Freek Performance Review

As a running lover, I was not endowed with much gift and I therefore make up for this with my passion and efforts. During the past seven years I’ve racked up over 15,000 miles of running, which to me was more than a reward, but more of a motivation. I enjoyed my running process very much, which should, to a certain extent, be attributed to my shoes despite that some of them are barely satisfactory. Here I wanna recommend Skechers Speed Freek which should be at the top of my 20 running shoes regarding their overall performances.

As soon as I got the shoes, I was informed from the shoe box the technologies adopted. First of all, there is the CARBON INUFSED in the forefoot. Secondly, the outsole is made of rubber of GOODYEAR. Over and above that, the midsole is hyperburst, much thicker than that of its predecessors. Finally, there is also the HYPER ARC that helps speeding up.


As regards its appearance, there is a combination of white, gray, black and bright red as that of a watermelon. Nevertheless, it is not so much the shoe’s appearance as its performance that impresses me deeply.

The big hollow logo “S” is printed on the outside of the heel, but it is not in the least eye-catching. At the height of highlighting one’s own brand by emphasizing its logo, Skechers, however, chooses a different but not showy way.

The midsole adopts the multi-layer structure with black on the upper and white on the lower, which is thickened to provide better cushioning and rebound. As for the vamp, it is made of mono, a kind of gauze widely enjoyed, to improve the shoes’ breathability and reduce their weight. Besides, seeing that there are people who stick to running on wet roads, the shoes’ vamp is made waterproof to provide them a better experience. This, by some estimate, has helped increase consumers by 5%.

The tongue of the shoe is perforated to improve the air permeability, with a V-shaped slit at the top and “Speed Freek” printed on it.

Hyperbust is Skechers’ strongest technology and has been used in skechers’ running shoes for a couple of years. But the midsole of this Speed Freek has been thickened with the fore part 32 mm thick and the heel 36 mm thick. Actually, the thickening of midsole is in great popularity in recent years and Speed Freek is just following suit. However, in spite of that, I must own that Speed Freek has done a better job. Thick as the midsole is, it is still superior in offering rebound.

The insoles are inseparable from the shoes for they are firmly attached to the midsoles so as to avoid its being pushed out during running.

However, the shoes are not without shortcomings. The heel is in fact very soft since it is not equipped with counter. From the perspective of my experience, this is the most glaring disadvantage of the shoes because it has gone so far as to reduce their weight by eliminating the counter.

The orange part of the outsole is covered with Goodyear wear adhesive, which, however, doesn’t seem to help improve durability of the outsole. I had even thought that it might only accompany me for 1000km.

The two hollows in the arch, the so-called HYPERARC, in addition to further reducing the weight of the shoe, can also help speed up runner’s pace.

With the above efforts, you may be wondering how much these shoes really weigh. Actually, a single Speed Freek I got here weighs only 202 grams while a shoe of other brands mostly weighs above 220 grams, from which we can get a glimpse of the excellence of the shoes.


With this pair of running shoes, I am even more enthusiastic about running. After running ten kilometers for three days in a row last week, I didn’t feel any discomfort under my feet at all. To sum up, there do exist some disadvantages of the Speed Freek, it is overall terrific and a good choice for the majority of people.

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The Excellent Running Shoes in 2021

Today, let’s look back the nice running shoes which were released in 2021.
Carbon Fiber Running Shoes–Asics MetaSpeed Sky
There are many carbon fiber running shoes which have been released in 2021, such as Asics MetaSpeed Sky/Edge, Saucony Endorphin Pro 2/+, Adidas adizero adios Pro 2, New Balance FuelCell RC Elite V2, On CloudBoom Echo, and NIKE Vaporfly NEXT% 2 etc. Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 and NIKE Vaporfly NEXT% 2 only adjust the vamp based on previous generation. So we don’t talk about them today.

Adidas AdiZero Adios Pro 2 and Asics MetaSpeed Sky are two of the standouts running shoes of the year 2021. But the performance of the running shoes also needs to consider the feeling of common runners. For the overall performance and comprehensive experience, it’s undoubtedly that Asics MetaSpeed Sky is the better one.

Asics MetaSpeed Sky uses the new developed insole foam FF Blast Turbo. It’s more resilient and softer than adidas adizero adios Pro 2. It doesn’t have high request for the strength of foot.

Asics MetaSpeed Sky is the closest model to Nike Vaporfly NEXT%.

Speed Training Shoes- -New Balance FuelCell Rebel V2
There are also many speed training shoes which are released in 2021, such as Saucony Endorphin Speed 2, New Balance FuelCell Rebel V2, HOKA ONE ONE Mach 4 and Puma Electrify Nitro etc. The most satisfied one is undoubtedly FuelCell Rebel V2.

FuelCell Rebel V2 has two advantages:
1.Lightweight and good air permeability: the unit weight of US9 is 206g. As a pair of training shoes, the weight is light. The vamp uses single layer of grenadine. The air permeability is good.

2.The sole is soft, resilient and comfortable. The FuelCell foam has been adjusted to be soft and resilient. The cushion performance is good when jogging. And we can also feel the obvious resilience if run fast.

If you are unsatisfied at FuelCell Rebel V2, then Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is also suitable for training. The performance is excellent.
Daily Training Shoes- -Asics Novablast 2
The daily training shoes which have been released in 2021 includes Nike Pegasus 38, adidas adizero Boston 10, Asics Novablast 2, Saucony Triumph 19, HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3 and HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 etc.

The reason why we choose Asics Novablast 2 is, as a pair of training shoes, the overall performance is good, it can satisfy the request of daily training.

The unit weight of US9 is 269g. The drop height of the forefoot sole and shoe heel is 8mm. It’s not light, but also not heavy. Asics Novablast 2 uses FF Blast material for the insole. Comparing with previous FlyteFoam, it’s lighter and the resilience is better. The colorway of Asics Novablast 2 also looks better than previous Asics running shoes.
Jogging Shoes– HOKA ONE ONE Bondi X
With the carbon plate, the HOKA ONE ONE Bondi X can keep the good cushion and stability. Not matter daily dressing or jogging, we can feel that the shoes is stable and can offer enough cushion performance. But the disadvantage of Bondi X is the weight. It’s a little heavy.
Stability series running shoes–Nike Infinity React Run 2
The 2021 released stability series running shoes includes Nike Infinity React Run 2, Asics Kayano Lite 2, New Balance FuelCell Prism V2, Nike Infinity Miler and Saucony Endorphin Shift 2 etc. The overall performance of Nike Infinity React Run 2 and Asics Kayano Lite 2 are better.

As I really like the Nike Infinity React Run 1, I have better first impression for Nike Infinity React Run 2. Nike Infinity React Run 2 uses thicker knitted vamp. The mid-sole position uses flywire to reinforce. So the fitness and comfort level of Nike Infinity React Run 2 is better than React Run 1.

The only problem of Nike Infinity React Run 2 is the air permeability. It’s unsuitable for running in Summer. But it will be perfect to run in Autumn and Winter. The price is also cheap.
Surprising running shoes series–PUMA NITRO series
Comparing with the other 2021 running shoes, PUMA Nitro series running shoes are definitely the most surprising one. PUMA released 6 models of running shoes with the Nitro technology insole.
1.PUMA Magnify Nitro is designed for heavy weight runners and the new runners.

2.Daily training models: Velocity Nitro & Electrify Nitro.

Velocity Nitro

Electrify Nitro
3. Deviate Nitro has built-in full-length carbon fiber plate for long distance training.

4. Deviate Nitro Elite is designed for top-level elite runners

5. Voyage Nitro is designed for cross-country running.

The 6 models of running shoes can satisfy the request of different runners. Moreover, the appearance is great.
We look forward that each brand can develop more nice running shoes in 2022. We can also see more shoes which are exciting and can’t wait to say ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY’.

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2022 HOKA ONE ONE Running Shoes Forecast

Although 2021 doesn’t finish, many brands have prepared for the new running shoes for 2022 Summer, such as HOKA ONE ONE. Today, we will forecast the new 2022 HOKA ONE ONE running shoes.

Tecton X cross-country shoes: it’s a pair of racing cross-country racing shoes with lightweight carbon fiber.

SpeedGoat 5: It’s lighter than last generation.

Mach Supersonic: it’s the reinforced model of Mach series. The resilience is better.

Kawana: it’s HOKA new training shoes.

Carbon X 3: It’s iterative model. It’s lighter.

All of the 2022 HOKA new running shoes will take the brand-new upgraded insole foam technology (EVA material) which is lighter and more elastic than previous insole material. Except the upgraded insole material, does HOKA optimize other parts? Let’s have a look at it today.

  1. HOKA ONE ONE Tecton X

It will be released in 2022. It’s a pair of carbon fiber cross-country running shoes. Its aim is lightweight and buffer. You can use it for training or racing.

The height of forefoot sole is 29mm. And the height of shoe heel is 33mm. The drop height is 4mm.

Unit weight of US9: 240g.

Estimated Released Time: May, 2022

The vamp of Tecton X uses engineering jacquard mesh fabric. The insole uses double density ProFlyX insole. The upper layer is soft and can offer enough buffer. The bottom layer is stiff and can offer resilient feedback. The two pieces of parallel carbon fiber plate from shoe heel to toes can offer necessary propulsion.

Tecton X uses Vibram MegaGrip Lite rubber to cover the important area of outsole. It has X mark on the outsole.

2. HOKA ONE ONE SpeedGoat 5

It’s the iterative model of HOKA SpeedGoat series. Comaring with last generation, it uses lighter and more elastic insole foam to reduce the weight.

The height of forefoot sole is 29mm. And the height of shoe heel is 33mm. The drop height is 4mm.

Unit weight of US9: 291g

Estimated Released Time: March-April, 2022

SpeedGoat 5 uses double-deck jacquard weave mesh fabric. The shoe heel uses HOKA currently popular design. For the insole, SpeedGoat 5 uses lighter and more elastic CMEVA insole foam. Its weight is lighter 10g than last generation.

The outosle of SpeedGoat 5 also Vibram MegaGrip rubber. But it has optimized to improve the flexibility.

3.HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic

HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic is enhanced model of Mach 4. It uses a foam with stronger resilience. The outsole doesn’t have wear-resisting rubber, but it uses EVA rubber. The weight of HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic is the same as Mach 4.

The height of forefoot sole is 24mm. And the height of shoe heel is 29mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 235g

Estimated Released Time: March, 2022

The vamp of Mach Supersonic uses engineering mesh fabric. The upper layer of insole uses lighter and more elastic foam which improve the resilience. But it hasn’t covered with wear-resisting rubber, but uses EVA rubber outsole. We have to worry about its traction performance and skid resistance.


4. HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X3

HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X3 is iterative model of HOKA Carbon series racing shoes. It upgrades the vamp and insole.

The height of forefoot sole is 27mm. And the height of shoe heel is 32mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 222g

Estimated Released Time: April, 2022

Carbon X3 uses lighter insole foam. Comparing with Carbon X2,  the unit weight of US9 Carbon X3 reduces 17g. Carbon X3 uses integrated knitted vamp. The integrality is better. The fitness and comfort level should be improved a lot.


5. HOKA ONE ONE Kawana

HOKA ONE ONE Kawana is HOKA’s new jogging shoes. Its location is similar with Bondi.

The height of forefoot sole is 25mm. And the height of shoe heel is 30mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 283g

Estimated Released Time: Jan., 2022

Kawana uses Jacquard weaving vamp. The insole uses HOKA new EVA foam which is soft and comfortable.

The orientation of Kawana is similar to Bondi, it’s mainly for cushion. But the same size of Kawana is lighter than Bondi. The appearance is nice. It should become another star products after Clifton series.

The super thick insole is the deepest impression of HOKA running shoes to the runners. The new 2022 HOKA running shoes are expectant. Which model would you like?

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New Balance FuelCell Rebel V2 VS FuelCell Prism V2

New Balance released two pairs of running shoes this year, that is,  FuelCell Rebel V2 and FuelCell Prism V2.

FuelCell Rebel V2FuelCell Prism V2

Both of them use the New Balance exclusive insole technology FuelCell. Below is the comparisons of FuelCell Rebel V2 and FuelCell Prism V2.

  1. Both of FuelCell Rebel V2and FuelCell Prism V2 are advanced training shoes of New Balance.
  2. The insole thickness of FuelCell Rebel V2and FuelCell Prism V2 are same. The height of forefoot sole is 24mm and the rear sole is 30mm. The drop height is 6mm.

FuelCell Rebel V2

FuelCell Prism V2

  1. Although both of them use FuelCell foam, but Rebel V3 is more soft and resilient. And Prism V2 is more stiff and elastic.
  2. For the weight, the unit weight of US9 Rebel V3 is about 204g and the weight of US9 Prism V2is about 270g.

FuelCell Rebel V2

FuelCell Prism V2

  1. Except the difference of insole, the difference of the weight is mainly due to the vamp and outsole.

Comparing with Rebel V2, the rubber of Prism V2 is thicker.

The vamp of Prism V2 is thicker than Rebel V2.

  1. Th thick vamp and outsole of Prism V2 has better durability. And the comfort level and fitness is better. Certainly, the lightweight and air permeability of Rebel V2 is better.

FuelCell Rebel V2

FuelCell Prism V2

  1. The insole of Prism V2 has special supporting design. The supporting performance of Prism V2 is better than Rebel V2.
  2. AsRebel V2 is soft and resilient, it can be used for jogging for beginner. And the Prism V2 is stiff and resilient, it’s more suitable for aerobic and temp training, it has higher request for runners to jogging.

FuelCell Rebel V2

FuelCell Prism V2

  1. The price of FuelCell Rebel V2and FuelCell Prism V2 are the same.
  2. If you prefer to lightweight training shoes and soft and elastic insole, you can choose Rebel V2. If you want a pair of advanced training shoes, you can choose Prism V2.