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Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB Performance Review

To tell the truth, I have been a fan of JR for many years. So at the very beginning, I’ve picked the ZK4 which had companied me for many important moments in my life. And it was natural then that I also bought some other versions of the series. But in the previous several months, there were hit discussions about the retro version of ZK6. Although my feelings about the ZK6  and experiences with it have faded from my memory, I am still eager to share with you a brief review with regard to this ZK6 FTB and hopefully it might be a little helpful for you . And it is here then.

To begin with, I want to talk about the shoes’ wrapping. Actually, I’ve bought the shoes for some time and the first impression it left me was its wrapping performance that was indeed very nice and was even much better than did ZK4 and ZK5. The nice wrapping made me feel like I was just wearing a pair of socks instead of shoes. Therefore, I wore the shoes out for my match and it turned out that the shoes were really a great help during the whole game. It not only fixed me feet well , but also provided me with sufficient traction. Without it, I wouldn’t have performed that nice on court.

However, the fact is that I found the shoes not so satisfying as it did in my match.  I again chose the shoes for my training, but I felt a bit spacious inside the shoes, which was quite different from my first experience with it. And then in the later training, I found some deformation in the vamp and  the reason behind it was the poor  vamp durability. So I think the shoes have to some extent failed me.

The second point about the shoes is the cushioning. In terms of the cushioning of ZK6, it can be said to be superior.  But the problem is however good it is, I don’t think it suit me quite well. Nonetheless, this Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB is just the right one. There are separate front and rear cushions whereas the front one is super elastic. They are not in the least too hard or too soft. Therefore, the cushion for me is quite nice and the feedback it offers me is also very obvious. But maybe it is because I am a bit heavy and for those who are relatively light, they may feel the cushion not so prominent.

Then it’s about the anti-slipping and anti-rollover performances. Actually, from my perspective, both performances of the shoes can be listed in the first class. There is also a saying that the anti-slipping and anti-rollover performances of Nike are absolutely the first in this field. In short, these two respects are sure to leave you a nice impression.

But of course there are some shortcomings. Firstly, the shoelace is to  some extent a decoration for it does not in the least improve the shoe’s wrapping. And however tight your laces are, they will loosen in a short time. Secondly, it’s about the insoles. The insoles of this Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB are very thin and I sometimes even slipped because of the insoles.


To sum up, I am actually a bit disappointed at this Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB which is not as excellent as NXT360. However, since I am using it for daily training and exercises, I think one pair of  Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB is enough.  And if you are interested in some of its performances, you can also have a try.

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PUMA Hybrid Fuego x First Mile Performance Review

In recent years, environmental protection has become a theme that can be widely seen and carried out almost everywhere. Therefore, many words, say, “Love the earth.” “Protect our planet.” “Energy saving.” “Emission reduction.”, have also permeated our life. According to some environmentalists, it is important to make the green lifestyle integrated with our daily doings and make it a conscious behavior and social consensus.

So in the field of running shoes, many brands have also risen to respond to the appeal. And the PUMA and First Mile are certainly among them. Their latest joint masterpiece is the PUMA Hybrid Fuego x First Mile whose slogan is “Buy a par of shoes so as to protect the earth.”

First Mile is actually a non-governmental environmental  organization that collects plastic bottles to create sustainable jobs and reduce pollution. By sorting, cleaning and shredding those bottles, and turning them into yarns that can be used to make products, the organization has made great contributions to the society and environment. For the Hybrid, maybe you are familiar with it as well. It is a midsole technology launched by Puma two years ago that entails the advantages of absorbing shock and offering multiplicative energy feedback.

However, in terms of the shoes’ appearance and design, it is not favored by many people. But what is funny is that the more you look at it, the more lingering charm you’ll find in it. The shoes are indeed very simple but at the mean time very delicate, which is in line with the call to protect the environment. And if you look at it closely, you can see that its vamp has a dark pattern that looks quite like Pythons grains.

As a pair of running shoes, it is the outsole and the midsole that count. Maybe it is out of the consideration of saving costs or protecting the environment, the outsole and the midsole are integrated. Therefore, you may not expect too much support performance of it. And at the rear part, there is the NRGY which is quite iconic of Hybrid.

After checking the shoes, you’ll know that all the details seem to tell you that this is a pair of extremely eco-friendly shoes. You may not be able to perceive the recycled material, but as some other reviewers observed, even the shoelaces were made of environmentally friendly materials.

But after all, whether a shoe fits you only you yourself know. For me, the shoes’ performances are satisfying, but it is the comfortable experience it offers me that attracts me most. And to tell the truth, I am so obsessed with it that I’ll wear it wherever I go. And as for the size, I chose the one I usually picked which is just suitable for me.

With respect to the wrapping, I should say that it is superior which should to some extent be credited to the soft and skin-friendly vamp. It will only make you feel like wearing nothing. What’s even better is that the vamp can last very long, which means that the shoes can be a long-time companion for you.

Despite some observation that the support is not enough for jogging, it is in fact enough for daily wearing.  Besides, there is also a saying, “The shoes are so skin-friendly that they don’t like a pair of running shoes.” So you can just imagine how nice it feels.


To summarize, I think this is a must for running. And if you quite love running or you like exercising very much, you might as well take a shot. However, it is not limited to a certain people. It can also be used for daily wearing.

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Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack Performance Review

This Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack is a pair of shoes that are special for me. Since I am a running lover, it is crucial to cop appropriate equipement. Therefore, I have picked many running shoes over the past several years in order to find the most suitable one for myself. And someday, I came across this Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack. I knew then that this would be put into my list of one of the most suitable. In this review, I am to share with you my feelings and experiences with it and it’s entirely up to you whether to adopt my opinions.

Honestly, when I opened the shoebox, Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack’s appearance has somewhat stunned me. What’s more, when I showed it to m y friends, they surprisingly said that “why did you buy another pair of such coquettish shoes?”. And I just smiled an unaffected smile. But anyway, like many of you, I am very pleased at seeing that there are more and more shoes of NB that are equipped with new tech.

As for the shoes, it is all blue using DWR  vamp and the wing-like pattern in the upper reflects the speed-driven nature of the Vazee Pace V2 Protect Pack. And along with the reflectors scattered,  the shoes are made all the more coquettish.

Besides, the leather in the toe and the sides of the shoe can provide protection  as well as a certain amount of support. However, “Every coin has two sides.” It is because of this DWR vamp that its softness is to some extent lost. And at the same time, since there is no breathable enhancement technology such as engineering mesh, the shoes might not be suitable for summer wearing especially for those who sweat quite a lot underfoot; but on the other hand, it is rather suitable for winter wearing.

With respect to the size, it is recommended to buy the shoes according to the size you usually pick. Then in terms of the shoelaces, they play quite an important role in improving wrapping. If they are tightened, you’ll feel your feet are fixed in the shoes. And the TPU in the heel also greatly improves wrapping for the heel. Therefore, it is ensured that the overall wrapping is enough and excellent.

The fact that I am accustomed to all kinds of knit and mesh  vamps makes me feel uncomfortable in this Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack. Its DWR vamp is actually somewhat pressing to my feet and the only word surging in my mind at the moment I put it on is “hard”. The RevLite midsole is lightweight though, it offers more rebound that cushioning. And along with the foamed-rubber outsole, I just can’t get used to it in a short time since I have recently wearing the Nike Flex RN .

However, when I was wearing it for a short walking, I made another discovery. To be exactly, the first feeling of wearing the shoes was not “hard”, but rather, it was responsive and especially bouncy. It is so responsive that it feels like “a lovestruck lover” who is always there to respond to every thing you do.


To summarize, this is a pair of running shoes that can prevent injuries during running process. But due to the waterproof nature of the vamp, the shoes’ air permeability is bad, thus making it more suitable for winter wearing. After all, the above are my personal views and experiences. So it’s up to you whether to take my advice here.

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UA EMBIID ONE Performance Review

Talking about UA EMBIID , I had quite a nice impression of it because it was the first brand, rather than those better known brands, say, Nike or Adidas, that companied me through the very first college year when I just started my basketball “journey”. After all, it is usually the first ones that are most memorable.

So as soon as I got this pair of UA EMBIID ONE, I just couldn’t wait to play basketball in it to my heart’s content. And here is a brief comprehensive evaluation of this pair of UA EMBIID ONE after my first test of it: it is suitable for clean infields but offers the best experience in outdoor courts; it fits best for people with weight less than 80KG; and for the foot type, it suits very well for people with high insteps, but for those with wide and flatfeet, they are highly recommended to have a try before purchasing.

Here is also a non-performance reference scoring: the shoes are not heavy, but nor lightweight enough, either; its durability is of relative superiority; the air ventilation and comfort are both of moderate performance; its cost-effective performance is not that satisfying.

Then it is time for its on-court performances. For the vamp, it is relatively simple though, it fits my feet snugly, making it easy for me to put on and take off the shoes. So those who are simple-oriented might have interest in this UA EMBIID ONE as well.

The design on both sides of the front part is similar to flying wings, which can actually make it more suitable for people  with different foot types.

The heel wrapping, judging from the heel, is not that satisfying. As you can see, the padding in the heel is actually a little bit thin, so the shoes doesn’t hug my feet well. But luckily, ​this disadvantage can be made up for by tying the shoelaces tight so that I have never run into such problem.

And although the vamp is made of average mesh cloth, it is still strong enough to offer solid and nice support. On top of that, along with the wings on both sides that extends from the midsole, the integrity of the shoes is very good. However, you still can’t expect too much of it because the support is just ​enough instead of being outstanding.

In terms of the midsole, it adopts the full-foot micro-G and the HOVR in the rear, which is said to be the most excellent setup of UA.

The cushion of the forefoot is a single tech with moderate thickness. It is bouncy, but its feedback is not so noticeable, either. As for the cushion in the rear part, judging from my experience, it is pretty good and I should say it is the best of all my UA shoes.

Some observed that the outsole of UA EMBIID ONE looks quite like that of Soldier 14 and they are both more suitable for outdoor playing than indoors. But for me, there is a problem in its outsole: the gaps are a bit big, resulting in a bad performance on dusty courts. Therefore, the case, most of the time, is that: I couldn’t feel the grip performance when there were dusts in indoor courts and I even ran into an awkward situation once: slipping on court. However, when I was playing on outdoor courts, the grip was quite excellent which seemed to  be endowed with some kind of magic.

The torsion resistance of UA is always the most assuring part. With such a thick and hard outsole and an arch support setup, the overall rigidity is quite good.


In short, such iconic center-forward shoes are actually rare though it’s more like a chunky Curry 7. And I’d rather believe that it is the process with the shoes that matters. As long as you get the hang of it, you may be surprised at finding it a reliable comrade.