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When talking about thick-soled carbon plate racing shoes, chances are that many running enthusiasts will blurt out “Nike” , “Adidas”, or any prestigious brands that they’ve heard of. Nonetheless, when it comes to a brand that trumps its thick-soled design, the answer among running shoe enthusiasts is consistent: HOKA ONE ONE. HOKA ONE ONE is recognizable among running shoes because of its iconic, super-thick midsole design, and it’s the same iconic, super-thick midsole design that brings unique and unforgettable experiences to runners. In this article, we are going to take a look at the various running shoes of HOKA ONE ONE and figure out what type of runners they are suitable for.

1.Carbon plate racing shoes


The Carbon X series is an iteration of HOKA’s Carbon plate racing shoe, which has already been released in 2021. On the basis of the original version, the vamp and the midsole rubber of Curbon X 2 have been fine-tuned to enhance the vamp wrapping and optimize the resilience of the midsole. In terms of the outsole, Carbon X 2 is the same as the first edition, and still adopts the rubber outsole.

The launch of the Carbon X series coincides with two of the brand’s prestigious 100 km World Record challenges. The athlete, Jim Walmsley, who has covenanted with the brand succeeded in bringing on buzzes in the matches, which in turn succeeded in putting the Carbon X series on the map.


HOKA’s carbon-plate running shoes released in 2020 debuted in the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon, worn by HOKA’s contracted runners.

The main difference between Curbon X and Rocket X lies in the thickness of their midsole. The Rocket X series has thinner midsoles and their overall wrapping and supporting have become all the more excellent. As a matter of fact, Rocket X 1 is not quite as HOKA’s other shoes. Given the weight of racing shoes, the brand trades in its signature midsole thickness for lighter weight, which leads to a faster and more direct feedback.

HOKA ONE ONE Evo Carbon Rocket

Because of relatively little publicity, few runners know about this HOKA ONE ONE Evo Carbon Rocket. It is HOKA’s first carbon plate racing shoe, and has a 2mm midsole difference, unlike the 4-6mm midsole difference that most HOKA shoes have today.

A smaller midsole height difference is closer to our natural running state and requires more of the runners. Actually, this Carbon Rocket, compared with the previous carbon-plate racing shoes, is harder to harness, but it also reduces runners’ dependence on the cushioning and support and helps exercises their abilities.


2. For daily training


The Mach shoe combines three of the HOKA ONE’s strengths: superior cushioning, flexibility and lightness. The fourth edition of Mach features a brand-new loop design and an improved vamp woven from hot-pressed TPU. At the same time, the use of new midsole material will offer a much better and nicer experience for wearers. Therefore, it is in conclusion a good choice for both daily training and competitions.

Clifton 8, based on the its predecessors, has adopted a more lightweight vamp and its newly developed lightweight midsole. The combination of the two setups makes the experience all the more enjoyable.



HOKA’s lightweight training shoes combine extraordinary cushioning with an super-light shoe design, aiming to bring an extremely soft and feathery experience to wearers.

In addition, the improved vamp, instead of adopting a single layer of mesh fabric, uses refined engineering mesh. The modified mesh is especially refined for the areas that wears out easily and to ensures excellent air permeability as well as wrapping.


3. Those with excellent cushioning and supporting for protection


The versatile KAWANA released in 2022 is specially designed for runners and fitness enthusiasts. While ensuring cushioning and comfortness, it also provides runners with a more pleasant exercise experience with its bold, innovative and fashionable designs.

KAWANA took inspiration from the much-sought-after MACH 4, featuring SwallowTailTM, a geometrical design at the heel, to provide flexible protection when runners are landing. Besides, the 5mm height difference between the front and rear part is combined with the grooves in the outsole to ensure stability.



This HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 is the one with the most excellent cushioning among HOKA running shoes. It uses the same all-EVA midsole, breathable mesh vamp and iconic rolling balance technology as its predecessors. The upper rim is made of sponge to ensure comfort at the heel.



It inherits the essence of HOKA’s classic BONDI designs and makes breakthrough use of carbon plate technology, which ensures that runners of different abilities receive the same efficient, stable and powerful support at every step. Its super nice cushioning also generates an opportunity for runners with heavy weight.



This is a pair of excellent shoes for daily training. Its appearance is innovative and eye-catching.  Apart from this,  the supporting in the front and the arch is enhanced.


HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Edge

This is HOKA’s new series, extended from Clifton, equipped with new super-elastic foam material and trend-setting geometric shapes here and there.


HOKA ONE ONE Gaviotu 3

This HOKA ONE ONE Gaviotu 3 is available in US and some areas of Europe now. It is cushioned with a thicker midsole foam to provide all-around protection. In terms of innovation, compared with the previous versions, Gaviota 3 has been updated and adjusted the thickness of midsole and vamp to optimize the wearing experience.



Arahi 5, on the basis of Arahi 4, altered the heel, part of the vamp and midsole so as to reduce the pressure on the instep and ankle. Lighter weight is an advantage of the Arahi series over Gaviota. In conclusion, Arahi 5 is a super lightweight shoe with good cushioning and support.


4.HOKA ONE ONE Dra Recovery Shoes

HOKA’s recovery shoes combine excellent cushioning and breathability, and can be suitable for dailsy wearing, matches and exercises.


HOKA ONE ONE Dra Recovery Slide2

The recovery slippers of HOKA are quite distinct. Combining oversized midsole and rolling balance technology, the slippers can help relieve our fatigue underfeet and offer us extraordinary comfort and strong supprt.


HOKA ONE ONE Dra Recovery Flip 2

The same as the last slippers, this HOKA ONE ONE Dra Recovery Flip 2 is not only fashionable, but also offers comfortness and superior support.


From the racing shoes to the daily training shoes and jogging recovery ones, HOKA ONE ONE has gradually developed into a versatile shoe brand and its shoes are suitable for  runners of different abilities. Time has witnessed the brand’s growth and it will see it gets better in the future.

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2022 HOKA ONE ONE Running Shoes Forecast

Although 2021 doesn’t finish, many brands have prepared for the new running shoes for 2022 Summer, such as HOKA ONE ONE. Today, we will forecast the new 2022 HOKA ONE ONE running shoes.

Tecton X cross-country shoes: it’s a pair of racing cross-country racing shoes with lightweight carbon fiber.

SpeedGoat 5: It’s lighter than last generation.

Mach Supersonic: it’s the reinforced model of Mach series. The resilience is better.

Kawana: it’s HOKA new training shoes.

Carbon X 3: It’s iterative model. It’s lighter.

All of the 2022 HOKA new running shoes will take the brand-new upgraded insole foam technology (EVA material) which is lighter and more elastic than previous insole material. Except the upgraded insole material, does HOKA optimize other parts? Let’s have a look at it today.

  1. HOKA ONE ONE Tecton X

It will be released in 2022. It’s a pair of carbon fiber cross-country running shoes. Its aim is lightweight and buffer. You can use it for training or racing.

The height of forefoot sole is 29mm. And the height of shoe heel is 33mm. The drop height is 4mm.

Unit weight of US9: 240g.

Estimated Released Time: May, 2022

The vamp of Tecton X uses engineering jacquard mesh fabric. The insole uses double density ProFlyX insole. The upper layer is soft and can offer enough buffer. The bottom layer is stiff and can offer resilient feedback. The two pieces of parallel carbon fiber plate from shoe heel to toes can offer necessary propulsion.

Tecton X uses Vibram MegaGrip Lite rubber to cover the important area of outsole. It has X mark on the outsole.

2. HOKA ONE ONE SpeedGoat 5

It’s the iterative model of HOKA SpeedGoat series. Comaring with last generation, it uses lighter and more elastic insole foam to reduce the weight.

The height of forefoot sole is 29mm. And the height of shoe heel is 33mm. The drop height is 4mm.

Unit weight of US9: 291g

Estimated Released Time: March-April, 2022

SpeedGoat 5 uses double-deck jacquard weave mesh fabric. The shoe heel uses HOKA currently popular design. For the insole, SpeedGoat 5 uses lighter and more elastic CMEVA insole foam. Its weight is lighter 10g than last generation.

The outosle of SpeedGoat 5 also Vibram MegaGrip rubber. But it has optimized to improve the flexibility.

3.HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic

HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic is enhanced model of Mach 4. It uses a foam with stronger resilience. The outsole doesn’t have wear-resisting rubber, but it uses EVA rubber. The weight of HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic is the same as Mach 4.

The height of forefoot sole is 24mm. And the height of shoe heel is 29mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 235g

Estimated Released Time: March, 2022

The vamp of Mach Supersonic uses engineering mesh fabric. The upper layer of insole uses lighter and more elastic foam which improve the resilience. But it hasn’t covered with wear-resisting rubber, but uses EVA rubber outsole. We have to worry about its traction performance and skid resistance.


4. HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X3

HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X3 is iterative model of HOKA Carbon series racing shoes. It upgrades the vamp and insole.

The height of forefoot sole is 27mm. And the height of shoe heel is 32mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 222g

Estimated Released Time: April, 2022

Carbon X3 uses lighter insole foam. Comparing with Carbon X2,  the unit weight of US9 Carbon X3 reduces 17g. Carbon X3 uses integrated knitted vamp. The integrality is better. The fitness and comfort level should be improved a lot.


5. HOKA ONE ONE Kawana

HOKA ONE ONE Kawana is HOKA’s new jogging shoes. Its location is similar with Bondi.

The height of forefoot sole is 25mm. And the height of shoe heel is 30mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 283g

Estimated Released Time: Jan., 2022

Kawana uses Jacquard weaving vamp. The insole uses HOKA new EVA foam which is soft and comfortable.

The orientation of Kawana is similar to Bondi, it’s mainly for cushion. But the same size of Kawana is lighter than Bondi. The appearance is nice. It should become another star products after Clifton series.

The super thick insole is the deepest impression of HOKA running shoes to the runners. The new 2022 HOKA running shoes are expectant. Which model would you like?