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PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO Performance Review

Many brands are developing the thick-soled running shoes these years and desire to occupy the market. If you want to choose a pair of comfortable running shoes, PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO is also a good choice.


Height/Weight: 182cm / 81kg

10K: 54min 06sec
Half marathon: 1hr 57min


The integral outline of ForeverRUN NITRO is similar with previous nitrogen running shoes. The appearance looks nice. And the first released orange color is attractive.

The unit weight of UK9 ForeverRUN NITRO is about 293g. It’s not light as a pair of running shoes. You can choose the standard size. The height of half sole is about 26mm, and the height of heelpiece is about 36mm. The drop height is about 10mm. The weight of the shoe is evenly distributed throughout the whole sole. The sense of balance is good.

The stabilizing plate of shoe heel is great.You can feel its stability as you step forward. The PUMA Grip outsole play an important role. Its irregular design and traction can grip the ground well with each step. It’s very stable.

The shoe-pad is the exclusive shoe-pad developed by Kaiser Sport & Ortopædi. There is a bulge in the middle of the half sole, which has the effect of support when running.

Although PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO is a pair of thick-soled running shoes, but its stability is obviously, which is due to the excellent fitness and Runguide System. Although the drop height is 10mm, but after breaking-in, you can feel the great sense of balance.

Certainly, the core of nitrogen is the insole. The double-deck density Nitro Foam insole will offer you the soft cushion performance from the upper layer when you step down, and the solidity of the outer layer helps you step forward and out. The crumpling of nitrogen insole is controlled well.

The feeling and resilience of double-deck Nitro Foam is adjusted well. It won’t make you overly dependent on the insole. You can still keep the controllability to the shoes when running.

In addition, there is a raised cushion at the position of the metatarsal. The raised cushion offers supporting performance to the metatarsal when running. The pressure can disperse to the whole sole when long-distance running.

We recommend this pair of PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO to the LSD training runners. If you want to attend competition, we suggest you to choose the racing shoes with carbon plate.

In additionally, it’s suitable for all of runners for training. The double-deck nitrogen insole is comfortable. The upper layer is responsible for absorption, and the under layer is responsible for propulsion. It’s resilient and solid. With the specially-made shoe-pad and excellent fitness, you can feel stability, comfort and safe when running.