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PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO Performance Review

Many brands are developing the thick-soled running shoes these years and desire to occupy the market. If you want to choose a pair of comfortable running shoes, PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO is also a good choice.


Height/Weight: 182cm / 81kg

10K: 54min 06sec
Half marathon: 1hr 57min


The integral outline of ForeverRUN NITRO is similar with previous nitrogen running shoes. The appearance looks nice. And the first released orange color is attractive.

The unit weight of UK9 ForeverRUN NITRO is about 293g. It’s not light as a pair of running shoes. You can choose the standard size. The height of half sole is about 26mm, and the height of heelpiece is about 36mm. The drop height is about 10mm. The weight of the shoe is evenly distributed throughout the whole sole. The sense of balance is good.

The stabilizing plate of shoe heel is great.You can feel its stability as you step forward. The PUMA Grip outsole play an important role. Its irregular design and traction can grip the ground well with each step. It’s very stable.

The shoe-pad is the exclusive shoe-pad developed by Kaiser Sport & Ortopædi. There is a bulge in the middle of the half sole, which has the effect of support when running.

Although PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO is a pair of thick-soled running shoes, but its stability is obviously, which is due to the excellent fitness and Runguide System. Although the drop height is 10mm, but after breaking-in, you can feel the great sense of balance.

Certainly, the core of nitrogen is the insole. The double-deck density Nitro Foam insole will offer you the soft cushion performance from the upper layer when you step down, and the solidity of the outer layer helps you step forward and out. The crumpling of nitrogen insole is controlled well.

The feeling and resilience of double-deck Nitro Foam is adjusted well. It won’t make you overly dependent on the insole. You can still keep the controllability to the shoes when running.

In addition, there is a raised cushion at the position of the metatarsal. The raised cushion offers supporting performance to the metatarsal when running. The pressure can disperse to the whole sole when long-distance running.

We recommend this pair of PUMA ForeverRUN NITRO to the LSD training runners. If you want to attend competition, we suggest you to choose the racing shoes with carbon plate.

In additionally, it’s suitable for all of runners for training. The double-deck nitrogen insole is comfortable. The upper layer is responsible for absorption, and the under layer is responsible for propulsion. It’s resilient and solid. With the specially-made shoe-pad and excellent fitness, you can feel stability, comfort and safe when running.

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Deconstructed Report of PUMA MB.02

Let’s have a look at the inner structure of PUMA MB.02 today.

Splitting the left shoe of MB.02 from middle position

PUMA MB.02 A-A section

Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

The bottom of shoe tongue uses big mesh fabric, which improve the air permeability. The inner sleeve design improve the fitness.

The integrated vamp fits the foot well.

The surface of shoe-pad is made of fabric material, and it’s printed with PUMA and Bauer’s personal logo.

The surface material of insole fabric is EVA.

The reverse side of insole fabric is non-woven material.

The insole uses full-length NITRO FOAM cushion technology with PEBAX cushion material.

The inner side of half sole is upturning design, which cover the insole to improve the stability.

The length of EUR42 half-sole PEBAX cushion material is about 43.57mm.

The width of EUR42 half-sole PEBAX cushion material is about 63.69mm.

The thickness of EUR42 half-sole PEBAX cushion material is about 4.70mm.

The length of EUR42 heelpiece PEBAX cushion material is about 36.97mm.

The width of EUR42 heelpiece PEBAX cushion material is about 43.35mm.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece PEBAX cushion material is about 4.71mm.

The heelpiece has surrounding TPU plate which is placed between the heelpiece and insole to improve the stability.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece surrounding TPU plate is about 2.03mm.

The arch TPU stabilizing plate is placed between insole and outsole.

The length of EUR42 TPU stabilizing plate is about 92.71mm.

The width of EUR42 TPU stabilizing plate front end is about 49.40mm.

The width of EUR42 TPU stabilizing plate rear-end is about 36.84mm.

The thickness of EUR42 TPU stabilizing plate is about 2.58mm.

The outsole uses one piece rubber.

The thickness of EUR42 half-sole rubber outsole is about 4.27mm.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece rubber outsole is about 5.35mm.

The thickness of EUR42 half-sole (insole+outsole) is about 18.57mm.

The thickness of highest point of arch position is about 24.25mm.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece (insole+outsole) is about 25.37mm, the drop height is about 6.8mm.

Let’s have a look at the difference of the MB.02 and MB.01 inner structure:



MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)vamp comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)shoe tongue comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)outsole and insole fabric comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)insole structure comparison

MB.02(above)& MB.01(below)insole A-A section comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)stabilizing plate comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)outsole pattern comparison

The thickness of EUR42 MB.02 half sole(insole+outsole) is about 18.57mm, and the thickness of heelpiece (insole+outsole) is about 25.37mm. The drop height is about 6.8mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 MB.01 half sole(insole+outsole) is about 18.11mm, and the thickness of heelpiece (insole+outsole) is about 25.77mm. The drop height is about 7.66mm.

The deconstructed parts of MB.02

The deconstructed parts of MB.01

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The vamp is made of lightweight engineering mesh fabric. The both sides of vamp uses hot-melting TPU material to improve the lateral support. The inner sleeve design improve the fitness.

Insole: It uses full-length NITRO FOAM cushion technology. And it’s also filled with PEBAX cushion material. It’s resilient. The resilient feedback is great. The arch TPU stabilizing plate with surrounding TPU plate offer excellent stability.

Overall: Based on PUMA MB.01, PUMA MB.02 has been upgraded. It reinforces the strength of vamp and adds PEBAX cushion material on the half-sole. The comfort level is obviously improved.

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Unboxing & Closed Look: PUMA MB.02

PUMA MB.02 has been released for several months. It has several colorways for your choice, such as MB.02 ROTY,MB.02 Sazaku, MB.02 JADE,MB.02 SLIME and MB.02 Rick and Morty.


PUMA MB.02 Rick and Morty

PUMA MB.02 Rookie of the year


PUMA MB.02 Sazaku


Let’s have a look at the appearance details of PUMA MB.02 FLARE today.


The black and silver shoe box has featheriness window, and it’s printed with M.E.L.O. 02.

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

The vamp is made of lightweight engineering mesh fabric. The shoe head position has big area of hot-melting material to improve the protection.

There are 8 couples of shoelaces holes. The stressing position is thickened, and the position of the last shoelace hole is placed behind the shoe tongue, so after fastening the shoelaces, it can fit the foot well.

It uses inner sleeve design to improve the fitness.

The outboard of vamp has the wing pattern. And the PUMA logo is hidden inside. The soft TPU material improve the lateral supporting performance.

The inner side red wing pattern is more aggressive.

The insole uses PUMA NITRO FOAM cushion technology. The lightweight low density foaming material integrate the soft comfort and energy feedback together.

The shoe heel has surrounding TPU plate. The three-dimensional Bauer’s logo is highly recognizable.

The outsole uses feather pattern. The pattern is dense, and it’s filled with a lot of herringbone pattern.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. It’s printed with PUMA logo and Bauer’s logo. The reverse side is brush coating.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 271mm.

The width of EUR42 half sole shoe-pad is about 93.68mm.The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.76mm.

The unit weight of EUR42 MB.02 is about 428.2g.

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Unboxing: PUMA MB.01

Time has finally come! Let me present to you the details of PUMA MB.01 that you are concerned about. Although it’s been only two months since I’ve got and played in it and its overall performances require some more tests, it is better for you to first get intimate knowledge of the sneaker that you’ve got or may be considering purchasing. After all, we all know that the details are an important part of the whole story.

So is it a HIT or MISS? Does it deserve the dollar? Go along with me in checking the details!

LaMelo Ball’s first signature basketball shoe, the MB.01, is also PUMA’s first signature sneaker since the company returned to the basketball market in 2018. The bold colorway and unique design have been quite a nice combination of Bauer’s personal style.

As you might have noticed, the shoe box is covered with brilliant cosmic colors and has a window on the lid. It doesn’t take a detective to know such information as size and Art.No because they’ve been printed on it. So no more reiteration here.

As an aside, it is truly considerate of the brand to place a hard paper inside so as to reduce the damage to shoes during transportation.

In theory, the 3D-printed vamp can fit the foot better and the vamp material can also provide excellent support and protection. But, honestly, I don’t think it is as good as it is hyped. Judging from my two months’ play, the vamp wrapping, and the support and protection are not bad, but not to the point as to deeply impress me, either. So you may not expect too much of it.

Printed on the vamp is the creative Slogan of Ball’s famous “NOT FROM HERE”.

Although the vamp alone is not impressive, the shoelaces, in contrast, help make up for its imperfectness by improving the overall wrapping to a great extent. There are 6 groups of shoelace holes in total. The first 2 groups are the kind of dynamic design while the 3-5 groups are of metal material. On top of that, there’s also the setup on the tongue that effectively prevents the tongue from deflecting during movements.

In spite of all that, trying the shoe on, in my opinion, is best if you think you’ve got an unusual foot shape and want to avoid any discomfort that may be caused by picking the wrong size.

One big thing about the MB.01 is the different materials used on both sides of shoe. As you can notice in the picture, the patterns there are also different from each other.

For the collar, it is designed to be high inside and low outside which brings more flexibility for players.

The forefoot of the outsole here is upturned, which plays a significant role in enhance overall stability.

The rigid TPU also improves lateral stability.

The midsole adopts NITRO FOAM cushion technology with PUMA’s supercritical nitrogen foaming craft. The lightweight and low-density FOAM material, an integration of softness and comfort, can offer powerful feedback. In addition, the wave-shape midsole also supports the arch area to a certain extent. Well, on paper that sounds terrific.

Nevertheless, based on my plays of the past two months, I don’t think PUMA MB.01 come off as particularly luxurious or anything crazy from a cushion standpoint, though it is still more than sufficient for me to play high-intensity plays. However, I am not saying that it is not good. Depending on what you require of it and the time it takes you to really start feeling the full potential of the cushion, you’ll feel that things are just awesome once you are used to it.

On the outsole, the words are very special. The “RARE” displayed there represent Ball’s extraordinary talent that can’t be imitated on the court. In the forefoot, centering the force point, the multi-directional lines can offer solider traction while the plenty of diamond-shaped lines on the back provide more stability.

A single shoe of size 42 weighs about 413.8 grams. These, of course, aren’t the lightest on paper but they are never bottom-heavy or clunky in general.


This PUMA MB.01 is a wonderful model that has delivered almost everything I need, though there do exist some flaws.

Personally, I can’t go true to size, and here it is recommended to go down 1/2 a size. But if you think you’ve got wide feet, you might as well go with your regular size.

The width of the footbed is moderate, and when I fasten the shoelaces, I can immediately feel the strong wrapping at the vamp and the heel. In a word, my feet just sit comfortably inside without any heel slippage or side-to-side movement.

For the full-foot cushion, the energy feedback from the heel is far more obvious than that of the forefoot, but I think this is just right to the point for me who are used to landing on my heel.

And whether it is the rubber on the outside of the forefoot, or the hard TPU on the outside of the heel, they both play a very good role in improving the overall stability.

All in all, I think those of you who usually play on outdoor courts, the odds are that  you’ll dig this one a lot too!

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Puma: Keeping Progressive in 2021

Several months ago, a famous Japanese runner posted a picture of a pair of yellow and gray running shoes featuring a leopard motif with the brief tweet “NIKE   PUMA”. The first reaction of the runners who read the news in their spare time was, “Why not Adidas?” However, different from the ordinary runners, those experienced would be wondering “Why PUMA again?” The reason they have such question is that PUMA has released lots of products in 2021. Its inspiration seems to be ceaseless and its products could be seen on all sorts of occasions through the year. Here is the brief introduction of PUMA’s achievements in 2021.

As an international sportswear giant, PUMA has a long history in running, and it will never fall short of great shoes. When it comes to the top professional running shoes of PUMA, many people may blurt out the golden boots worn by Usain Bolt who created one miracle after another.

Nonetheless, there are other great ones which are as well impressive. For example, the UltraRide PUMA released in 2020 is a great one, despite the not-so-desirable sales. The shoes adopted the PROFOAM LITE, PUMA’s latest shock mitigation technology, which, however, was not as welcomed as it was expected.

Despite that, it seems everything has changed beyond all recognition. In 2021, PUMA has released quite a few running shoes of the Nitro series using the Nitro technology. It is safe to say that the technology directly helps form PUMA’s running shoe matrix. In the first half of 2021, three works have been launched, PUMA Deviate Nitro, PUMA Velocity Nitro and PUMA Liberate Nitro, and in the second half of 2021, on the basis of the previous shoes, the Magnify Nitro was released for both beginners and those with heavy weight, the lightweight Electrify Nitro for training and Voyage Nitro for cross-country race.

Over and above that, the shoes that have been frequently exposed and worn by elite athletes include the PUMA Deviate Nitro Elite and the PUMA Fast-R, one of which was often worn by the renowned American athlete, Molly Seidel, and the other is to be released this year.

Actually, PUMA has made progress by leaps and bounds in 2021.

Well before the Tokyo Olympics, Molly Seidel had worn the Saucony Endorphin Pro to rise to the challenge in 2020 Us Olympic Trials marathon event.

Later in the Tokyo Olympics, she wore the PUMA Deviate Nitro Elite to take part in her match and won herself a medal. In November of the same year, she also participated in the 2021 New York City marathon, in which she not only made breakthrough but has PUMA shining again.

Before the 2020 TOKYO Olympic Games, PUMA cooperated with Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team to update their products, creating EVOSPEED TOKYO FUTURE FASTER+ and EVOSPEED TOKYO FUTURE NITRO FASTER+, the lightest and most powerful shoes of the brand so far.

Karsten Warholm, the Norwegian hurdler and world record holder, has broken his own world record again at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, as a matter of fact, this is not only Karsten Warholm’s victory, but also PUMA’s. With his excellent performances, Warholm also won himself “MALE WORLD ATHLETE OF THE YEAR” which brought glory to PUMA as well.

In addition, PUMA increased the exposure of its signing athlete Alica Schmidt. As a member of the German national team, she has helped PUMA a lot with her good looks and excellent abilities.


With its hardcore products and the publicity and exposure that goes with them, 2021 is a year of PUMA innovating and staying ahead in the running field. We’ll wait and see what new and stunning performances PUMA will present to us.

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It seems to be a trend in recent years that the traditional shoelaces are being disregarded while the automatic lacing system is highly thought of and widely adopted in many sneakers. For example, the Fast Fit of Nike is quite a popular design and has also attracted lots of fans. However, the fact is that way back in 30 years ago, there has been a shoe that equips with the similar tech. That is the Puma Disc Rebirth, the protagonist of today.

But just to be clear, the shoes I got here are not from 30 years ago; PUMA DISC REBIRTH is actually a retro version that is also a perfect tribute to Puma.

In fact, the PUMA DISC REBIRTH was released right after the DISC Technology was invented. And of course, the highlight of the shoes is the DISC tech which has been there as early as 1991. It not only replaces the traditional shoelaces which makes much easier for us to put on and take off the shoes, but at the mean time offers us an excellent wrapping.

(The PUMA DISC Blaze is also shown here.)

(On the picture above is the DISC WEAPON.)

The Puma Disc Blaze was one of the most iconic shoes of Puma. And before long another model was launched. That was the Disc Weapon which was also quite impressive.

But for the PUMA DISC REBIRTH I got here, it is simplified in the its design compared with the one 30 years ago. However, I think the shoes attract most by its DISC  tech for I can adjust the shoes’ wrapping simply through the rotary knob whenever I want. In addition, on the inside of the vamp there are instructions for the DISC. So with such a considerate design, there’s no need worrying about not knowing how to use the tech.

As is shown in the picture, there is a red Velcro at the side, which strengthens the wrapping of the arch part.

As a matter of fact, even before the shoes were officially released, there has been a lot of related products, most of which are designed with the concept of practical and fashionable.

Objectively speaking, many Puma sneakers of today are made and upgraded on the basis of the previous Puma shoes, and this pair of PUMA DISC REBIRTH is no exception. However, notwithstanding that, from my point of view, the PUMA DISC REBIRTH looks more rounded and somewhat lovelier.

As regards the details, I think the classic logo which resembles racetrack is characteristic and noticeable. Made of rubber, it not only enriches the use of vamp material, but also shows the unique identity to the shoes.

When it comes to the midsole, it adopts the widely-used full-foot ProFoam and also the upturned and thickened design at the heel.

At the outer part of the front-foot is a large TPU which is to improve the shoes’ overall stability.

With respect to the outsole, it is patterned with the relatively refined rhombuses. Although its performance remains more testing, I deem that it can’t be inferior with such well designed pattern.

The hollow design of the midsole reduces the overall weight of the shoes, through which we can see the support plate embedded in the midsole.


It’s safe to say that the shoes are all surprises, and I just kept “wowing” in the whole process of checking the shoes. But since I haven’t got the hang of it, I am expecting some more surprises of it. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

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Deconstructed of PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG/PRO CAGE

PUMA has launches a new series, the FUTURE Z 1.1 which is a series of football shoes. The series, with the outstanding appearances and the brand’s reputation, has attracted the attention of many football fans. And here let’s take a closer look at the MG and the Pro Cage of this series and figure out what is the difference between the internal structure of these two shoes.



Looking at the two shoes from the above, you may be bewildered and may not be able to tell one from the other for they are just so similar in the vamp. In fact, on the left is the PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG while the other is the PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 PRO CAGE.

In terms of the toe parts, the strip of the MG that is used to increase friction is placed on the Grip Control Pro hot-melt film vamp while the same setup of the PRO CAGE protrudes on the hot-melt film vamp.

As for the inside of the vamp, both adopt the EVOKNIT PRO woven material with the toe part reinforced to protect our toes. For the inner side of the vamp of MG, it is added with a layer of foam and then with white reinforcement layer in the toe, which is very comfortable for us. And for that of the PRO CAGE, the inner side is first covered with a layer of gray film and then with a white reinforcement layer and finally with the lining of the same color with the outer side of the vamp, which is why I felt the vamp a bit hard when I first wore them.

In the picture above is the comparison between MG and PC. The upper one is the MG and the other the PC.

When it comes to the heels of the shoes, we can find that there are actually great differences between the two. Although both adopt the adaptive compression strap in the heel, the techs used are quite different. Printed on the heel of the MG(the left one) is the FUZIONFIT+ whereas that printed on the PC is the FUZIONFIT.

There are also differences between MG(above) and PC(below) in the texture of the adaptive compression straps. But from my point of view, the FUZIONFIT+ is much softer and more comfortable and hugs my feet very nice as well.

The inner lining of the MG(the left) in the arch is designed with air holes as so to improved air permeability. However, when it comes to the PG, I felt a bit disappointed for there is no similar design in the inner lining of the arch, resulting in quite an average breathability performance.

Each of the shoes has a perforated heel lining that is similar to suede and can improve comfort and anti-slipping.

For the insoles, MG uses the NANOGRIP TECHNOLOGY on the surface while PC adopts the woven material.

And then looking at the back side of the insoles, MG’s (left) is made of black material, and the yellow perforated foam is relatively dark while the PC’s is comprised of red material and the yellow perforated foam is brighter.

(The model of the insole mold is TS042-1. )

With respect to the soles, MG is designed with a midsole without any foams and with a triangular hollow at the heel and flannel covering other areas. For the PC, the sole is comprised of flannelette-made midsole cloth, foam-made midsole and the TPU in the arch.

The TPU stabilizer of MG is placed in the arch to enhance the shoes’ supporting performance while the triangular hollow design is adopted in the heel to reduce the shoes’ weight.

PC uses the half-foot foam midsole with a TPU stabilizer in the arch to improve the overall stability.

Besides, the front-foot of PC is also adopted with large groove design, which can not only improve the overall flexibility, but also bring good cushioning.

Here are also some data of the two shoes. The front-foot of MG  of size 42 is about 11.13mm thick and the heel is 14.86mm thick.

And for PC of the same size,  its front-foot is about 12.39mm thick while the heel is about 19.34mm thick.

For the shoes’ weight, a single shoe of MG is 245.4g while a single one of PC is 271.9g.


To summarize, MG can be used in a variety of courts; PC has also been significantly improved in the vamp and can as well offer  us a nice experience. But however good they are, it is only you yourself who knows whether they are suitable. So you might as well have a try.

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Deconstructed of the PUMA SKY MODERN EASTER

I‘ve shared my experiences and feelings about this pair of PUMA SKY MODERN EASTER previously. And here I also want to share with you the dismantling of this PUMA SKY MODERN EASTER for I know many of you are curious about the setups of the shoes.

Cutting open the left shoe in the middle, the inside of the shoe looks like this.

And separating the midsole and the vamp, we can see clearly the layers of the sole.

In terms of the vamp, it is made of leather and fabric combined with a variety of other materials, which makes the vamp distinguishing.

Having checked the inner side of the vamp, I found that the bootie was rather soft and fit our feet very well instead of rubbing them.

The lining of the heel is about 3.05 thick, which offers more stability.

As we can see in the picture above, the foam at the heel is super thick, which is designed in such a way to fix our feet and bring us a more excellent wrapping.

In addition, there is the large TPU surrounding the heel, offering quite a lot of stability and fixing our feet nicely but not uncomfortably.

The thickness of the TPU is about 6.04mm. With respect to this, I should say that the materials used are quite sufficient and excellent.

For the insole, its surface is made of fabric while the logo in the heel is relatively eye-catching.

The material used in the surface of the midsole is the EVA which aims at offering more friction with the insole so that the slipping of the insoles can be prevented.

The lower layer of the midsole cloth is non-woven fabric that can hug the midsole more tightly.

As for the cushion in the midsole, it adopts the full-foot PROFOAM tech with an upturned design from the front to the heel for improved lateral stability.

The grooves in the front apart of the midsole are similar to the honeycomb structure, which improves the flexibility of multidirectional movement of the front-foot.

The arch TPU stabilizer is placed between midsole and outsole. And below are the related data of the TPU for size 43 shoes.

Its length is about 100.93mm.

The front end of the TPU is about 54.55 mm wide whereas the rear end is about 39.79mm wide.

The thickness of the TPU is about 3.11mm.

For the outsole, it is not in the least monotonous as do many outsoles of other shoes. The outsole is actually very nice with its assorted colors and its multi-textured design also does a tremendous job in offering multidirectional grip.

The front part of the outsole is upturned, making the stability and protection greatly improved.

I also measured the thickness of the sole. The forefoot (midsole + outsole) is about 16.42 mm thick while the rear foot(midsole + outsole) is about 23.63 mm.


To tell the truth, the vamp is really satisfying for me. Made of a variety of materials, it is thick enough to offer excellent protection. Besides that, it is not only outstanding in providing the protection and support, but it has also a superior appearance which matters greatly as well.

To summarize, PUMA SKY MODERN is a pair of basketball shoes whose setups are very practical. All in all, it can meet the needs of most players and will also be of great help.