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It seems to be a trend in recent years that the traditional shoelaces are being disregarded while the automatic lacing system is highly thought of and widely adopted in many sneakers. For example, the Fast Fit of Nike is quite a popular design and has also attracted lots of fans. However, the fact is that way back in 30 years ago, there has been a shoe that equips with the similar tech. That is the Puma Disc Rebirth, the protagonist of today.

But just to be clear, the shoes I got here are not from 30 years ago; PUMA DISC REBIRTH is actually a retro version that is also a perfect tribute to Puma.

In fact, the PUMA DISC REBIRTH was released right after the DISC Technology was invented. And of course, the highlight of the shoes is the DISC tech which has been there as early as 1991. It not only replaces the traditional shoelaces which makes much easier for us to put on and take off the shoes, but at the mean time offers us an excellent wrapping.

(The PUMA DISC Blaze is also shown here.)

(On the picture above is the DISC WEAPON.)

The Puma Disc Blaze was one of the most iconic shoes of Puma. And before long another model was launched. That was the Disc Weapon which was also quite impressive.

But for the PUMA DISC REBIRTH I got here, it is simplified in the its design compared with the one 30 years ago. However, I think the shoes attract most by its DISC  tech for I can adjust the shoes’ wrapping simply through the rotary knob whenever I want. In addition, on the inside of the vamp there are instructions for the DISC. So with such a considerate design, there’s no need worrying about not knowing how to use the tech.

As is shown in the picture, there is a red Velcro at the side, which strengthens the wrapping of the arch part.

As a matter of fact, even before the shoes were officially released, there has been a lot of related products, most of which are designed with the concept of practical and fashionable.

Objectively speaking, many Puma sneakers of today are made and upgraded on the basis of the previous Puma shoes, and this pair of PUMA DISC REBIRTH is no exception. However, notwithstanding that, from my point of view, the PUMA DISC REBIRTH looks more rounded and somewhat lovelier.

As regards the details, I think the classic logo which resembles racetrack is characteristic and noticeable. Made of rubber, it not only enriches the use of vamp material, but also shows the unique identity to the shoes.

When it comes to the midsole, it adopts the widely-used full-foot ProFoam and also the upturned and thickened design at the heel.

At the outer part of the front-foot is a large TPU which is to improve the shoes’ overall stability.

With respect to the outsole, it is patterned with the relatively refined rhombuses. Although its performance remains more testing, I deem that it can’t be inferior with such well designed pattern.

The hollow design of the midsole reduces the overall weight of the shoes, through which we can see the support plate embedded in the midsole.


It’s safe to say that the shoes are all surprises, and I just kept “wowing” in the whole process of checking the shoes. But since I haven’t got the hang of it, I am expecting some more surprises of it. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

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