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A Close Look at Jordan One Take 2

I‘ve shared in an article about the Stepback2 previously and also I received much feedback from many shoe fans which made me reflect a lot about the shoes. But here I am  going to talk a bit about another pair of shoes, which is the Jordan One Take 2.

For this pair of Jordan One Take 2, it looks somewhat fancy and actually a bit eye-dazzling from the outside. But anyway, let’s take a closer look at the shoes’ setups that really matter.

My second impression of the shoes, besides the first impression of its appearance, was that the shoes were super light. A single shoe of size 9 weighing 358g can be said to be an excellent job done by the brand. Compared with ZK6 Protro 9 of the same size which weighs 350g, this Jordan One Take 2 is really an excellency. In other words, it was on par with one of the lightest shoes of its day.

There is also the lightest one among the many versions of Westbrook Signature shoes. That is the Westbrook 4 which weighs 374g, making it very suitable for people who are relatively light.

Therefore, from the above facts we can tell that Jordan has really done a tremendous job in controlling the weights of  its combat shoes and is always making self-improvement. What’s more, the shoes’ lightness doesn’t come at the expense of the reduction of setups, which is obvious to all.

In terms of the shoe type, it is a middle-top version which is also the case for Westbrook 4. Besides, there  is the iconic outsole which can distinguish the shoes from others.

As for the vamp, the materials used are actually diverse. The vamp has adopted a large area of common engineering mesh whereas the two sides of the front foot uses the rubber that serves as reinforcement.

The rear part of the vamp is made of leather material, which is more than suitable for you if you take a liking to cool as well as spirited shoes.

There are entirely 5 sets of shoelace buckles. However, I haven’t got the hang of it yet for I think it requires some more time to get used to it. But with the fact that many shoes’ wrapping performance failed me in the past several years by having too few shoelace buckles, I still hope this One Take2 could dazzle me by its overall performances.

The two large straps in the middle part are the most prominent feature of the vamp, but they do resemble the design of the DAME6.

When it comes to the lining at the heel, it is thick enough that I am sure it  can offer a nice wrapping performance.

And as can be seen from the picture, the upturned outsole extending to the vamp can at the same time provide a certain extent of support.

As regards the midsole, the fan-shaped Zoom in the front part and the full-foot Phylon is quite a Westbrook-style design. In addition, the grooves on the outsole clearly show the area of the air cushion which is larger than that of the Freak2, a pair of signature shoes.

For the outsole, it is made of the commonly-seen XDR rubber, quite a wear-resistant setup.


Way back in the days when the One Take1 has just been released, I’ve been told that this series was among the most brilliant ones, and now this One Take 2 has again proven it to us. Actually, from my point of view, both the design and setups of the shoes are superior, making the shoes rather cost-effective. You can also take a shot and surely it won’t fail you.

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