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Deconstructed of the PUMA SKY MODERN EASTER

I‘ve shared my experiences and feelings about this pair of PUMA SKY MODERN EASTER previously. And here I also want to share with you the dismantling of this PUMA SKY MODERN EASTER for I know many of you are curious about the setups of the shoes.

Cutting open the left shoe in the middle, the inside of the shoe looks like this.

And separating the midsole and the vamp, we can see clearly the layers of the sole.

In terms of the vamp, it is made of leather and fabric combined with a variety of other materials, which makes the vamp distinguishing.

Having checked the inner side of the vamp, I found that the bootie was rather soft and fit our feet very well instead of rubbing them.

The lining of the heel is about 3.05 thick, which offers more stability.

As we can see in the picture above, the foam at the heel is super thick, which is designed in such a way to fix our feet and bring us a more excellent wrapping.

In addition, there is the large TPU surrounding the heel, offering quite a lot of stability and fixing our feet nicely but not uncomfortably.

The thickness of the TPU is about 6.04mm. With respect to this, I should say that the materials used are quite sufficient and excellent.

For the insole, its surface is made of fabric while the logo in the heel is relatively eye-catching.

The material used in the surface of the midsole is the EVA which aims at offering more friction with the insole so that the slipping of the insoles can be prevented.

The lower layer of the midsole cloth is non-woven fabric that can hug the midsole more tightly.

As for the cushion in the midsole, it adopts the full-foot PROFOAM tech with an upturned design from the front to the heel for improved lateral stability.

The grooves in the front apart of the midsole are similar to the honeycomb structure, which improves the flexibility of multidirectional movement of the front-foot.

The arch TPU stabilizer is placed between midsole and outsole. And below are the related data of the TPU for size 43 shoes.

Its length is about 100.93mm.

The front end of the TPU is about 54.55 mm wide whereas the rear end is about 39.79mm wide.

The thickness of the TPU is about 3.11mm.

For the outsole, it is not in the least monotonous as do many outsoles of other shoes. The outsole is actually very nice with its assorted colors and its multi-textured design also does a tremendous job in offering multidirectional grip.

The front part of the outsole is upturned, making the stability and protection greatly improved.

I also measured the thickness of the sole. The forefoot (midsole + outsole) is about 16.42 mm thick while the rear foot(midsole + outsole) is about 23.63 mm.


To tell the truth, the vamp is really satisfying for me. Made of a variety of materials, it is thick enough to offer excellent protection. Besides that, it is not only outstanding in providing the protection and support, but it has also a superior appearance which matters greatly as well.

To summarize, PUMA SKY MODERN is a pair of basketball shoes whose setups are very practical. All in all, it can meet the needs of most players and will also be of great help.