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Unboxing: Carhartt WIP x Salomon CSWP Shelter

Carhartt WIP, one of Carhartt’s high-profile branch lines, announced a collaboration with Salomon, which has electrified many people looking forward to buying one work of the win-win co-operation between the two brands. Among the shoes of their collaboration, it must be this  Carhartt WIP x Salomon CSWP Shelter that has got the most attention. What’s more, the good new is that the pictures of the shoes have been officially released, which lives up to all the waiting and expectation of fans.

Based on Salomon’s classic hiking shoes, the CSWP Shelter, the two brands adopted dark blue in the shoes’ vamp and typical black for the other parts of the shoes, making the shoes quite cool and reliable.

Carhartt WIP has a global reputation for its hardcore tooling style while Salomon is known for being a dark horse of outdoor sports equipment in recent years. Objectively speaking, both brands pay special attention to professional design, which finally led to this Carhartt WIP x Salomon CSWP Shelter here. Actually, the shoes are based on Salomon’s exclusive technology and integrated with the unique aesthetics of Carhartt WIP.

Regarding the vamp, it is not only waterproof, but also tear resistant, making the shoes to be suitable on almost every occasion, such as on rainy days, and for daily wearing and exercises.

However, what’s most impressive for me lies in the outsole. To tell the truth, I am not so much  impressed by its appearance or grains as by its performance. According to some professional test, its grip performance is very excellent even on slippy wet grounds.

Over and above the dark blue and black in the vamp, there are also embellishment of khaki, gray and red in the heel, eradicating monotony while also increasing a bit of vivacity.

According to the official video, the shoes can easily adapt to a variety of complex environments. Being nice-looking though, it is by no means useless. On the contrary, it is extremely practical.


Carhartt WIP x Salomon CSWP Shelter is now available on Carhartt WIP and Salomon websites and some selected retail outlets. Therefore, for those who’ve fallen in love with it, it is recommended to take action right now.

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