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Unboxing: Adidas ULTRABOOST 21

With a myriad of running shoes on the market, many people are likely to feel dazzled, not least when they are choosing one pair that is after their own heart. However, for many experienced runners, chances are that they have clear goals and won’t get lost facing the various choices. In my case, it is Adidas that always pops up in my mind the first moment when I am going to buy new shoes and ULTRABOOST will be my preferential choice for it is really impressive.

When the brand first launched its Adidas ULTRABOOST 21 in 2021, I failed to cop one pair myself. But later I bought a pair by chance, which has greatly changed my view toward this sport and done me a great help.

For the colorways, the number has run into 30 besides the initial white one, which, according to the official, helps empower runners.

When I look at the ULTRABOOST 21 as a whole, I just can’t help but marvel at how different the shoes look and how powerful the setups are. ULTRABOOST 21 is utterly different from its predecessors.

Compared with the traditional weaving process of PK fabric of the previous ULTRABOOST shoes, ULTRABOOST 21 adopts the PRIMEBLUE material and the vamp adopts a new weaving texture, which is not only more eye-pleasing, but also excellent in wrapping and stability. On top of that, the design is also in line with Adidas’s emphasis on environmental protection in recent years.

The TPU translucent design on the side of the shoes and the abrazine logo of “ULTRABOOST” visually refreshes the appearance of the shoes while also provides good stability for the runners.

The upturn of the heel and the thickened cushion inherits the comfort and softness exclusive to ULTRABOOST shoes.

Due to the nature of BOOST material, the shoe type of ULTRABOOST has, over the years, continued a similar design. However, in this the new ULTRABOOST 21 we can see that it has ushered in a new subversion in the midsole BOOST design.

The BOOST midsole material at the heel has been unprecedentedly thickened, which, as a result, looks a bit exaggerated while at the same time changes the usual reserved appearance of ULTRABOOST shoes.

Of course, there is more to it than that. In fact, the thickened midsole has a stronger cushioning and rebound performance and makes runners more assured.

If the thickened midsole has stunned you, then the brand new outsole design might completely overturn your expectations of it.

Compared to the previous Horse rubber outsole , this ULTRABOOST 21’s is comprised of three parts. The edge and core area of the forefoot still use the classic Horse rubber that still ensures stability and wear resistance whereas the heel outsole adopts transparent material that is quite wear-resistant and can helps prevent slipping.

Over and above that, the brand new anti-torsional system brings a new breakthrough to the performance of ULTRABOOST 21. With this upgrade, the shoes’ overall support is then guaranteed.


In the words of Moritz Hollmuller, senior director of Adidas running shoes, ULTRABOOST 21 is undoubtedly the running shoe with the most comprehensive performances in Adidas as it is an integration of excellent lightness, cushioning and rich rebound. In my view, it is synonymous with excellence.


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