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New Balance 1080V11 Performance Review

For most experienced runners, it is nothing new that they wore out a dozen pairs of running shoes during the years of their running “journey”. In my case, it’s been seven years since I started running, and I’ve worn out thirteen pairs of running shoes, including those of ASICS, MIZUNO NIKE, ADDIDAS and SAUCONY, but New Balance has never been tried before. In 2021, the 1080 series has launched its 11th work, the New Balance 1080V11, from which we can get a glimpse of its significance in New Balance, and then with great expectation, I copped my first pair of New Balance. Here are some details about the shoes.

To begin with, the shoe’s size needs to be made particular mention of. Usually I wear size 41 by Asics, Metzinon, Adidas and Nike, but after putting on the 1080V11, I found it was somewhat bigger than my feet. Therefore, with respect to the size, it is recommended to choose a bigger one.

From my point of view, its white vamp matches very well with the red logo at the side, and the the shoes as a whole, because of its simple appearance, matches my daily outfits fantastically as well.

The Fresh Foam and 1080 on the tongue clearly indicates its identity and help distinguish it from the various shoes on the market.

As is obviously shown in the picture, there are a large area of holes that ensure excellent air permeability. For runners who are afraid of stuffiness under their feet, the shoes would be a good choice.

At the outer side of the heel, the “Fresh Foam” printed clearly shows the material that composes the outsole.

The appearance of the outsole at the side is comprised of irregular polygon concave and convex, seemingly advanced and embodying the ingenuity of the designer.

The heel part also adopts concave and convex irregular design whereas the left and right shoes are symmetrically patterned.

When I first saw the outsole, I was somewhat shocked by its appearance for there are actually very few irregular block design as this. Therefore, the design, from my perspective, is quite novel.

The entire insole is red, which is becoming with the red logo and the red outsole.

I usually run 10 or 5 kilometers at a time, and up to now I’ve run 305 kilometers in the shoes. Here is my personal experience. My first feeling of the shoes was that it felt super soft and was quite bouncy, offering sufficient feedback for me. It seems that the shoes are to help push me forward, which does improve my pace.

However, I’m not used to running long distances in these shoes because the longer I run the more indisposed I felt under my feet. But anyway, the situation is not for everyone.

For the wrapping, it is overall good, but the heel wrapping is a bit poor. After I put on the shoes, there is some extra room in the heel.

As for the shoes’ breathability, I have to own that it is inferior, not least in summer. I bought the shoes when it was still hot, and every time I ran I felt burning hot under my feet. Later when it turned colder, the problem was naturally solved.


To sum up, 1080V11 is still a relatively good running shoe for me. Although it is not without shortcomings, I think it is very cost-effective with nice performances. Therefore, you may as well have a try if you are interested in it.

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