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Brooks ADRENALINE GTS 22 Performance Review

Brooks is renowned as an American sports brand, being more famous for its products for running. However, when initially I had little knowledge of the brand I had never thought of buying its running shoes. Ever since my friend who is an experienced runner recommended me the ADRENALINE GTS series, my love for the brand has grown “out of control”. Brooks is now committed to the research and development of professional sports shoes and is the first professional brand to use EVA midsole material essential for sports shoes among the various sports brands.

Adrenaline GTS series is one of the best-selling professional running shoes on the market. It has been the “true love” of many runners around the world ever since it was born in 1999. Runner’s World says that the perfect design of the shoe type is the secret to its popularity. Therefore, when the series released this ADRENALINE GTS 22, there among the fans was great feedback.

The most glaring upgrade lies in the cushion. In fact, it is safe to say that this technology upgrade is the strongest among the ADRENALINE GTS series. The cushion is purely made of DNA LOFT that is both comfortable and exactly soft. Apart from this, it is elastic enough so that you’ll feel like stepping on a large foam, offering you quite a fantastic experience.

With its excellent cushion that won’t cause pressure to your feet owing to sudden changes of road conditions, you can still enjoy the comfort and softness under foot even in long distance training. For long distance runners, from my point of view, excellent cushion is of great importance and can be greatly beneficial for their performance for it helps them focus on stabilizing speed.

According to some reviewer’s explanation, DNA LOFT, consisting of a balanced mix of foam, bubbles and rubber, disperses the shock to the knees and ankles so that it is made the most of and provides a comfortable running process for runners.

Adopting GuideRails’ support technology, Brooks, attaching great importance to the relationship between the foot and joints, has the shoes provide strong support and maximum comfort during running.

Brooks’ vamps are all printed by 3D FIT PRINT and this ADRENALINE GTS 22 is very eye-pleasing and three-dimensional in the pictures. Judging from my tests of the shoes, ADRENALINE GTS 22’s vamp not only wraps well, but also has good air permeability that ensures a dry and comfortable environment for the feet.

When it comes to the HPR outsole, it performs just as well on dry ground as it does on wet ground. Because of its outsole design, the shoes are suitable for the majority of people with various foot types. Not requiring extra efforts of the forefoot, ADRENALINE GTS 22 helps runners save unnecessary energy to the greatest extent.


ADRENALINE GTS 22’s biggest highlight is its cushion tech that helps runners reap the benefits of their efforts. On top of that, its supporting is not bad, performing like “a champion”, as is called by many reviewers. To sum up, its overall performances, not perfect though, are still more outstanding than its predecessors. As it is now being put on the spotlight, maybe we can still expect some undetected potentials of it.

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