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Unboxing: Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey

As one of the most classic shoes of Air Jordan series, Air Jordan 11 has launched many colorways in the past. Among the various colorways, the Cool Grey is a classic representative of enduring freshness. It is safe to say that it embodies the memories of many people’s youth, if not, it is still an important part of their life.

Several months ago, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of Cool Grey, Jordan announced to recreate the colorway and at the same time launched a new leopard colorway of Air Jordan 11 for female. Therefore, here is the article about the two Jordan hits that came out at the end of 2021.

Air Jordan 11 with different colorways are matched with the corresponding shoe box. As for this Cool Grey, it is matched with the traditional hard shoe box. The black and white leopard colorway is also matched with very simple shoe box with black cover and white “body”, reflecting the theme of the colorway.

The appearance of Air Jordan 11, definitely, is nothing new for its fans. The classic structure of the side is so stable like bridge cables that it provides a solid foundation for support of the shoes.

The streamlined shoe body is not only pleasing to the eye, but, on a personal note, can be called in the middle- and high-top basketball shoes as a symbolic one. The shoes, mainly with Medium Grey/White/Cool Grey on the “body”, is to pay tribute to the release of Cool Grey and with patent leather added below the vamp and the ice blue rubber outsole, becomes all the more inviting.

The classicism of Air Jordan 11 lies in its details. That is a balanced proportion of delicate designs and shoe type that together creates a sense of beauty. From the support straps connected with the shoelace system to the use of the upper material, the combination with the high-top body is both recognizable and aggressive in performances instead of being showy and not substantial.

The colorway below adopts the real fur of leopards.

The classic six shoelace holes, with a wide and elastic shoelace, is also one of the iconic features of Air Jordan 11. The words and flying man logo on the middle part of the shoe tongue are more eye-catching in physical vision than in photos.

Back when the Air Jordan 11 was released, it was the nylon shoelace that connected to the shoelace system that sparked the most discussion. However, the nylon shoelaces are directly sewn onto the vamp, forming a complete support system and play a crucial role in the stability of the forefoot. In the 90s when shoes were generally equipped with leather or artificial leather to provide stability, the design of Air Jordan 11 is undoubtedly on the cutting edge.

The tongue is also made of leather and embedded with foam to protect the instep and ensures flexibility of the ankle.

As for the wear resistance of outsole, as I used to own two pairs of Air Jordan 11 for both intense exercise and daily wearing, I think there is no need worrying about its durability.

In the midsole part, in addition to the foaming material covering the whole sole, lightweight Air-sole is also added in the heel as well as the cushioning system of the whole Zoom Air.

The super huge carbon fiber of the midsole is one of the most classic technologies of Air Jordan 11. The high-cost carbon fiber, which has a checkered appearance, is not only eye-catching, but also works well as one of the backbones of the shoe.


Over the years, the Air Jordan 11 has become a collectible item for many shoe enthusiasts. Now for the new version, it has also sparkled another passion of fans. Now that this is a rare opportunity, you might as well have a try, or you may have to wait for another 20 years.

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