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Unboxing: Adidas DAME 8

Adidas recently launched the eighth signature shoe for NBA star Damian Lillard, the Adidas DAME 8. But surely, what is most compelling for most sneaker enthusiasts are the shoes’ setups. Adidas DAME 8 is powered by Bounce Pro midsole technology, with a brand new outsole setup and a still-affordable price proposition, attracting quite a few fans.

Unlike the shoebox designs of the previous two shoes, which reinforce the features of the DAME series, this Adidas DAME 8 shoebox incorporates more of Lillard’s personal story. With the bounty colors in its appearance, the shoebox puts on an air of liveliness.

There are two colorways of this Adidas DAME 8, both named 4th QTR K.O.. The black and gray one with its white midsole and outsole creates a sense of composedness and versatility for people. The other colorway of Dame 8 is the gold and purple one, symbolizing the moment of glory after winning. The eye-catching contrast also shows Lillard’s diversified development spanning sports, music to social care.

The fabric of the vamp is similar to that of the previous work, DAME 7, which is made of elastic mesh and strengthened for air permeability.

The fore area is quite spacious, causing no burden to the forefoot, and the shoes also seem to be a bit longer than those of the past.

Mixed material stitching has always been one of the features of DAME series. Suede and rubber finishes are specially sewn on the shoelace system and the outer area of the forefoot to provide both protection and stability.

There’s a huge DAME graffiti on the inner side of the shoe.

The shoelace system adopts the “4+1” shoelace hole setup that is relatively common in adidas basketball shoes.

The tongue is sewn with a nylon strap bearing the exclusive Damian Lillard logo and adidas three-line stripes to people put on the shoes.

The Bounce Pro, a tech latest developed by the brand, helps give players extra stability when they are sprinting on the court.

As for the nylon strap at the heel, it may be nothing more than a decoration since it is directly sewn on the vamp.

The shoes are designed middle-top, which, in my view, not only protects the ankle, but ensures certain flexibility.


The forefoot of the outsole is relatively long and the pattern is wave-like, providing consistent grip. Judging from the past DAME shoes, their grip performances are quite reliable.


Adidas DAME series has come to the eighth version and Lillard has also grown from a rookie player into a top star in NBA.  As he “grew up”,  the shoes he grew up with are also constantly evolving and improving into top shoes.  If you’re interested in the shoes coming out at the end of 2021, or if you happen to be seeking a pair of cost-effective shoes, it is highly recommended to give them a try.

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