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adidas Supernova Performance Review

Many running events were delayed or suspended over the past special year, and because of this, many people were also restrained from running outdoors and some even gave up exercising. However, because of the marathon, many people have begun to resume running to better prepare for the match. And one of the basic conditions for preparing running games is to have a pair of good running shoes. So here I bring the adidas Supernova to share some of its information with you.

Firstly, with regard to its appearance, there are a number of different colorways available. And this one I picked is the fluorescent pink which is said by many buyers to be coquettish when it is compared with other colorways. But on the other hand, the pink one, from my perspective, is brighter,  more stylish and eye-catching. And most importantly, I think it will make me more confident when I am running for some challenging matches. But this is just kind of psychological effect.


The vamp is made of woven breathable mesh cloth and in the different areas  of the vamp are fabric with different density. For the front vamp, there is the mesh cloth with larger air holes which ensure sufficient air permeability. What’s more, the stitching on the vamp can to a great extent improve the vamp support and comfort.

The three black stripes at the side vamp is always that iconic and eye-catching, which forms a contrast to the pink vamp. They are distinguishing and can increase support though, they also reduce air permeability of the vamp. But this is so negligible that I am willing to write it off.

The tongue adopts an all-in-one design, which can avoid the displacement of the tongue during our the movement. It also has a laminated structure, which can make the shoes hug our feet better, but its air permeability is at the mean time affected to some extent. On the upper part of the vamp is the plastic logo which may rub our ankles during running.


The midsole adopts the  BOUNCE which is a little lighter than the Boost and provides a lot of feedback during our running, making us more comfortable when exercising .


At the heel of the shoes is added with BOOST material, which is relatively light and elastic. Actually, when I am exercising, I can clearly feel the rebound from  underfoot, especially from the heel.

And for the sole, it is made of anti-slipping and wear-resistant rubber, which can effectively improve the durability of the sole. At the same time, the grid anti-skid pattern design adopted, which is mentioned earlier, can increase the anti-slipping performance. The pattern of the sole is hallowed, which can provide good grip for us in different kinds of roads.


As a pair of running shoes, this adidas Supernova is in fact superior considering its overall performances. And as a pair of running shoes, adidas Supernova is also outstanding in terms of its weight. When we are running oblivious of ourselves, it surely won’t bring burden for us and will only be of great help.


To summarize, Adidas Supernova’s overall performance is good. The full-foot Bounce and the rear Boost help save energy during running; the outsole can then offer traction to help us run faster. All in all, this is an ideal model for short daily runs, trainings and matches.