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Adidas Supernova Performance Review

No matter how times change, there are always people whose love for running remains the same. And talking about running, a good pair of running shoes may be the first thing that comes to mind for many people. For me, I haven’t run in a while for personal reasons, but my love for running spurred me to keep running. After my friends’ recommendation and my collecting information from all parties, I finally decided to choose this pair of Adidas Supernova that is tailored to runners who decide to resume running.

In terms of the shoes’ appearance, there come in a number of different colorways so as to satiate the demands of its fans. The one I’ve got here is the fluorescent pink, which has a brighter, more stylish look than the others.

The vamp is made of woven breathable mesh fabric with different densities in different areas. The fore vamp adopts larger breathable meshes that can effectively increase air permeability. Besides, the vamp is carefully woven so that the vamp support and comfort are both greatly enhanced.

The three symbolic bars of Adidas at the side form an obvious contrast to the pink vamp, increasing a sense of beauty without seeming monotonous. The bars, however, are made of plastic that improves the shoe’ support, but reduces its breathabilty as well.

There in the upper part of the tongue is a logo that is also made of plastic, which is likely to rub our ankles. Therefore, it requires us to be well equipped so as to avoid any possible discomfort and put our abilities to good use.

There is a marked upturn in the rear topline, which is to help us put on and take off the shoes more easily and smoothly, and to prevent rubbing our ankles.

From the inside of the shoes we can see several wisps of sunlight clearly, from which we can tell that the vamp is quite thin and breathable. As for the insoles, they are only mediocre with moderate softness and elasticity.

The midsole adopts the BOUNCE material that is endowed with good toughness and elasticity. Compared to a Boost of the same size, BOUNCE is lighter and provides plenty of rebound during every runner’s exercise.

The heel of the shoe is added with Boost that is relatively light and elastic, allowing us to feel a high rebound cushioning during running, effectively absorbing the impact of landing, and protecting our feet in motion.

Like many other running shoes, Supernova’s outsole is also made of anti-slip rubber that increases its durability. The grip patterns also perform nicely by offering a good grip performance regardless of the road conditions.

Judging from my experience, the vamp wraps my feet very well, though there is still some room in the fore part. Nevertheless, it is because of the extra room that blisters caused by friction between feet and shoes can be avoided. For its weight, it is in line with the standard of marathon training shoes. However, as some people observed that they want the shoes to be used for commuting, I want to tell you from my own experience that the shoes would not be that satisfactory if used this way because the soles are not so soft.


Having enough flexibility, satisfactory comfortness, excellent wrapping and exactly right rebound, Adidas Supernova is overall good and saves much energy for runners. Although its tongues are a bit hard and may bring on blisters, it is still suitable for daily short distance running or daily training.

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