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Adidas TERREX AGRAVIC ULTRA Performance Review

For a runner to do his level best during cross-country races, a pair of good cross-country shoes is essential. In my case, I will choose shoes according to the different road conditions; after all, the more you know about the “enemies”, the likelier you will win. Anyway, here I wanna recommend this Adidas TERREX AGRAVIC ULTRA which can save you much time in choosing shoes because it is both suitable and reliable for various kinds of roads.

My first impression of the shoes was that it looked simple yet quite inviting. It just turned out that the shoes can be matched with all manner of everyday clothes. With respect to the vamp, Adidas adopts some breathable material to improve comfortness. The mesh of the vamp is relatively hard though, it is easy to wash and quite durable. Besides that, the toe, as is shown in the picture, is designed in such a way that the protection there is splendid, which many brands have failed to do.

The upper is made of relatively hard material that is aimed at protecting the wearer’s ankles while offering support at the meantime. For the weight, a single shoe weighs 295 grams, which is at the average level.

In terms of the outsole, it is not widened because widening will only make the shoes bulky. During my matches and training, I can definitely feel the agility of the shoes. With the grains and materials of the outsole, I am further assured of its grip and durability.

Last week I put the shoes to a long-distance test. After the first test of around 15km, I didn’t feel any discomfort. When I was going downhill on gravel and dirt roads the shoes could provide me with good skid resistance. It was not that challenging for me to run uphill for it also offered perfect support for me even as I landed my forefeet first. In a nutshell, it can offer me excellent support on the uphill, and even after the downhill and the smooth flat road, I feel no aches or pains from the lactic acid buildup.

When the second 15km test was finished, I was somewhat taken aback by the cushion and feedback provided by the midsole. I felt like the shoes were my old friend for many years because they know me very well. The rear part of the sole is prominent in preventing slipping, and both the front and middle part of the outsole ensure cushioning and support that are badly needed for different road conditions, which sounds terrific and intelligent.

As time passed by, I felt a noticeable fatigue during the next 30 to 60km test. In the more rugged sections, the disadvantage of the hard upper is obviously felt. When I turned left or right downhill, the hard upper would produce pressure on my ankles, which requires some protection there rather than just wearing a pair of thin socks. To my relief, when the test was over, there was hardly any wear in the outsole.


In short, this Adidas TERREX AGRAVIC ULTRA is certainly not perfect. Not only does it have advantages, but also shortcomings that cannot be ignored. Notwithstanding that, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages, and the shoes are therefore generally satisfactory. But anyway, before purchasing, you’d better have a try in the flesh so that you may know whether it is suitable for you. After all, you won’t know if your shoes fit until you put them on.