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Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack Performance Review

This Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack is a pair of shoes that are special for me. Since I am a running lover, it is crucial to cop appropriate equipement. Therefore, I have picked many running shoes over the past several years in order to find the most suitable one for myself. And someday, I came across this Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack. I knew then that this would be put into my list of one of the most suitable. In this review, I am to share with you my feelings and experiences with it and it’s entirely up to you whether to adopt my opinions.

Honestly, when I opened the shoebox, Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack’s appearance has somewhat stunned me. What’s more, when I showed it to m y friends, they surprisingly said that “why did you buy another pair of such coquettish shoes?”. And I just smiled an unaffected smile. But anyway, like many of you, I am very pleased at seeing that there are more and more shoes of NB that are equipped with new tech.

As for the shoes, it is all blue using DWR  vamp and the wing-like pattern in the upper reflects the speed-driven nature of the Vazee Pace V2 Protect Pack. And along with the reflectors scattered,  the shoes are made all the more coquettish.

Besides, the leather in the toe and the sides of the shoe can provide protection  as well as a certain amount of support. However, “Every coin has two sides.” It is because of this DWR vamp that its softness is to some extent lost. And at the same time, since there is no breathable enhancement technology such as engineering mesh, the shoes might not be suitable for summer wearing especially for those who sweat quite a lot underfoot; but on the other hand, it is rather suitable for winter wearing.

With respect to the size, it is recommended to buy the shoes according to the size you usually pick. Then in terms of the shoelaces, they play quite an important role in improving wrapping. If they are tightened, you’ll feel your feet are fixed in the shoes. And the TPU in the heel also greatly improves wrapping for the heel. Therefore, it is ensured that the overall wrapping is enough and excellent.

The fact that I am accustomed to all kinds of knit and mesh  vamps makes me feel uncomfortable in this Vazee Pace v2 Protect Pack. Its DWR vamp is actually somewhat pressing to my feet and the only word surging in my mind at the moment I put it on is “hard”. The RevLite midsole is lightweight though, it offers more rebound that cushioning. And along with the foamed-rubber outsole, I just can’t get used to it in a short time since I have recently wearing the Nike Flex RN .

However, when I was wearing it for a short walking, I made another discovery. To be exactly, the first feeling of wearing the shoes was not “hard”, but rather, it was responsive and especially bouncy. It is so responsive that it feels like “a lovestruck lover” who is always there to respond to every thing you do.


To summarize, this is a pair of running shoes that can prevent injuries during running process. But due to the waterproof nature of the vamp, the shoes’ air permeability is bad, thus making it more suitable for winter wearing. After all, the above are my personal views and experiences. So it’s up to you whether to take my advice here.

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