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A Close Look at Air Jordan XXXV

It’s been 30 years since the Air Jordan V hit the market and what I am looking forward to every year is undoubtedly the official debut of Air Jordan shoes. And I am sure many of you can identify with me. So when the latest Air Jordan XXXV was released, I was quite excited like many of you. Then take a look at the basic information about this one here. The size of this one is US9 EUR42.5 and a single shoe weighs 412g.

Starting with the Air Jordan XXXI five years ago, homage seems to have been the main theme of the AJ shoes in the last five years. So what homage can we expect from the Air Jordan XXXV?

The most obvious is undoubtedly the shoe tongue which impressed me so deeply. Such a huge, straight standing shoe tongue is undoubtedly the most obvious tribute. 


Compared to Air Jordan XXXIV, is there any continuation of Air Jordan XXXV? Of course, there is. That is the newly upgraded core technology Eclipse Plate2.0 which is much more prominent.

This technology, which was first used in the Air Jordan XXXIV, has been inherited by the Air Jordan XXXV and it did dazzle me last year. It is beyond question that while maintaining a nice stability, the design also keeps the overall weight of the shoe at a very respectable level.


Although size 9 of Air Jordan XXXV weighs 412 grams, which is a significant improvement compared with size 9 of Air Jordan XXXIV that weighs only 380g, the shoe is not in the least heavy considering the  vamp material and the improved midsole technology.

Although the Eclipse Plate used in the Air Jordan XXXIV last year was thought highly of, it is still imperfect and has some inevitable shortcomings. On the Air Jordan XXXV, the position of the Eclipse Plate is significantly moved back, and its area and thickness are also increased; on top of that, its perfect coordination with the Air cushion greatly decreases the probability of accidents.

The midsole of the shoes also stunned me: the front Zoom Bag+ the rear horseshoe-shaped Zoom Air is, in my opinion, too magnificent to describe.

Although judging from the shoe type, setups, it seems there aren’t flaws in Air Jordan XXXV, there are still new things in it.

One of the new things is the brand new Flightwire which reduces the weight of the upper while providing sufficient support. In addition to that, hidden inside the Flightwire is a reinforced structure called the Kurim, which provides an extra and stable support for the upper.

However, I know that some of you may be thinking that Air Jordan XXXV seems a little too plain and commonplace in its appearance and the colorways are not enough to feast our eyes. But luckily, Air Jordan XXXV will also be available in another four different colorways that embraces three players’ PE colorways.

On November 11, the DNA colorway, which pays tribute to the Air Jordan V Fire Red, is one of my favorites.

On November 30th, Zion Williamson’s PE, the Bayou Boys colorway will be released.

On December 24, the Guo Ailan PE, the Morpho colorway will be released.

On October 21, the WARRIOR colorways will be released.


For this pair of Air Jordan XXXV, there are quite different views. Some think highly of its high-end setups while other are complaining about its appearance. But all in all, I think for a shoe to stand out in this field, it is the shoe’s overall performance that counts. So let’s wait and see what excellence would Air Jordan XXXV bring to us.

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