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UA Curry 6 Performance Review

When Curry 6 Fox Theater was released, it was a huge hit in the market. And as the new year on the corner, you may want to pick a pair of UA Curry 6 to reward yourself for the hard working over the past year.

Stephen Curry has upended the trend in the NBA, and in basketball in general, with his groundbreaking way of playing basketball. So we remember mostly his excellent skills and the records he broke one after another. However, what ensues this is that we overlook the NBA superstar’s creativity in other fields.

As the superstar matured, he’s honing every aspect of his skill. So since he is becoming more prominent, he needs a handier device, and Under Armour Curry 6 rises in response to the proper time and conditions.

As regards the shoebox, it is mainly gray with Curry’s Logo in the center and the other part of the box is decorated with Curry’s signature and UA’s Logo, giving the shoe a low-key look.

The Curry 6 of this review is the all-red colorway which is named “Heart of the Town” and aims at paying tribute to Auckland that witnessed Curry’s growth and gave him endless energy.

This Curry 6 is also a low-top model. Such design has appeared in the previous versions and is predicted to become the mainstream of the series in the future.

Undoubtedly, Under Armour  trying to continue the design style of Curry series and  make its reputation unshakable. As Curry said, “This is where we are fighting for. This is where we feel proud to win a championship and bring it back and see everyone out in the street celebrating after the game. Everything we do is for the fans because they are the driving force behind all the things we do.”

Then when asked my first impression of the shoes, I would say that they are quite lightweight. The vamp made of woven material and the midsole made by HOVR technology match each other very well, and indeed have a good performance in reducing weight.

Besides, it also impressed me by its thin vamp. The vamp that is made by weaving technology and whose texture feels quite like that of Curry 5 is both light and thin, but it is also hard at the mean time hard enough to offer solid support.

The highlight  of Curry 6 is the HOVR in the midsole. As the prominent tech of UA, it has a mesh structure and is quite unique externally, making itself very identifiable. Together with the TPU in the heel that offers enough stability and protection , it is very outstanding among many sneakers of today.

For the outsole, it is very special and  is designed to enhance traction and flexibility, and with the help of full-foot Speed Plate technology, the midsole is able to offer a more excellent performance.

Frankly speaking, the shoes’ wrapping has won my heart. At first, I was not accustomed to it. But some time later, I got the hang of it and I found its wrapping performance quite surprising, especially with the help of the socks of UA.  The appropriate tightness really makes me obsessed with the shoes.

The shoe, focusing on creativity, is clearly stated that it is a shoe that pays more attention to feedback and grip performance, indicating that those who attach great importance to cushioning had better turn to other shoes. In another word, the cushion of this shoe is just enough for using, and it is not so soft and elastic. So just do not expect too much of it in this respect.

As a pair of guard shoes, Curry 6, without adding carbon fiber plate, is really a nice surprise for it offers great support and stability. And as an elite player who is at the top level in skills, Curry has a high requirement for the support and stability of a shoe and Curry 6 is the right one.

When it comes to wear resistance, Curry 6’s translucent crystal outsole are inherently less wearable than the regular rubber. But it does work well in outdoor field. However, when faced with complex environment, there would be some material loss, which is quite a fly in the ointment.


As a superstar in the field, Stephen Curry is creating his own legend and is transforming the game of basketball in his own way. And Curry 6, with a more versatile performance, will givce Curry more new energy after his three championships and two MVPs. 

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A Close Look at UA Curry Flow 8

The protagonist of today is the UA-Curry Flow 8. However, to tell the truth, my first glance of this signature shoe has determined its fate: I’d add it to my list of “one of the ugliest shoes”. But, there is always a “but” that my opinion of this UA-Curry Flow 8 is so completely reversed after I get to know more about it.

First of all, in terms of the size, my suggestion is that if you have some interest in it, you might as well have try because it fits very well for many people.

Different people have different views on the same thing. So personally, even though I  love the Curry shoes very much, I still think that this UA-Curry Flow 8 can not stand out in terms of its appearance. Some may say that I am too picky to be pleased with, but it just gives me a feeling that it looks quite like a pair of running shoes from the perspective of its style.


Notwithstanding that, one of the magic things about the shoes is that the more ordinary you think about it, the more it might surprise you.

Probably a lot of people think the same thing as I do that the most compelling part of the shoes is the brand new FLOW tech in the midsole. Rumor has it that when Curry first got to know the tech, he told the relevant staff that this tech should be adopted in his next signature shoes as soon as possible. So what is it on earth that makes Curry so obsessed with this tech?

All I can tell you here is that FLOW is a tech that is completely different from the Hovr Micro G. To be more exactly, the former is much softer and more responsive.

Another highlight is the outsole. The pattern of the shoe’s outsole is actually  a bold design. But its grip performance is also very surprising.

If you check the shoes more carefully, you’ll find that the thickness and density vary greatly in different part of the vamp. Simple as the shoe looks, it is in fact distinguishing in its design.

On the outside there is a black leather strip that gives support to the vamp and on the inside there is also a leather that extends from the arch to the heel.

Besides, he collar is elastic; the lining is thick and the outside is hard-TPU-reinforced. As you can see that there are 5 stars on the leather which represents  five appearances in the Finals in Curry’s career to date while the three of which are not hallow and represents the three championships of Curry.

And the visible arch support plate in the midsole is to enhance rigidity of the shoes and sufficient support.

In fact, I’d rather call it Curry Flow 1 because it marks the beginning of a new era. But for most of us, it is the shoe’s overall performance that counts. So let’s wait and see what surprises  could it bring to us.