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UA Curry 9 Performance Review

With the advent of Curry 9, many fans are set to get thrilled at its performance review before they buy the shoes. Hence my bringing Curry 9’s performance review today.

To begin with, let’s take a look at its appearance. The pair I’ve got here is powder blue gradient, quite a refreshing one in this drab and dull winter. Among the several colorways that were first launched, the one I got in hand is, on a personal note, the nicest and just what the doctor ordered. However, you can keep your own opinions to yourself in this aspect.

As regards its performance review which I think is what you are most concerned about, I’d like to share with you my experience with it of the past week. Compared with Curry 8, this Curry 9 is far removed from it in several respects. In terms of Curry 8, the most eye-catching is the integration of its midsole and outsole, ditching the traditional outsole design. The other compelling thing of it is its simple design, which certainly caters to the tastes of many people who are in pursuit of simplicity. Ostensibly, there aren’t distinct differences between the two versions. However, taking a loser look at Curry 9, you’ll find that the vamp of Curry 9, among other things, is somewhat eye-popping. Besides the tech adopted in the vamp, the different colorways alone are enough to offer you a glimpse of its uniqueness.

With respect to the vamp, the brand has exploited a brand-new tech, the warp vamp. About two thirds of the entire upper is knit together in different directions with both thick and thin threads, and pink and blue ones. Such a design not only adds weight to the shoes’ sense of beauty, but also enhances its performance of offering lateral support at the side.

Then take a look at the shoelaces. Although there are three kinds of shoelace holes, they are all firmly attached to the vamp, thus providing the wearer with sufficient support. On the top of the shoe tongue, there is a big chamois with a “Curry” embedded on it. Different from the vamp of Curry 8, this Curry 9 is equipped with traditional shoe tongues with exactly enough lining. With all these, the wearer can be assured that there is enough support and that his feet are firmly fastened in the shoes.

At the back of the vamp, there is a Roman numeral “Ⅸ” and the latest logo of Curry. Actually, the vamp at the heel is made of chamois, which makes the shoes very durable. On top of that, the logo of Curry and Under Armour are respectively engraved on the Flow at the heel. Looking at it from the outside, the heel of the shoe, with sufficient lining, is thick enough so that it also guarantees a comfortable wearing experience.

The outsole is still made of the Flow which has been used in Curry 8, but its grains are slightly different from that of Curry 8. Another difference lies in the shape of the midesole TPU of Curry 9, which is exposed to the air.

During the past week, Curry 9 accompanied me in at least 5 matches, and luckily it didn’t fail me. In fact, I am most satisfied with its vamp which greatly improves the shoe’s wrapping performance. Besides, with the vamp, the shoes fit tightly to my feet, which also makes it easy for me to enjoy their comfort. The most glaring shortcoming of Curry 8 is that it easily hurts my toes. When it comes to Curry 9, I had the same experience the first time I wore it, but the second time I wore it for one of my important matches, it turned out that I got quite familiar with it and it also did a tremendous job for me. Nevertheless, Curry 9 is not above criticizing. With its particularly low-lop design, I was on the verge of hurting my ankles when I first wore it. Therefore, some protection is necessary if you wanna try Curry 9. As for its support performance, it is put to test in practice and has successfully stood these relentless tests. The lateral part of the forefoot is widened so that the overall shoe is quite prominent in offering support.

Still, Curry 9 is excellent in its grip performance, which is no less outstanding than Curry 8. While I was engrossed in my matches, it was always there to offer its assistance provided that it wasn’t on smooth wooden ground. If you have experienced Curry 8, then you must have your own ideas about what kind of grounds are suitable for this Curry 9. In the midsole, there’s a big anti-torsional device, which is put to good use so that the shoe’s performance in this aspect will only stand out. Over and above that, a large cushioning device is at work, which further improves the shoe’s support.


In this fast-paced society, constant innovation is essential in almost every field. For a shoe brand to survive in the face of cruel competition, it is nigh impossible without innovating products. Therefore, for this brand’s innovation, Curry 9 is a case in point. However, despite the new changes, I think there is still room for improvement for the shoes.

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