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Nike LeBron 19 Performance Review 

The performance review of LeBron 19 is finally here.

Personally, the appearance of LeBron 19 seems aggressive and bulky. Therefore, although the one I got here is size 45, it looks like it is size 46. Anyway, however LeBron 19 looks like, what really counts is its performance. In retrospect, my first experience with LeBron 19 was actually not bad. Although there are shortcomings, I still think its advantages outweigh the negative aspects.

When I first worn the shoes, the wrapping it offered me was exactly enough, neither too loose nor too tight. The shoes, in fact, wrapped my feet quite well and made me feel like I were wearing only a pair of socks. And inside the shoes, there is no extra room in the front part, which also accounts for its excellent wrapping. Therefore, for the shoes to provide you with the same terrific wrapping, one important factor at work is that you must pick up the right size.

In terms of the vamp, it is made of relatively soft materials and is therefore very friendly to our skin. As a matter of fact, both the material and texture of the vamp are the same as that of Adapt BB 2.0 which I am also very familiar with, but LeBron 19 is inferior to the latter in its hardness. However, this is also a mixed blessing. It is because of this that LeBron 19 can be suitable for a wide range of people.

When I looked closer at the shoes, I was delighted to find that there was a large TPU that extends from the outside of the forefoot to the inside of the arch, thus offering excellent support in the arch. In the heel of the outsole, there are also two cushions with the inner one installed with less foam. As for the cushion in the front part, it is, combined with Zoom and Max, larger than the midsole foam. With these setups, the wearer is set to have a very nice cushioning experience.

However, in spite of the advantages, LeBron 19 is not without shortcomings. Take its setup in the toe. In first round of my games, I found that it was not that flexible and excellent in startup, still less in making breakthroughs. In addition to that, its grip performance was quite poor. Even though there are many grains, you can still get disappointed at its grip even if you are running relatively rough grounds.

One disadvantage that should be made particular mention of is its comfortness. The shoe is a high-top one and its upper is made of TPU without any lining, which may even cut the skin of the wearer. Since I am living proof of this, I highly recommend that you’d better wear the shoes with relatively thick socks.

With these shortcomings, many people may frown at this LeBron 19, thinking that it is an entire failure. But it is not the case. There are seven pairs of shoelace holes with two of them attached to the fly wire. This design is sure to afford the wearer a fantastic support . And in the shoe tongues, there are also two cushions which not only enhance the shoes’ wrapping, but also make up for their comfortness. Over and above that, it is also prominent in cushioning (which is mentioned earlier), protection and stability owing to its large cushion and outsole.


To sum up, there do exist some shortcomings, but I think LeBron 19’s wrapping performance is second to none and its supporting, durability, cushioning, stability and protection can also put it at the top of the sneaker list. Therefore, from an objective point of view, LeBron 19 is not perfect. After all, you can’t have your cake and eat it, and ou must weigh the pros and cons by yourself.

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