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Curry Flow 9 Performance Review

For the Curry fans, he is the center of attention on the court and his performance tugs at millions of heartstrings. Outside the court, his basketball shoes are also widely enjoyed and attract the attention of many fans. Finally, he was in the media spotlight wearing his sneakers, so here we have the clearest picture of Curry Flow 9 ever.

It has always been said that what UA has been doing in recent years is helping its athletes improve their athletic performance on the court, and Curry Flow 9 is again living proof of this.

This Curry Flow 9 is a co-branded series with Sesame Street, but some reviewers said that there seemed no big difference between Curry 9 and its predecessor. If anything, it has become uglier. However, from the perspective of performance, being lighter, stronger and more durable is the most glaring improvement of Curry Flow 9.

The two colorways of Curry 9 are cartoonish, not least the yellow and pink one that looks quite like “a sweet strawberry ice cream”, as is called by some fans. In terms of the shoe’s weight, it has been made much lighter. For example, the Curry Flow 8 weighs 340 grams, which has been quite a tremendous job of UA. However, when I got Curry 9 in my hand, I was again astonished by its lightness.

Curry 9 is equipped with UA Wrap technology, which has been used in the previous Flow Velociti Wind. After adjustment, the vamp is more supportive and endowed with more excellent wrapping performance. Meanwhile, the vamp, after improvement, can be better attached to the wearer’s feet. Aside from that, the different colored lines on the vamp, as can be obviously seen, are like miniature safety belts, helping fix our feet inside the shoes.

Over and above that, the shoe tongue is different from the previous one. The integral tongue of Curry 8 is now converted into a traditional separated one in Curry 9, which is easy for adjustment so that even people with high instep will find the shoes agreeable.

The midsole is the Flow tech that has been seen in Curry 8. Although the tech has a good reputation, it is not without disadvantage. That is the tech is not durable enough so as to offer its owner a long-lasting experience. In the previous work, the outsole is eliminated to reduce the shoes’ weight. Similar trace can also be found in Curry 9 because the shoes, after all, are tailored to Curry. Although the shoes might not be suitable for the majority of people, I do believe that the shoes will still be the best choice for many fans.

With respect to the grip, just take my personal experience. Last week when I was playing basketball on clean wooden floor, the shoes were always offering me quiet yet outstanding grip. Therefore, I am rather satisfied with its grip. But if you are accustomed to outdoor courts, you’d better take care of the soles before and after your playing.

The midsole TPU has also been changed beyond all recognition. There are now two small visible TPU, which further reduces the overall weight of the shoes. The upturn of the toe is much more conspicuous, and the widening of the sole and the grains both inside and outside indicate that the shoes are positioned entirely for players like Curry.

For the cushioning, one friend of mine highly thought of it the other day when we were playing basketball. However, from my perspective, I don’t think there is much improvement if compared with Curry 8. As a matter of fact, I’d rather the Flow material can be changed to a more durable one. After all, my Curry 8 has accompanied me for only 10 months.

The inside of the heel is not overstuffed, but there is a very obvious concave and the counter is placed in a very high position. Yet I don’t think this a great bother.


In a nutshell, this Curry 9 is an excellent sneaker. It seems like an upgraded version of Curry 8, with its vamp strengthened and its support, protection, wrapping and grip greatly improved, making itself more suitable for more people. It is most likely that we’ll see Curry repeat his feat this season, and Curry 9 will then be endowed with new meaning and values.

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