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A Close Look at UA Curry Flow 8

The protagonist of today is the UA-Curry Flow 8. However, to tell the truth, my first glance of this signature shoe has determined its fate: I’d add it to my list of “one of the ugliest shoes”. But, there is always a “but” that my opinion of this UA-Curry Flow 8 is so completely reversed after I get to know more about it.

First of all, in terms of the size, my suggestion is that if you have some interest in it, you might as well have try because it fits very well for many people.

Different people have different views on the same thing. So personally, even though I  love the Curry shoes very much, I still think that this UA-Curry Flow 8 can not stand out in terms of its appearance. Some may say that I am too picky to be pleased with, but it just gives me a feeling that it looks quite like a pair of running shoes from the perspective of its style.


Notwithstanding that, one of the magic things about the shoes is that the more ordinary you think about it, the more it might surprise you.

Probably a lot of people think the same thing as I do that the most compelling part of the shoes is the brand new FLOW tech in the midsole. Rumor has it that when Curry first got to know the tech, he told the relevant staff that this tech should be adopted in his next signature shoes as soon as possible. So what is it on earth that makes Curry so obsessed with this tech?

All I can tell you here is that FLOW is a tech that is completely different from the Hovr Micro G. To be more exactly, the former is much softer and more responsive.

Another highlight is the outsole. The pattern of the shoe’s outsole is actually  a bold design. But its grip performance is also very surprising.

If you check the shoes more carefully, you’ll find that the thickness and density vary greatly in different part of the vamp. Simple as the shoe looks, it is in fact distinguishing in its design.

On the outside there is a black leather strip that gives support to the vamp and on the inside there is also a leather that extends from the arch to the heel.

Besides, he collar is elastic; the lining is thick and the outside is hard-TPU-reinforced. As you can see that there are 5 stars on the leather which represents  five appearances in the Finals in Curry’s career to date while the three of which are not hallow and represents the three championships of Curry.

And the visible arch support plate in the midsole is to enhance rigidity of the shoes and sufficient support.

In fact, I’d rather call it Curry Flow 1 because it marks the beginning of a new era. But for most of us, it is the shoe’s overall performance that counts. So let’s wait and see what surprises  could it bring to us.