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PUMA Hybrid Fuego x First Mile Performance Review

In recent years, environmental protection has become a theme that can be widely seen and carried out almost everywhere. Therefore, many words, say, “Love the earth.” “Protect our planet.” “Energy saving.” “Emission reduction.”, have also permeated our life. According to some environmentalists, it is important to make the green lifestyle integrated with our daily doings and make it a conscious behavior and social consensus.

So in the field of running shoes, many brands have also risen to respond to the appeal. And the PUMA and First Mile are certainly among them. Their latest joint masterpiece is the PUMA Hybrid Fuego x First Mile whose slogan is “Buy a par of shoes so as to protect the earth.”

First Mile is actually a non-governmental environmental  organization that collects plastic bottles to create sustainable jobs and reduce pollution. By sorting, cleaning and shredding those bottles, and turning them into yarns that can be used to make products, the organization has made great contributions to the society and environment. For the Hybrid, maybe you are familiar with it as well. It is a midsole technology launched by Puma two years ago that entails the advantages of absorbing shock and offering multiplicative energy feedback.

However, in terms of the shoes’ appearance and design, it is not favored by many people. But what is funny is that the more you look at it, the more lingering charm you’ll find in it. The shoes are indeed very simple but at the mean time very delicate, which is in line with the call to protect the environment. And if you look at it closely, you can see that its vamp has a dark pattern that looks quite like Pythons grains.

As a pair of running shoes, it is the outsole and the midsole that count. Maybe it is out of the consideration of saving costs or protecting the environment, the outsole and the midsole are integrated. Therefore, you may not expect too much support performance of it. And at the rear part, there is the NRGY which is quite iconic of Hybrid.

After checking the shoes, you’ll know that all the details seem to tell you that this is a pair of extremely eco-friendly shoes. You may not be able to perceive the recycled material, but as some other reviewers observed, even the shoelaces were made of environmentally friendly materials.

But after all, whether a shoe fits you only you yourself know. For me, the shoes’ performances are satisfying, but it is the comfortable experience it offers me that attracts me most. And to tell the truth, I am so obsessed with it that I’ll wear it wherever I go. And as for the size, I chose the one I usually picked which is just suitable for me.

With respect to the wrapping, I should say that it is superior which should to some extent be credited to the soft and skin-friendly vamp. It will only make you feel like wearing nothing. What’s even better is that the vamp can last very long, which means that the shoes can be a long-time companion for you.

Despite some observation that the support is not enough for jogging, it is in fact enough for daily wearing.  Besides, there is also a saying, “The shoes are so skin-friendly that they don’t like a pair of running shoes.” So you can just imagine how nice it feels.


To summarize, I think this is a must for running. And if you quite love running or you like exercising very much, you might as well take a shot. However, it is not limited to a certain people. It can also be used for daily wearing.