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Altra Escalante Performance Review

To tell the truth, I was quite lucky to be able to grab one pair of Altra Escalante at the very first time when it was released. And with the hope that this review serves as a guide or reference, I am here to share with you some of my experiences with it.

The one I copped here is the  traditional combination of red and black in its appearance with a white midsole. Simple as it looks, it is still elegant and nice. In addition, Altra offers a variety of colorways to suit the needs of a wide range of runners.

Looking at the vamp, you’ll find that it is made of woven materials. Although it is kind of common material, it is lightweight, breathable, and flexible. On top of that, the vamp is made in such a way to maintain support and reduce weight while providing a strong wrapping for our insteps.

The toe part adopts Altra’s original Footshape technology, making the toe much broader than that of many regular running shoes. Besides, the design makes it easier for the toe of the shoe to fit our feet better. In short, not only can the tech help runners get more comfortable experiences, but also help runners prevent injuries.

The tongue is also made of knitting tech, which is light and thin, causing no pressure to our insteps. And the inner lining of the shoe is filled with sponge, and the instep sponge is enlarged and thickened to ensure the enough wrapping.

For me, I sweat quite a lot in summer and the wet feeling underfoot is quite unbearable. So when I got the shoes, it is the breathability of the shoes that I checked first. And I knew that the first look of the insole had built up my confidence in it: there are many breathable and sweat holes at the back of the insoles to keep the soles dry and comfortable.

The outsole adopts the so-called Zero Drop which is another original tech of Altra. The Escalante, with Zero Drop technology, has the same cushioning on the heel and forefoot, perfectly balancing the weight distribution from front to back. At the mean time, it is beneficial for runners to develop correct running posture, so that the pressure on the foot can be relieved.

By pressing the midsole, you’ll know that the new Altra Ego in it is very soft and feels nice. The tech also provides a strong rebound during running, as well as providing the necessary cushion to reduce the risk of injury.


This Altra Escalante uses the latest running technology, Zero Drop, to help runners get the hang of running in the right posture and reduce the risk of injuries while the Footshape technology is conducive to generating traction that makes running more effective. The And the utilization and perfect combination of new technology and new materials ensure that the shoes are light and comfortable and at the same time provides enough cushioning and supporting performance, which is very suitable for runners to wear in daily training and competitions. So if you have some interest in it, you may as well take a shot.