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Skora Core Performance Review

Skora, which can be said to be a niche brand, has not been our country for a long time and seems somewhat mysterious for many of us. But like other brands, there is always an inspirational  story behind their development history.

More than a decade ago, the brand’s founder, David, was told by his doctor that he was no longer suitable for running. But after 18 months’ rehabilitation and trying many different kinds of shoes,  David Sypniewski finally realized that if he wanted a pair of running shoes that would not only allow him to run, but also make him love running again, he needed to build it himself.

During this process, he found that the truly best shoes were the ones that could protect the runners’ feet as  well as making them relax. And so after his research with great concentration, the Skora Core is finally here and presented in front of us.

I knew at the first glance that this Skora Core must be very slim in the shoe type. And upon opening the box, I was a bit surprised at seeing the waterproof film which is used here to replace the traditional protective paper. Besides, there is also brief introduction of the tech used in the shoes.

To tell the truth, I was quite bewildered at seeing the shoes which seemed quite like track shoes rather than running shoes. But after trying the shoes, I knew that I was deceived. According to the official introduction, there are many technologies in the shoes.

For the shoelaces, they are an asymmetrical design which can better fit our foot shape and fit our insteps and will not loosen easily.

Since the shoes are positioned as barefoot running shoes, there is no need to wearing socks. And there is also no need worrying about friction with the shoes because the suede lining inside are actually very comfortable. What’s more, it can hug our feet very well, seemingly to be integrated with us.

The insoles are comfortable as well. They are made of thin foams and designed in such a way to fit our feet.

Taking the insole out, you’ll find that there is no thick EVA and you can see the outsole directly.

As you can see that the vamp is full of holes which are to ensure air permeability. And after I tried the shoes, I felt the vamp especially comfortable, which was a superior experience for me.

The black rubber outsole can to some extent absorb shock, although the cushioning is not that good as those shoes with super excellent cushion.

The big round design is very eye-catching at night because it is reflective. Therefore, this is also a pair of running shoes that are more than suitable for night running.


To summarize, Skora is a brand naturally built for running and has been focusing on creating real and natural running shoes. And it has also been insisting on its initial concept,” To run naturally and really.” So if you get to know the brand better, you’ll find that this pair of Skora Core are indeed very professional and if you have years of experience of exercising, then you are encouraged to take a shot for the shoes are particularly designed for you.