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Fresh Foam Zante v3 Performance Review

If you wear New Balance, you must be a great runner!” said Jim Davis, CEO of New Balance. Honestly, I can’t agree more with what he said because I am a beneficiary of New Balance shoes. 

Here I’ve brought a pair of Fresh Foam Zante v3 of New Balance Fresh Foam  series, which is designed for relatively low-speed runners and is optimized based on big data research and development. . I found, surprisingly, that  Fresh Foam Zante V3 has inherited  the excellent performances of the previous versions. Above all, its excellent design and performance are highly appreciated by professional media, Runner’s World, and voted as 2017 Editor’s Choice

For the shoebox, it is still the iconic and highly recognizable one with details about the model and colorway of the Fresh Foam Zante V3 at the side.

It is said that this orange Fresh Foam Zante V3 is full of vim and vigor just like the sun. And from my perspective, the 111-year-old New Balance is still quite young; the lively LOGO has permeated my life.

In terms of the shoes, there is no exaggerated decoration in the appearance; but rather, it is the combination of plain appearance and brilliant setups and performances that becomes the secret of New Balance’s long-lasting success.

For the vamp, it is made of woven material, endowing it a three-dimensional visual effect. Such design is quite different from that of the previous versions.

The three-dimensional LOGO on the toe not only looks more beautiful, but also provides effective protection for our toes.

The midsole looks like a honeycombed wall, which is made by using 3D cutting technology and  to provide rebound. And the extension design at the front foot of the shoe can effectively prevent our feet from injury when exercising.

The Fresh Foam midsole is made of a multi-density combination of foam,  whose purpose is to ensure lightweight and provide softness and high elasticity. Simply put, it can offer us  very nice cushion and more effective feedback.

For the midsole, it is made of rubber +PHO[1] that is  patterned irregular hexagonal honeycomb. In a word, the overall improved design in the outsole can increase friction and offer more traction that greatly helps to start up.

With respect to its weight, Fresh Foam Zante V3 is 442g and we can see from the data in the picture that the weight difference between the two shoes is only 2 grams. Therefore, it can be seen that the quality control of New Balance is quite excellent and prudent. 

And the shoelaces here are the transparent and flat that can effectively prevent the occurrence of loosening when used.

As you can see in the picture, there are shadows inside the shoe, indicating that the shoe has good air permeability, which can quickly discharge moisture and heat occurred during the process of exercising so that the shoes are always kept dry and comfortable for us.

On top of that, security has also been considered when the shoes were being designed. There are actually reflective settings on the logo and the toe of Fresh Foam Zante V3. The logo is not reflective in the sunlight though, it is reflective on the inside and outside of the shoes.


In short, on the strength of my personal experience, the shoes are actually nice and gave me much help although they are not so perfect. But if you are also a running lover, I would highly recommend this Fresh Foam Zante v3. After all, New Balance can be said to be a leader in this field and has quite a lot of experience.