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Skechers Go meb Speed 3 Performance Review

As a healthy lifestyle, outdoor sports are now favored by many people. And as a kind of sport that requires relatively less equipment, running has also been one of the favorites for many sports enthusiasts. Therefore, to enjoy the fun of running, a pair of good running shoes is a must-have. So here I’ve got the Skechers Go meb Speed 3 and I am going share its information with you.

When I received the package, I could tell from the shoebox that the Skechers Go meb Speed 3 would be as eye-catching as the box. In terms of the shoebox, it is bright though, it is also a bit soft, resulting in the shoebox’s deformation. Maybe it is because the manufacturers consider the shoes to be high-quality, they don’t  invest too much in this aspect. However, compared to the product packaging, we consumers are more concerned about the quality of the product itself.

The vamp of the Skechers Go meb Speed 3 I got here is mainly charcoal gray and blue. And with the purplish red shoelaces, the shoes look all the more eye-pleasing. Besides, the vamp is made of mesh woven fabric and adopts the Gowknit seamless weaving technology, which makes the shoes hug our feet nicely and friendly to our feet as well.

Looking at the shoe from the perspective below, you’ll find that it is relatively wide in the front foot, the broad space inside which is conducive to air ventilation and dissipating heat. The shoe type is wide at the front and narrow at the back, which is designed to cater for the physiological characteristics of the human foot and helps to make the vamp fit our feet more closely. On top of that, the outsole in the front is upturned to the vamp, which can protect the wearer’s toes.

And looking at the shoe from the side, it is the streamlined shoe type, giving people an impulse to exercise. The letter “S” indicates the shoe’s identity while the three upside-down “√”s show us its nature. 

 From the picture below, we can tell that the Skechers Go Meb Speed 3’s outsole is designed to be low in the middle and high at the two ends. According to the official data, the height difference between the front and the middle is only 4mm, which has something to with the M-STRIKE tech of the shoes. 

There are entirely 7 sets of shoelace buckles that are reinforced by some kind of glue. And the shoelace buckle on the top is designed for us to get a different extent of wrapping and flexibility. What’s even better is that the buckles are combined with TPUs to provide better protection and support. 

The inside of the heel adopts the Agion lining which is mould-proof and antiseptic and can at the same time reduce odors after exercising.

The sole of the shoe is the Resalyte cushion sole which is developed with great care by Skechers and has the property of providing flexibility when we are walking or exercising. What’s more, it also features GO kinetic energy sensors that offers better feedback as well as providing greater support and stability. And made of EVA+ rubber, the sole is more durable than the ordinary ones.

However, notwithstanding all the above advantages, the shoe impresses me most by its lightness: the weight of a single shoe is only 200g. Although it is not the lightest in the various running shoes , it is actually the lightest one I have ever worn. And every time I wear the shoes, I always feel an urge to run.


After several weeks’ tests, I found that I got along with the shoes very well and the experience was enjoyable. Its characteristics have left me a deep impression and its advantages can be summed up in the following words: lightweight, comfortable and skidproof. But one deficiency of the shoes is that the support is insufficient which is due to the soft vamp. Anyway, its merits have made it suitable for a wide range of people, from professional runners to beginners.

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Skechers Go Run 4 Performance Review

I received this pair of Skechers Go Run 4 before the new year of 2017 from one of my friends who knew my tastes about running shoes very well. Actually, this is a really meaningful New Year gift which has companied me for many important moments. And it is no exaggeration to say that we are trusted partners since we have experienced many games and trainings together. So here are my experiences and feelings about it.

This pair of Skechers Go Run 4 is mainly red and black with fluorescent green insoles inside. Therefore, the shoes’ appearance is relatively lovely yet low-key.

For the outsole, it is one of the highlights of Skechers Go Run 4  and is designed in such a pattern to increase the grip performance while on the one hand increase the flexibility. The chrysanthemum grains patterned as such indicates that the details are well considered. But what is not appreciated of the outsole is that there is no wear-resisting rubber in the chrysanthemum grains , making them not durable to last long.

In contrast, the arch is much better protected. In addition to the stiffer material that connects the front and rear foot together, the arch is covered with black rubber and offers better support during running than does the outsole of NB Fresh Foam Zante V2. But in short, the outsole is not durable as a whole, which is a fatality of the shoes and would turn many potential buyers away.

As you can see that there are two big holes at the heel which is the Quick-Fit system. This is also a unique design of Skechers Go Run 4, which makes it easier for runners to put on and take off the shoes.

Since many people are now into night running, it is of great importance to guarantee safety. So it is quite considerate that security has been considered before designing the shoes and is to the maximum extent made into the shoes by the brand. Checking the shoes, you’ll find that Skechers Go Run 4’s reflective material is distributed on the toes, heels and middle part.

The Skechers Go Run 4, along with insoles, weighs 409 grams, which is considerably lighter than  the NB Fresh Foam Zante V2.

My first impression of the cushion after wearing the shoes was that the heel cushion was much better than the front one. And if I land on my rear feet, I can obviously feel the feedback from the cushion, which differs greatly from the hardness of Mizuno’s cushions.  And because the cushions are quite light, the shoes are more than suitable for people with relatively light weight.  Besides, the vamp fixed my feet very well so that I felt like I were just wearing a pair of socks.


The shoe is very agile which is the general impression I can think of to describe it at the moment. It is very light and is therefore suitable for runners with medium or light weight. But to get the hang of it, you may patiently wait for some time. While its overall performances are great, I am still not so satisfied with its durability. But anyway, “No one is perfect.” and so is Skechers Go Run 4. So if you can treat it with some tolerance, you are sure to find a nice comrade.