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Adidas D.O.N. ISSUE #3 Performance Review

Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell is one of the new generation of young starts taking over the NBA stage. In NBA for 4 years, with his strong offensive ability, he not only became the core of the team, but also became an important member of adidas. This year, Adidas has released the third pair of signature shoes for Donovan Mitchell, that is, D.O.N. ISSUE #3.

Design Philosophy:
As the star of Utah Jazz, Adidas specifically use the team’s classic colorway purple as the first released colorway of D.O.N. ISSUE #3. The entire shoes is covered with graffiti art from Mitchell’s hometown New York city. And Mitchell is the spider-man of basketball court, the shoe tongue is printed with his exclusive spider logo which is made of reflective material.The side vamp has sawtooth pattern TPU which represents the spider sense. And the designers also printed FEARLESS/DRIVE & GRIT/HEART on the elastic tape above the instep. The shoe heel has a piece of triangle leather label which is printed with some numbers and address. These numbers and address represent Mitchell’s hometown New York’s 3 famous basketball court-Rucker Park, Dyckman Park and Crack Is Wack Playground.

Comfort Level & Cushion Performance:
It’s the first time that D.O.N. ISSUE series shoes use Lightstrike technology on ISSUE #3 to replace the Bounce insole technology. Lightstrike material is lighter than Bounce. Lightstrike is more solid than Bounce. But the resilient feedback of Lightstrike is better than Bounce. The cushion performance is also great.

The vamp of D.O.N. ISSUE #3 uses multi-layers mesh fabric with thick foam to offer comfort fit to the foot, but it adds the weight. The elastic tape on the shoelaces position can offer the fitness to the foot. This design is suitable for the players whose instep is high or foot is wide.

Supporting Performance & Flexibility:
D.O.N. ISSUE #3 is a pair of low type basketball shoes. So it won’t affect the flexibility. It won’t limit the movements. The thick Lightstrike insole won’t affect the court feel, but it can balance the court feel and prevent the ankle eversion.

D.O.N. ISSUE #3 adds big area of TPU support. And the TPU extends to the sides of vamp. The sawtooth pattern TPU with outrigger design can offer excellent anti-rollover performance. And the shoe heel also has TPU to reinforce the fitness.
But after a period of time running, the fitness of D.O.N. ISSUE #3 will reduce. It needs to fasten the shoelaces tightly to reinforce the fitness.

Durability & Traction Performance:
The outsole of D.O.N. ISSUE #3 use two kinds of materials, that is, durable rubber and transparent rubber (crystal sole). The designer uses durable rubber on the position of forefoot thumb and shoe heel where is easy to wear and tear, and uses transparent on the other position. The overall durability is just ok.

The outsole has embossed spider web pattern. The traction performance on indoor court is excellent. It can grip the ground well.

As the signature shoes of Mitchell, the price of D.O.N. ISSUE #3 is cheap. The appearance is attractive. The Lightstrike insole has excellent cushion performance. Although D.O.N. ISSUE #3 may not fit most of the the players, but the high cost performance and special colorway design are attractive.

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The Performance Review of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut

NIKE released G.T. (Greater Than) series basketball shoes which means to surpass the past. The G.T. series released 3 models, including CUT, RUN and JUMP. The first released NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT is the only one pair of low type basketball shoes of this series. Today, we want to talk about the performance of NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT.

Comfort Level & Cushion Performance:

The insole of NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT takes Drop-in React shoe-pad and full-length Zoom Strobel. The shoe heel adds horse hoof type Zoom Air cushion to offset the impact force when jumping to the ground. The configuration of insole is soft and flexible. It’s very comfortable when running. The ZOOM Strobel is under React shoe-pad.

The vamp is made of mesh fabric with elastic material which is similar to the material of diving suit. The shoe tongue fit the vamp very well. The React shoe-pad has anti-skidding pattern to reduce the foot moving in the shoes. If your instep is high or the foot is wide, it’s better to choose half size bigger or one size bigger.
Supporting Performance & Flexibility:

Due to the insole configuration, the weight of NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT is not light. But it doesn’t affect the starting speed. The shoe heel has Zoom Air unit. The forefoot sole is low, and the shoe heel is higher, so it will push the wearer to move forward. And NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT is low model and its vamp is soft, so the overall flexibility is good.

The supporting performance is not bad. The TPU film from front end to shoe heel can help to fix the foot when moving. The React shoe-pad has upturning design to fix the foot in the middle position. The dilated outsole can also improve the stability. And these details can make up the disadvantage of soft vamp.

Durability & Traction Performance:

NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT outsole uses the ECG configurated pattern with different density. The traction performance on outdoor court or indoor wood floor court is excellent. Even if the outsole uses transparent material, the traction performance on outdoor cement court is also good. But as the material is soft, it needs time to test the abrasive resistance. We suggest to use it on indoor court.

The vamp doesn’t add with any wear-resistant coating to deal with high-strength abrasion. But the shoelace holes have embossed thin coating and the holes are colloid.

The shoebox design is ←Z→. The wrapping paper has the details like N>KE, >>>>>> and BEYOND etc.. As NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT relates to speed. The NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT uses different cushion configuration. React shoe-pad absorb the impact force. The Zoom Strobel can offer jumping feedback. It can keep the balance of flexibility and comfort. The traction performance is also excellent.

Overall, NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT is a pair of basketball shoes which is suitable for defenders, lightweight players and nimble players.

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NIKE Air Zoom G.T. Run Performance Review

Testing Information:

Model: NIKE Air Zoom G.T. Run (DA7920-001)

Size: US10.5

Testing Court: outdoor cement court

Today, we want to share the performance review of Air Zoom G.T. Run with you.

On Court Performance-FIT:

We suggest to choose the standard size. It has suitable space for the toes. And it has padding on the shoe heel position. But the shoe tongue is half socks type design, and it’s too thin, so it effects the comfort level. The material doesn’t have much extensibility. The shoe-pad is made of NIKE React. As it’s socks type design, it’s a little hard to put on. So it has pull-tab design on the shoe heel.

On Court Performance-Upper Material & Upper Support:

The aim of Air Zoom G.T. Run is pursuing lightweight. The vamp is mainly made of nylon mesh fabric. And the inner layer has a layer of thin material as support. The outer layer has hot-melting plastic pattern. The vamp is thin, that’s why Air Zoom G.T. Run is light. Although the thin nylon vamp has good air permeability, but it sacrifices the fit and comfort level. I felt that the vamp is stiff in the beginning. The shoe tongue is also very thin. After fastening the shoelaces, it will press the instep. Air Zoom G.T. Run is a pair of mid type basketball shoes. It can cover the ankle position. But the foam padding around the ankle is not much, so the ankle support is not good.

NIKE REACT shoe-pad

After taking off the React shoe-pad, we can see the big Nike Zoom Storlble on the forefoot sole.

On Court Performance-Midsole:

The insole of Air Zoom G.T. Run uses NIKE React shoe-pad, NIKE ZOOM STORLBLE on forefoot sole and full-length React and NIKE ZOOM Air unit cushion.

The React shoe-pad is soft and has the anti-skid performance.

When putting on the Air Zoom G.T. Run, the feedback of Zoom air cushion on the forefoot sole is obviously. The full-length React insole also offer good cushion performance. But it uses both Nike Zoom Air and React cushion technology, the insole is a little too thick.

On Court Performance-Outsole:

The outsole uses wave type pattern. When testing it on outdoor cement court, the traction performance is good. The outsole also has a lot of punching holes, which is for reducing the overall weight. The outsole is made of XDR. I have tested it on outdoor cement court, so we don’t need to worry about the durability.

NIKE Air Zoom G.T. Run is a pair of basketball shoes with obvious advantages and disadvantages. It’s similar to running shoes. Air Zoom G.T. Run achieve the lightweight standard of running shoes. It has good air permeability and excellent cushion performance. But as a pair of basketball shoes, it require high supporting performance. So I think that Air Zoom G.T. Run can’t satisfy the players’ request of high supporting performance. And the thin shoe-tongue is also an obvious disadvantage for me. If you need run and has high request for the cushion performance, the configuration of Air Zoom G.T. Run will give you some surprise.

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2022 HOKA ONE ONE Running Shoes Forecast

Although 2021 doesn’t finish, many brands have prepared for the new running shoes for 2022 Summer, such as HOKA ONE ONE. Today, we will forecast the new 2022 HOKA ONE ONE running shoes.

Tecton X cross-country shoes: it’s a pair of racing cross-country racing shoes with lightweight carbon fiber.

SpeedGoat 5: It’s lighter than last generation.

Mach Supersonic: it’s the reinforced model of Mach series. The resilience is better.

Kawana: it’s HOKA new training shoes.

Carbon X 3: It’s iterative model. It’s lighter.

All of the 2022 HOKA new running shoes will take the brand-new upgraded insole foam technology (EVA material) which is lighter and more elastic than previous insole material. Except the upgraded insole material, does HOKA optimize other parts? Let’s have a look at it today.

  1. HOKA ONE ONE Tecton X

It will be released in 2022. It’s a pair of carbon fiber cross-country running shoes. Its aim is lightweight and buffer. You can use it for training or racing.

The height of forefoot sole is 29mm. And the height of shoe heel is 33mm. The drop height is 4mm.

Unit weight of US9: 240g.

Estimated Released Time: May, 2022

The vamp of Tecton X uses engineering jacquard mesh fabric. The insole uses double density ProFlyX insole. The upper layer is soft and can offer enough buffer. The bottom layer is stiff and can offer resilient feedback. The two pieces of parallel carbon fiber plate from shoe heel to toes can offer necessary propulsion.

Tecton X uses Vibram MegaGrip Lite rubber to cover the important area of outsole. It has X mark on the outsole.

2. HOKA ONE ONE SpeedGoat 5

It’s the iterative model of HOKA SpeedGoat series. Comaring with last generation, it uses lighter and more elastic insole foam to reduce the weight.

The height of forefoot sole is 29mm. And the height of shoe heel is 33mm. The drop height is 4mm.

Unit weight of US9: 291g

Estimated Released Time: March-April, 2022

SpeedGoat 5 uses double-deck jacquard weave mesh fabric. The shoe heel uses HOKA currently popular design. For the insole, SpeedGoat 5 uses lighter and more elastic CMEVA insole foam. Its weight is lighter 10g than last generation.

The outosle of SpeedGoat 5 also Vibram MegaGrip rubber. But it has optimized to improve the flexibility.

3.HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic

HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic is enhanced model of Mach 4. It uses a foam with stronger resilience. The outsole doesn’t have wear-resisting rubber, but it uses EVA rubber. The weight of HOKA ONE ONE Mach Supersonic is the same as Mach 4.

The height of forefoot sole is 24mm. And the height of shoe heel is 29mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 235g

Estimated Released Time: March, 2022

The vamp of Mach Supersonic uses engineering mesh fabric. The upper layer of insole uses lighter and more elastic foam which improve the resilience. But it hasn’t covered with wear-resisting rubber, but uses EVA rubber outsole. We have to worry about its traction performance and skid resistance.


4. HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X3

HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X3 is iterative model of HOKA Carbon series racing shoes. It upgrades the vamp and insole.

The height of forefoot sole is 27mm. And the height of shoe heel is 32mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 222g

Estimated Released Time: April, 2022

Carbon X3 uses lighter insole foam. Comparing with Carbon X2,  the unit weight of US9 Carbon X3 reduces 17g. Carbon X3 uses integrated knitted vamp. The integrality is better. The fitness and comfort level should be improved a lot.


5. HOKA ONE ONE Kawana

HOKA ONE ONE Kawana is HOKA’s new jogging shoes. Its location is similar with Bondi.

The height of forefoot sole is 25mm. And the height of shoe heel is 30mm. The drop height is 5mm.

Unit weight of US9: 283g

Estimated Released Time: Jan., 2022

Kawana uses Jacquard weaving vamp. The insole uses HOKA new EVA foam which is soft and comfortable.

The orientation of Kawana is similar to Bondi, it’s mainly for cushion. But the same size of Kawana is lighter than Bondi. The appearance is nice. It should become another star products after Clifton series.

The super thick insole is the deepest impression of HOKA running shoes to the runners. The new 2022 HOKA running shoes are expectant. Which model would you like?

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Unboxing & Closed Look: UA HOVR APEX 3

The professional and suitable training equipment can help us to avoid getting hurt when exercising and also can help us to save the effort. UA HOVR APEX series training shoes has released the 3rd generation. Let’s have a look at it today.


The UA HOVR APEX 3 is made of 3D printing mesh fabric. The shoe head is densely covered with triangle embossment which offers good protection and durability.

There are 6 couples of shoelaces holes. The front 3 couples of shoelace holes use hot-melting taped way, and the rear 3 couples of shoelaces holes combine with upturning TPU on the side of upper to improve the later support and stability.

The side of vamp has UA HOVR APEX logo.

The big TPU supporting modules on both sides of shoe heel is the lightspot of UA HOVR APEX 3. After fastening the shoelaces, it can lock the ankle well.

The four core training spirits: stronger, longer, faster and better.

The elastic nylon strip on the shoe heel is printed with UNDER ARMOUR.

The insole has dual density. The EVA insole is built-in UA HOVR foaming material, which guarantee the performance and comfort level.

The UA HOVR foaming material is covered with constrictive energy net, which can offer necessary dynamic support when stressing.

It uses different design on different design on different position of outsole.

The forefoot sole has big groove design. It’s more flexible when exercising. The hexagon pattern can offer better traction performance.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot outsole is about 112.02mm.

The TRIBASE structure on the arch position can increase the contact area with the ground. It can stabilize the center of gravity.

The width of EUR42.5 rear sole is about 90.17mm.

The surface of shoe-pad is made of fabric which has good air permeability and skid resistance.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 270mm.

The width of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 97.23mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 3.91mm.

The surface material of insole fabric is EVA.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 UA HOVR APEX 3 is about 368.1g.


The UA HOVR APEX 3 is a pair of multi-functional training shoes. It’s suitable for most of runners. It combines the appearance design and function together. The design is concise, and the appearance is fashionable.

The size is a little smaller than standard size. The 3D printing mesh fabric vamp is soft and ventilated. The big TPU support and TRIBASE structure on the arch position cooperate well. The stable structure is suitable for most of strength training.

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New Balance FuelCell Rebel V2 VS FuelCell Prism V2

New Balance released two pairs of running shoes this year, that is,  FuelCell Rebel V2 and FuelCell Prism V2.

FuelCell Rebel V2FuelCell Prism V2

Both of them use the New Balance exclusive insole technology FuelCell. Below is the comparisons of FuelCell Rebel V2 and FuelCell Prism V2.

  1. Both of FuelCell Rebel V2and FuelCell Prism V2 are advanced training shoes of New Balance.
  2. The insole thickness of FuelCell Rebel V2and FuelCell Prism V2 are same. The height of forefoot sole is 24mm and the rear sole is 30mm. The drop height is 6mm.

FuelCell Rebel V2

FuelCell Prism V2

  1. Although both of them use FuelCell foam, but Rebel V3 is more soft and resilient. And Prism V2 is more stiff and elastic.
  2. For the weight, the unit weight of US9 Rebel V3 is about 204g and the weight of US9 Prism V2is about 270g.

FuelCell Rebel V2

FuelCell Prism V2

  1. Except the difference of insole, the difference of the weight is mainly due to the vamp and outsole.

Comparing with Rebel V2, the rubber of Prism V2 is thicker.

The vamp of Prism V2 is thicker than Rebel V2.

  1. Th thick vamp and outsole of Prism V2 has better durability. And the comfort level and fitness is better. Certainly, the lightweight and air permeability of Rebel V2 is better.

FuelCell Rebel V2

FuelCell Prism V2

  1. The insole of Prism V2 has special supporting design. The supporting performance of Prism V2 is better than Rebel V2.
  2. AsRebel V2 is soft and resilient, it can be used for jogging for beginner. And the Prism V2 is stiff and resilient, it’s more suitable for aerobic and temp training, it has higher request for runners to jogging.

FuelCell Rebel V2

FuelCell Prism V2

  1. The price of FuelCell Rebel V2and FuelCell Prism V2 are the same.
  2. If you prefer to lightweight training shoes and soft and elastic insole, you can choose Rebel V2. If you want a pair of advanced training shoes, you can choose Prism V2.
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Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GTX Performance Review

More and more people like hiking. And there are more and more shoes for hiking in the market. This time, we tried Pegasus Trail 3 GTX. Many years ago, I have tried Pegasus 36 Trail, which is the upgraded version of Pegasus 36 and its vamp is not easy to be dirty. The insole and big swoosh logo of Pegasus Trail 3 GTX is a little similar to Pegasus 38. But their practicability is totally different. Pegasus Trail 3 GTX uses the GORE-TEX material for waterproof effect.

Cushion Performance:

For hiking, the comfort level of the shoes is very important. The insole of Pegasus Trail 3 GTX uses full-length NIKE REACT cushion. We can feel the softness of insole on stiff ground. After walking more than 4 hours, I still haven’t felt tired.

Supporting Performance:

It’s better to fasten the shoelaces tightly if it’s mountain road. As the material of shoe collar is soft and it doesn’t have extra padding, the support to ankle position is not good.

Although the outsole of Pegasus Trail 3 GTX uses durable rubber, but when stepping on the stones, the center of gravity will change. If it can uses Flyplate on the insole like ACG MOUNTAIN FLY LOW, it will be more stable.

Traction Performance:

The outsole uses RS001 rubber. It can handle most of road conditions. Except the slippery stones, the overall traction performance is great.

The overall performance and appearance of Pegasus Trail 3 GTX is great. It’s unable to resist this model.

The GORE-TEX version is waterproof. If you like the shoes with good air permeability, you can choose the normal version.

The small piece of rubber on the shoe head can protect the toes. Pegasus Trail 3 GTX is not only suitable for daily dressing, it’s also suitable for walking through the cities, mountains and plains.

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BROOKS REVEL 5 Performance Review

My deep impression to Brooks brand is for running. I’m preparing for the second full marathon of this year, so I purchased Brooks Revel 5 for training. I want to share my reviews of Brooks Revel 5 with you after running about 70km.


The shoebox Brooks Revel 5 is also blue. It also prints the picture of the model and colorway on the shoebox, so that you can find the shoes that you want to wear today easily.


Brooks Revel 5 uses upgraded Fit Knit vamp, which is the biggest difference of Brooks Revel 5 with Brooks Revel 4. Although the vamp is made of knit, but the inner layer is the half inner sleeve which is made of elastic ventilated material. So the foot won’t touch the knitted vamp directly.

The flexibility of Brooks Revel 5 is good. The knit and elastic material is soft. It won’t press the foot when bending. The forefoot is protected by plastic material. The stability of Brooks Revel 5 mainly comes from the logo on both sides of vamp. After fastening the shoelaces, it can guarantee the comfort level and stability.


The BioMoGo DNA technology insole is elastic. The height of forefoot sole is about 20mm, and the height of rear sole is about 28mm. The unit weight is about 250g. It’s light and elastic in the beginning. After running about 30km, the feedback is different, but the cushioning performance is still good.

The insole doesn’t have built-in stabilizing plate, Brooks Revel 5 is not stiff, but it also keeps the rigidity.


The outsole pattern of BROOKS REVEL is arrows. The black rubber covers the whole outsole.

After running about 70km, I haven’t found obvious abrasion. The abrasive resistance is good.


  1. Recover Run

As it’s a pair of new shoes, I firstly choose the recover run for testing Brooks Revel 5. The soft vamp is comfortable. It’s comfortable when running.

  1. Interval Run

Frankly, Brooks Revel 5 is also suitable for interval running. The stable outsole can grip the ground well. The feedback of BioMoGo DNA insole is fast. The drop height is only 8mm. Brooks Revel 5 can satisfy the request of interval running.

  1. LSD Run

As I already had the experience of recover run and interval run, I started to try the LSD run. It’s easy for me to run about half and two hours. The air permeability is good.  Comparing with BROOKS HYPERION ELITE, for the resilience and supporting performance of insole, Brooks Revel 5 is more suitable for middle and short distance running.


The appearance and performance of Brooks Revel 5 is good. The Fit Knit vamp is comfortable. The BioMoGo reminds us the foot feeling of NIKE REACT. It’s thinner and lighter. The feedback of Brooks Revel 5 is faster. The traction performance and durability is great. But shoe-pad is easy to skid. You can choose the standard size or half size smaller. You can have a try on physical store before purchasing.

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Deconstructed UA HOVR HAVOC 4 CLONE

The UA CLONE vamp technology of UA HOVR HAVOC 4 CLONE brings us more surprise. The insole uses HOVR+MICRO G technology which is not special. We want to show the inner structure of UA HOVR HAVOC 4 CLONE to our fans.


Splitting the left shoe from middle part

The A-A section of UA HOVR HAVOC 4 CLONE

Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

It uses independent shoe tongue, which is convenient for putting on and taking off.

The UA CLONE vamp technology likes a piece of elastic net which is trying to coordinate the adaptation of instep. It can fit the foot very well when exercising.

The inner layer of UA CLONE vamp uses suede material to stabilize the vamp.

The knitted material vamp is anti-skid and hard-wearing. The shoe heel is printed with HOVR HAVOC.

The surface material of insole fabric is EVA.

The reverse side of insole fabric is nonwovens.

The insole uses HOVR+MICRO G cushion. The HOVR technology can keep the energy feedback. The MICRO G foaming material is light and durable.

The forefoot sole adds 3 grooves on the force bearing point to save the effort.

The shoe heel has a lot of punching holes which will offer more deformation and bring more resilience.

The reverse side of arch TPU stabilizing plate has 3 pieces of reinforced ribs to improve the anti-torsion performance.

The length of EUR42.5 TPU stabilizing plate is about 85.79mm.

The width of EUR42.5 TPU stabilizing plate is about 31.69mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 TPU stabilizing plate is about 2.83mm.

The constrictive energy net on the shoe heel can offer necessary dynamic support when stressing.

The outsole uses big area of rubber which can offer more area to touch the ground and to improve the stability.

The stressing area of forefoot sole uses groove design which improve the feedback and traction performance.

The thickness of EUR42.5 forefoot outsole is about 5.48mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 rear outsole is about 4.46mm.

The thickness of forefoot sole (insole + outsole) is about 17.04mm.

The thickness of rear sole (insole + outsole) is about 24.03mm. The drop height is 6.99mm.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 364.6g.

The deconstructed parts of UA HOVR HAVOC 4 CLONE

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The vamp technology UA CLONE has tensioning characteristic which can fit the foot very well when exercising.

Insole: The insole uses double-deck air cushion HOVR+MICRO G which can offer excellent air cushion. The insole is not thick. The drop height is 7mm. It’s suitable for breaking though players.

Overall: UA HOVR HAVOC 4 CLONE is a pair of basketball shoes which is suitable for lightweight players and the players who like break though and faster speed. The height of upper can protect the ankle, and it also keeps the flexibility. It’s worthy to purchase.

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Nike Kyrie Low 4 Keep Sue Fresh Performance Review

Model: Nike Kyrie Low 4 Keep Sue Fresh

Court: outdoor epoxy

Height/Weight: 181cm/81kg

Size: US12

As the fans of Kyrie, I have bought Kyrie 2 till Kyrie 7. Kyrie 7 has got positive feedback in the market. Then the following Kylie Low 4 is called as the simplified version of Kyrie 7. Today, we want to share the performance review of Nike Kyrie Low 4 with you.

Traction Performance: 10 scores

The outsole of Nike Kyrie Low 4 is the same as Kyrie 7. The ripple pattern of outsole is developed after conversion. No matter if the calculation is accurate, the traction performance of the ripple pattern should be excellent, so it’s still used. You can stop in time when you want. The outsole has upturning design. The pattern of the outsole is deep. It should be no problem for normal players to use it at least 3 months.

Cushion Performance & Feedback: 4 scores

The forefoot sole of Nike Kyrie Low 4 uses rectangle Zoom air cushion and full-length cushlon foam cushion. But the actual cushion performance and feedback of Nike Kyrie Low 4 insole is worse. There should be some problems with the density of the full-length cushlon.

Fittness: 8 scores

The vamp of Nike Kyrie Low 4 uses check mesh fabric. Both sides of the vamp are visible. It improves the muggy disadvantages of Kyrie 7. The weight is also lighter than Kyrie 7. The padding on the ankle position is also thickened. The starting speed is fast. The forefoot outboard upturning position of Nike Kyrie Low 4 canceled the TPU design of Kyrie 7. The starting speed of Kyrie Low 4 is better than Kyrie 7. But the later support and fitness is not good. The space on both sides of the vamp is a little empty.

Strength/Supporting Performance: 6 scores

After the Kyrie series starting to use Zoom Turbo, the TPU stabilizing plate is also canceled. But the insole of Kyrie Low 4 has rectangle TPU anti-torsion plate. The strength of Kyrie Low 4 is good at the beginning. But as the durability of vamp is declining, the supporting performance will also decline. The overall stability of Kyrie Low 4 is worse than Kyrie 7.


Kyrie Low 4 is suitable for flat foot. The appearance looks nice. But the overall performance is not great. As the price is cheap, if you like it, you can have a try.