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Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GTX Performance Review

More and more people like hiking. And there are more and more shoes for hiking in the market. This time, we tried Pegasus Trail 3 GTX. Many years ago, I have tried Pegasus 36 Trail, which is the upgraded version of Pegasus 36 and its vamp is not easy to be dirty. The insole and big swoosh logo of Pegasus Trail 3 GTX is a little similar to Pegasus 38. But their practicability is totally different. Pegasus Trail 3 GTX uses the GORE-TEX material for waterproof effect.

Cushion Performance:

For hiking, the comfort level of the shoes is very important. The insole of Pegasus Trail 3 GTX uses full-length NIKE REACT cushion. We can feel the softness of insole on stiff ground. After walking more than 4 hours, I still haven’t felt tired.

Supporting Performance:

It’s better to fasten the shoelaces tightly if it’s mountain road. As the material of shoe collar is soft and it doesn’t have extra padding, the support to ankle position is not good.

Although the outsole of Pegasus Trail 3 GTX uses durable rubber, but when stepping on the stones, the center of gravity will change. If it can uses Flyplate on the insole like ACG MOUNTAIN FLY LOW, it will be more stable.

Traction Performance:

The outsole uses RS001 rubber. It can handle most of road conditions. Except the slippery stones, the overall traction performance is great.

The overall performance and appearance of Pegasus Trail 3 GTX is great. It’s unable to resist this model.

The GORE-TEX version is waterproof. If you like the shoes with good air permeability, you can choose the normal version.

The small piece of rubber on the shoe head can protect the toes. Pegasus Trail 3 GTX is not only suitable for daily dressing, it’s also suitable for walking through the cities, mountains and plains.