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NIKE Air Zoom G.T. Run Performance Review

Testing Information:

Model: NIKE Air Zoom G.T. Run (DA7920-001)

Size: US10.5

Testing Court: outdoor cement court

Today, we want to share the performance review of Air Zoom G.T. Run with you.

On Court Performance-FIT:

We suggest to choose the standard size. It has suitable space for the toes. And it has padding on the shoe heel position. But the shoe tongue is half socks type design, and it’s too thin, so it effects the comfort level. The material doesn’t have much extensibility. The shoe-pad is made of NIKE React. As it’s socks type design, it’s a little hard to put on. So it has pull-tab design on the shoe heel.

On Court Performance-Upper Material & Upper Support:

The aim of Air Zoom G.T. Run is pursuing lightweight. The vamp is mainly made of nylon mesh fabric. And the inner layer has a layer of thin material as support. The outer layer has hot-melting plastic pattern. The vamp is thin, that’s why Air Zoom G.T. Run is light. Although the thin nylon vamp has good air permeability, but it sacrifices the fit and comfort level. I felt that the vamp is stiff in the beginning. The shoe tongue is also very thin. After fastening the shoelaces, it will press the instep. Air Zoom G.T. Run is a pair of mid type basketball shoes. It can cover the ankle position. But the foam padding around the ankle is not much, so the ankle support is not good.

NIKE REACT shoe-pad

After taking off the React shoe-pad, we can see the big Nike Zoom Storlble on the forefoot sole.

On Court Performance-Midsole:

The insole of Air Zoom G.T. Run uses NIKE React shoe-pad, NIKE ZOOM STORLBLE on forefoot sole and full-length React and NIKE ZOOM Air unit cushion.

The React shoe-pad is soft and has the anti-skid performance.

When putting on the Air Zoom G.T. Run, the feedback of Zoom air cushion on the forefoot sole is obviously. The full-length React insole also offer good cushion performance. But it uses both Nike Zoom Air and React cushion technology, the insole is a little too thick.

On Court Performance-Outsole:

The outsole uses wave type pattern. When testing it on outdoor cement court, the traction performance is good. The outsole also has a lot of punching holes, which is for reducing the overall weight. The outsole is made of XDR. I have tested it on outdoor cement court, so we don’t need to worry about the durability.

NIKE Air Zoom G.T. Run is a pair of basketball shoes with obvious advantages and disadvantages. It’s similar to running shoes. Air Zoom G.T. Run achieve the lightweight standard of running shoes. It has good air permeability and excellent cushion performance. But as a pair of basketball shoes, it require high supporting performance. So I think that Air Zoom G.T. Run can’t satisfy the players’ request of high supporting performance. And the thin shoe-tongue is also an obvious disadvantage for me. If you need run and has high request for the cushion performance, the configuration of Air Zoom G.T. Run will give you some surprise.