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BROOKS REVEL 5 Performance Review

My deep impression to Brooks brand is for running. I’m preparing for the second full marathon of this year, so I purchased Brooks Revel 5 for training. I want to share my reviews of Brooks Revel 5 with you after running about 70km.


The shoebox Brooks Revel 5 is also blue. It also prints the picture of the model and colorway on the shoebox, so that you can find the shoes that you want to wear today easily.


Brooks Revel 5 uses upgraded Fit Knit vamp, which is the biggest difference of Brooks Revel 5 with Brooks Revel 4. Although the vamp is made of knit, but the inner layer is the half inner sleeve which is made of elastic ventilated material. So the foot won’t touch the knitted vamp directly.

The flexibility of Brooks Revel 5 is good. The knit and elastic material is soft. It won’t press the foot when bending. The forefoot is protected by plastic material. The stability of Brooks Revel 5 mainly comes from the logo on both sides of vamp. After fastening the shoelaces, it can guarantee the comfort level and stability.


The BioMoGo DNA technology insole is elastic. The height of forefoot sole is about 20mm, and the height of rear sole is about 28mm. The unit weight is about 250g. It’s light and elastic in the beginning. After running about 30km, the feedback is different, but the cushioning performance is still good.

The insole doesn’t have built-in stabilizing plate, Brooks Revel 5 is not stiff, but it also keeps the rigidity.


The outsole pattern of BROOKS REVEL is arrows. The black rubber covers the whole outsole.

After running about 70km, I haven’t found obvious abrasion. The abrasive resistance is good.


  1. Recover Run

As it’s a pair of new shoes, I firstly choose the recover run for testing Brooks Revel 5. The soft vamp is comfortable. It’s comfortable when running.

  1. Interval Run

Frankly, Brooks Revel 5 is also suitable for interval running. The stable outsole can grip the ground well. The feedback of BioMoGo DNA insole is fast. The drop height is only 8mm. Brooks Revel 5 can satisfy the request of interval running.

  1. LSD Run

As I already had the experience of recover run and interval run, I started to try the LSD run. It’s easy for me to run about half and two hours. The air permeability is good.  Comparing with BROOKS HYPERION ELITE, for the resilience and supporting performance of insole, Brooks Revel 5 is more suitable for middle and short distance running.


The appearance and performance of Brooks Revel 5 is good. The Fit Knit vamp is comfortable. The BioMoGo reminds us the foot feeling of NIKE REACT. It’s thinner and lighter. The feedback of Brooks Revel 5 is faster. The traction performance and durability is great. But shoe-pad is easy to skid. You can choose the standard size or half size smaller. You can have a try on physical store before purchasing.

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