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Nike Kyrie Low 4 Keep Sue Fresh Performance Review

Model: Nike Kyrie Low 4 Keep Sue Fresh

Court: outdoor epoxy

Height/Weight: 181cm/81kg

Size: US12

As the fans of Kyrie, I have bought Kyrie 2 till Kyrie 7. Kyrie 7 has got positive feedback in the market. Then the following Kylie Low 4 is called as the simplified version of Kyrie 7. Today, we want to share the performance review of Nike Kyrie Low 4 with you.

Traction Performance: 10 scores

The outsole of Nike Kyrie Low 4 is the same as Kyrie 7. The ripple pattern of outsole is developed after conversion. No matter if the calculation is accurate, the traction performance of the ripple pattern should be excellent, so it’s still used. You can stop in time when you want. The outsole has upturning design. The pattern of the outsole is deep. It should be no problem for normal players to use it at least 3 months.

Cushion Performance & Feedback: 4 scores

The forefoot sole of Nike Kyrie Low 4 uses rectangle Zoom air cushion and full-length cushlon foam cushion. But the actual cushion performance and feedback of Nike Kyrie Low 4 insole is worse. There should be some problems with the density of the full-length cushlon.

Fittness: 8 scores

The vamp of Nike Kyrie Low 4 uses check mesh fabric. Both sides of the vamp are visible. It improves the muggy disadvantages of Kyrie 7. The weight is also lighter than Kyrie 7. The padding on the ankle position is also thickened. The starting speed is fast. The forefoot outboard upturning position of Nike Kyrie Low 4 canceled the TPU design of Kyrie 7. The starting speed of Kyrie Low 4 is better than Kyrie 7. But the later support and fitness is not good. The space on both sides of the vamp is a little empty.

Strength/Supporting Performance: 6 scores

After the Kyrie series starting to use Zoom Turbo, the TPU stabilizing plate is also canceled. But the insole of Kyrie Low 4 has rectangle TPU anti-torsion plate. The strength of Kyrie Low 4 is good at the beginning. But as the durability of vamp is declining, the supporting performance will also decline. The overall stability of Kyrie Low 4 is worse than Kyrie 7.


Kyrie Low 4 is suitable for flat foot. The appearance looks nice. But the overall performance is not great. As the price is cheap, if you like it, you can have a try.