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The Performance Review of Nike Air Zoom G.T. Cut

NIKE released G.T. (Greater Than) series basketball shoes which means to surpass the past. The G.T. series released 3 models, including CUT, RUN and JUMP. The first released NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT is the only one pair of low type basketball shoes of this series. Today, we want to talk about the performance of NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT.

Comfort Level & Cushion Performance:

The insole of NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT takes Drop-in React shoe-pad and full-length Zoom Strobel. The shoe heel adds horse hoof type Zoom Air cushion to offset the impact force when jumping to the ground. The configuration of insole is soft and flexible. It’s very comfortable when running. The ZOOM Strobel is under React shoe-pad.

The vamp is made of mesh fabric with elastic material which is similar to the material of diving suit. The shoe tongue fit the vamp very well. The React shoe-pad has anti-skidding pattern to reduce the foot moving in the shoes. If your instep is high or the foot is wide, it’s better to choose half size bigger or one size bigger.
Supporting Performance & Flexibility:

Due to the insole configuration, the weight of NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT is not light. But it doesn’t affect the starting speed. The shoe heel has Zoom Air unit. The forefoot sole is low, and the shoe heel is higher, so it will push the wearer to move forward. And NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT is low model and its vamp is soft, so the overall flexibility is good.

The supporting performance is not bad. The TPU film from front end to shoe heel can help to fix the foot when moving. The React shoe-pad has upturning design to fix the foot in the middle position. The dilated outsole can also improve the stability. And these details can make up the disadvantage of soft vamp.

Durability & Traction Performance:

NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT outsole uses the ECG configurated pattern with different density. The traction performance on outdoor court or indoor wood floor court is excellent. Even if the outsole uses transparent material, the traction performance on outdoor cement court is also good. But as the material is soft, it needs time to test the abrasive resistance. We suggest to use it on indoor court.

The vamp doesn’t add with any wear-resistant coating to deal with high-strength abrasion. But the shoelace holes have embossed thin coating and the holes are colloid.

The shoebox design is ←Z→. The wrapping paper has the details like N>KE, >>>>>> and BEYOND etc.. As NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT relates to speed. The NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT uses different cushion configuration. React shoe-pad absorb the impact force. The Zoom Strobel can offer jumping feedback. It can keep the balance of flexibility and comfort. The traction performance is also excellent.

Overall, NIKE AIR ZOOM G.T. CUT is a pair of basketball shoes which is suitable for defenders, lightweight players and nimble players.