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Nike Kyrie Low 2 Performance Review

Like some of you, when the Nike Kyrie Low 2 was released I didn’t make a purchase for I thought it would come down in price sooner or later. However, I did not expect that the price of the shoe has not changed much since it was put on sale for nearly half a year. But on the other hand, I think this indirectly reflects the shoe’s actual performance is excellent.

Actually when I first saw the shoe I could see a lot of characteristics of Irving’s signature shoes of the past. For example, the overall appearance of the shoe is much like the third signature shoe while the support plates on both sides, not least the inner arch, are like that of the sixth one. Some reviewer also says that the Nike Kyrie Low 2 can’t be simply defined as a low-top version of the Nike Kyrie 2, because in many ways, the two shoes are completely different despite the technical similarities.

Now that I’ve finally got the shoes and played in them for over 3 months, I’ll present to you my personal experience with it and its performance review. Let’s get started then!




Unlike some of Irving’s recent signature shoes, the Kyrie Low2 doesn’t look very round, but rather elongated, with a slim body. The vamp is made from a large piece of engineered mesh, and I think it’s far more delicate and textured than the first version of signature shoe. Besides that, the material is also quite breathable even in hot summer days. With the weather getting warmer, you can still rest assured to play to your heart’s content.


Then what about the wrapping? Can it firmly lock or fix the feet?Again, you can rest assured! The vamp wrapping is quite excellent without any toe bumps. Looking closely at the shoe you’ll find that there are something special about the shoelace system. Although it looks like there are only 6 groups of laces, it is not so. There are actually 4 sets of laces in the foremost, through adjusting which you can enjoy the most suitable wrapping according to your own foot type. As for the other three groups, they are to to cooperate with supporting pieces at the side of the vamp, which not only ensures excellent wrapping but also improves support.


When it comes to the heel, although there is no extra foam filling, the lining has been relatively thick, and the counter there is also big and stiff enough to offer support. At the outside there is the red woven material to provide additional wrapping.



Does it bite aggressively on various grounds? Does it wear out easily and what’s the state of my Kyrie Low 2 at the moment?


The big thing about the shoe is that it is prestigious for its traction performance. According to many players, the Nike Kyrie Low 2’s traction is superb, even in the outfield, and it can hold the ground firmly. With that, the problem of heel slipping and side-to-side movement are virtually nil.

While Irving’s signature shoes are known for having a spherical, or rounded, outsole, that of kyrie Low2 is a more conventional look. In the forefoot and the heel area, there is obvious extension while the upturned design has been remained, which is still very suitable for players who are good at making breakthroughs.


In fact, on the inside of the forefoot, the outsole has a large upturn to increase the friction between the shoe and the ground. In terms of the outsole pattern, I think it is quite similar to that of Nike KOBE NXT 360, which is the kind of fine granular grains. The only thing that requires particular mention is that when I played in it for the first time, I almost slipped and “kissed” the ground, which may be due to dusts on court. But since then the traction has performed to my heart’s desire.


Nevertheless, there is still some feedback from consumers that the Nike Kyrie Low 2, compared with the Kyrie 2, is not that sustained in offering traction on outdoor courts and also lacks the overall flexibility that the Kyrie 2 boasts of. But unfortunately, I haven’t experienced the Kyrie 2 before. Therefore, with respect to this problem, I just want to bring it up so that you could form an idea for yourself.




Let’s break down the energy return , step comfort and stability then. Its cushioning is probably the best of all Irving signature shoes. Well, it’s no exaggeration! Besides the traction, the midsole is also one of the highlights of the shoe. The separated Zoom Air in the forefoot and the heel area, though not the top-ranking ones,is a fairly standard setup for the price and also have huge implications for the shoe’s overall performance.


For most guards, the small square-like zooms with the foams is absolutely adequate for employment on courts. But for players with lighter weights, they may not feel the energy return obviously. Take my experience. For me who weigh about 75 kg, at first I had to play 3-hour sessions for the midsole and the zooms to fully break in and begin working to their full potential. After that, the setup became super comfortable; the forefoot cushion is nice and bouncy though the rear one is not equally satisfactory. Usually I land on my forefoot and I feel very stable underfoot, and the ride is also a bit low off the ground. But if you are used to landing on the heel, you may feel the rear cushion quite stiff and therefore not enough for use.



In terms of the durability, after I played in it for several months and more than 20 matches, the outsole lines remain relatively intact and the overall model is holding up very well as of today. Although there do exist some wear and tear in the outside of the rear part and the inside of the forefoot, I deem that these are normal in the high-use areas and the shoe has already done a stellar job.


5 Other details


The inner support plate extends directly to the arch, which is similar to the Velcro design of the Irving 6. Such a design actually provides some rigidity and also anti-torsional support at the meantime.


Summarizing the Nike Kyrie Low 2: the shoe is definitely worth the dollar, though not perfect, nor versatile, and it can stack up against the competition.


In general, the design of the shoe may not impress you too much at the first glance, but the more you look at it, the more likelier you’ll get attracted. With such setups and the public praise of many players, I am quite satisfied with its actual performance and feel quite delighted at having copped the right one.


I haven’t fully tested the shoe, but based on my own experience and what I’ve heard from other reviewers, the shoe is definitely cost-effective. So if you are someone who values that greatly, this is your thing!

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Shop the Look: Nike Air Force 1,Built Different

Turning back the clock you’ll find that there are actually quite a few NIKE AIR FORCE 1 that are not only classic but also high-priced. And chances are that there is at least a pair of AIR FORCE 1 lying in the shoe cabinet of Nike enthusiasts. So let’s talk about those excellent AF1s today.


AF1 has gone through many years since its birth in 1982. Over the years it has developed from the original position of basketball shoes to the symbolic sneakers of today and has a great bearing on almost every field. As Nike’s most representative model, AF1 is by estimate the most abundant with its colorways and derivative versions in Nike’s entire products. From the classic AF1 all-white colorway to a variety of co-branded limited editions, many of them are incredibly expensive. Here I’ve listed 10 pairs of AF1s for your curiosity, though some of them seem beyond reach.


As an old business companion of Nike, the also-widely-enjoyed SUPREME has long ago released the NIKE AIR FORCE 1 HIGH SUPREME WORLD FAMOUS in 2014. This is the first time that Nike and Supreme chose the Air Force 1 High as their collaborated shoe version.

The eye-catching “Supreme” is emblazoned on the heel, while Supreme’s signature slogan “World Famous” and the year “94” when the brand was founded are featured on the upper strap and the heel.


Nevertheless, it is amazing to know that because the shoe has been released long ago and with the collaboration of SUPREME, it is currently priced over $1108, at which many people will frown.



In 2013, in order to celebrate the birth of Lunar Force 1, there released a limited edition set and the NIKE LUNAR FORCE 1 x FRAGMENT DESIGN just rose in response to the proper time and conditions.

For its vamp it is still black while the midsole and the shoelaces have been changed to cream white so as to better reflect the style of the Lunar line.

This Air Force 1 is equipped with kinda luxurious materials to reshape the image of the shoe that is iconic of street culture. On the vamp the crozzling-like design also endows the shoe with quite a noble air.

Now the price of this Fragment Design Lunar Force 1, undoubtedly a rare and historical classic masterpiece, is around $1300, making it all the more tantalizing yet difficult for sneaker enthusiasts to purchase.

For those of us who love shoe culture, there are more or less some valuable shoe models at home that are infinitely cherished, and this Fragment Design Lunar Force 1 is definitely up to scratch.



This is AF1’s unique design inspired by the world’s most ferocious dog – Tibetan mastiff.

The vamp adopts the colorway that is characterized of traditional ethnic features of Chinese Tibetan. The patterns on the vamp, the ethnic totem, the artificial animal hair as well as the eye-catching word “mastiff” together make the shoe rather distinctive.

Unique as the shoe is, it is quite a rare model, and its price is also somewhat daunting, reaching more than $1266.


Supreme and COMME des GARCONS SHIRT teamed up with Nike in 2017 to create a pair of shoes for their spring/summer collaboration. Nike’s representative Air Force 1 Low thus becomes the protagonist of this collaboration, with pure white as the main hue to retain the classic features.

The avant-garde design of COMME des GARCONS SHIRT is highlighted by the black eye-ball pattern on the heel and the sides. Over and above that, the joint Logo with Supreme can also be seen below the Swoosh.

The all-white colorway, coupled with the endorsement of the two fashion brands SUPREME and COMME des GARCONS, has pushed the price of the shoe up to around $ 1266 at one point.


The Air Force 1 Low PlayStation is a Nike shoe designed around the PlayStation game console in 2006.

With the bright leather symbolizing the console and the PlayStation embroidery logo at the heel, the shoe is not only the first pair of collaboration between Nike and PlayStation , but also quite limited—there are only 150 pairs in the world, making it quite precious.

It should be made mention of that Kobe Bryant, who was the cover character of Sony’s exclusive NBA VIDEO game on Playstation, also got a pair and became the first player to own the shoes.

So what about the price? Well, you may have guessed it! Because the quantity of the shoe is too scarce, its price is above $1500, which is really jaw-dropping.


Lebron James’ Air Force 1 “Fear Chamber” line, containing 6 models in total, has long been a fantasy for many shoe lovers. Its designs are mainly based on Air Force 1 Low, presenting us quite a variety of colorways.

In the heels of those shoes, there are embroidered with various Chinese characters to highlight their themes, and decorated with James’s personal Logo to distinguish them from others models.

As for their prices that are most concerned about, they are generally priced between $790-$2400, which is equally eye-popping.



OFF WHITE’s collaboration with NIKE, THE TEN, is arguably the source of heat discussion of the sneaker field in recent years.

OFF WHITE X NIKE AIR FORCE 1 is the debut of THE TEN series, and the price of these shoes has already skyrocketed, especially for women’s size, which is around $2400, and men’s size, which is around $1600.


This OFF WHITE x MOMA x NIKE AIR FORCE 1, also co-branded by OFF WHITE, is different from The Ten series in that it does not choose lightweight material but leather materials in the body. As for the details, the designs of the shoelaces and the silver Swoosh are both retained, making the shoe highly polished and recognizable.

The shoes, however, are only available in New York as part of the MOMA museum and are sold in extremely rare quantities currently on the market for around $4750.


This one was created in Nike’s 1World Project in 2008 in collaboration with Kaws, a famous Graffiti artist in the United States.

The black frosted leather with a finishing “XX” pattern, though seemingly simple, has incorporated KAWS classic elements into the design of the shoe.

The shoe body is mainly black and fluorescent green which was actually quite rare at the time and its price has also reached an amazing $4750 or more.


Back in 2009, Nike launched the Nike Clot Air Force 1 in collaboration with Clot to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Inspired by red which is deemed as a lucky color, the AF1 pair features a double upper, the upper layer of which can be detached. For the lower layer, it is made of dark brown leather, which also features the same Clot Chinese embroidered logo that is carved by laser.

As one of the most classic models, the price of this CLOT x NIKE AIR FORCE 1 has reached over $1582 in those days, and today, more than ten years later, it is even more than $14240. Really amazing!


For those who value their dollars and attach great importance to the subtleties of the models they buy or are going to buy, it is a must to get some more intimate knowledge than just the list of AF1s. After all, having more knowledge of the shoes at your disposal won’t hurt.


Although some of the models foregoing may seem daunting either for their quantities or prices,  I am not talking about nonsense by making the list and it doesn’t mean that they are all entirely unavailable, only that they cost a bit much. Nonetheless, it all depends on your own financial ability and whether you’d sacrifice your dollars for them.

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Jordan Ultra Fly2 low Performance Review

Like many of you, I’ve also got a deep love for basketball. It is because of this passion, I’ve invested a lot in it and learned how important a good pair of equipment is to play basketball well. Therefore, when asked what kind of good shoes do I have, I would probably say, “Jordan Ultra Fly2 low”, which is a low-top version of the shoes employed by BTL.

As a matter of fact, this Ultra Fly2 low has been getting good reviews ever since it was released. Nonetheless, because of little publicity, the shoes are not so well-known for many people. In spite of that, its performances, as is said by some consumers, are far from what it looks like and can live up to their expectations.

In terms of the vamp, it is some kind of ordinary fabric, quite different from that of the high-top version and also being more excellent in air permeability. As for the hardness of the vamp, it belongs to the mediocre level, which may bring on a poorer protection than does the high-top one.

Notwithstanding that, for this pair of sneaker, the small flaw can still be made up for by other advantages. With regard to the shoes’ overall appearance, the brand has put away the eversion design of the high-top shoes for it leads to a poor wrapping performance in the ankle part. Because of this, Ultra Fly2 low has a much nicer wrapping performance than its high-top “fellow”.

However, different people have different views. From the perspective of some customers, its wrapping may have been too much for them and the shoelace system does little help in adjusting the degree of tightness so that it even causes pressure on their insteps.

As for the size, it is highly recommended to choose a bigger one because the sizes of the shoes are not quite accurate. To tell the truth, I am living proof of this. My feet are the lanky type, but the shoes are still too tight for me and therefore I had to go through a lot of trouble changing them. To avoid such a hassle, you’d better choose a larger size when purchasing.

When it comes to the support, it is safe to say that it won’t fail you. As is mentioned earlier, the wrapping of the not-so-soft vamp is excellent. And along with the heel TPU, the vamp support of the shoes are quite qualified. After wearing my Ultra Fly2 low for over half a year, I can say that my feet never slipped inside it, and as of today, there aren’t signs of serious deformation of it, either.

It can be seen in the midsole that there are anti-torsion devices, which, however, can not stand the test of high intensity exercises. Maybe it is because the midsole materials aren’t hard enough that the anti-torsion devices alone are simply insufficient for long and high-intensity exercises.

Regarding the cushioning, it is performs as well as the high-top one. In the front part of the outsole, there is a fan-shaped ZOOM and in the rear part, there is also a Hex zoom, which can be said to be a terrific setup among the recent Nike shoes. The two zooms together create superior rebound and feedback, which makes it easy for the guards and frontlines to harness. According to my friends who happen to have a pair of Ultra Fly2 low, the zooms, not least the one in the front, do play a significant role in propelling them forward. Nonetheless, because of the super excellent performance of the rear cushion, this Ultra Fly2 low is not recommended to those people who weighs over 180 kg.

The grip of Ultra Fly2 low is also stunning. The spiral grooves in the outsole provides all-directional grip so that whether you remain static or dynamic, it is always prepared to help you.


To sum up, this Ultra Fly2 low is a highly cost-effective work, despite that it does have some disadvantages which, I think, will not lead to much bother to the overall performances of the shoes. Therefore, if you are somewhat interested in the shoes, you might as well take a shot.

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Unboxing: Nike PG 6 “Valentine’s Day”

NBA star Paul George’s signature shoe series has always been favored by the majority of sneaker lovers. From the first edition to the newly released PG 6, they are all widely enjoyed and cost-effective tools on courts. What electrifies the fans of the series is that the recently launched PG 6 has ushered in its newest colorway, the “Valentine’s Day” colorway, and here is some detailed information of the shoes.

For the appearance of this colorway, it is quite striking and fits the air of romance of Valentine’s Day. The main hue of the vamp is the emerald green while the other details are as well bright and eye-catching. For example, the tender pink outsole and the pattern of butterflies and flower embellishing the vamp are all perfectly matched. Covered by a large engineering mesh cloth, the vamp is not only breathable, but also ensures perfect wrapping. In conclusion, there is an obvious contrast of the overall colorway, but it is also eye-pleasing at the same time.

The highlights of the shoes include a heart-shaped basketball on the tongue, a Cupid logo on the left insole and a heart-shaped tag printed with the words “Just Do It” to echo the theme of Valentine’s Day.

The Nike Swoosh on the heel has changed back to the PG2 iconic logo.

The upturn of the PG Logo on the outside of the sole can improve the performance of lateral support. In addition to that, the particular appearance of the midsole also personifies the shoes and makes it distinctive.

With regard to the insoles, there is also the pattern of a basketball and a basketball rim on the right insole, which echoes that on the other one, symbolizing that Cupid’s arrow has hit its target.


Good news is that the brand-new Nike PG 6 “Valentine’s Day”will be available soon, priced at $120. Those who are interested in this colorway may as well get prepared and take a shot. After all, this colorway is quite unique and is also endowed with particular meanings.

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Nike Cosmic Unity Performance Review

Nike Cosmic Unity has attracted quite a lot of attention even before it hit the market. Actually, when Anthony Davis first wore this Cosmic Unity on court, it is set to be a pair of extraordinary shoes. Although admittedly, it has brought on some controversy for a while, its performance is certainly noteworthy.

Talking about its overall performances, I am most satisfied with its full-foot Zoom Strobel cushion that is really very impressive. Although the cushion setups in the market today have come in all shapes and sizes, the full-foot Zoom Strobel still works as well as ever. The cushioning is thick to thin from the rear part to the front, providing a comfortable experience with both rebound and cushioning. Put directly under the insoles, you can obviously feel the existence of the cushion and the rebound it provides is so conspicuous that you may feel like stepping on a foam.

However, such a setup is not generally applicable. Instead, it will be more suitable for center and power forward because the full-foot cushion, after all, has a certain bearing on startup. For guards, however, I think it is within the acceptable range.

The rubber outsole, XDR, of Cosmic Unity is equipped with grains that are thunder-like, which I’ve tested in different floors. It turned out that its grip performance was steady and good on clean wood floors, but not so on wet grounds. But despite some decrease on wet grounds, its grip is still enough for use.

Another advantage of the outsole is that it requires little cleaning because it has no “affinity” for dust. Although I only played basketball on indoor courts, the wear resistance of the outsole so far is pretty good. To tell the truth, after 8 hours’ combat indoors, there were hardly any signs of wear and tear.

One of the highlights of Nike Cosmic Unity is its use of 25% of recycled materials which, however, may also account for its weight and the hardness of the vamp. As a matter of fact, I was quite unaccustomed to it and I even thought that I might have picked the wrong one. But after a period of getting along with it, I am used to it now.

What is intriguing for me is the shoelace system. At first I even had trouble fastening the laces because of the thick tongue and the design of shoelace system. However, as soon as I got the hang of it, I instantly felt its super wrapping performance.

As is mentioned earlier, the vamp is a bit hard, bringing on some discomfort at first. Yet it is because of this that I am more assured that it will at least provide me with enough support which is essential for every player.

The midsole at the heel is both eye-catching and strong. It’s safe to say that the midsole is the largest I’ve ever seen and is capable of offering protection for the wearer.

The anti-torsional TPU in the sole, which most of the sneaker fans are very concerned about, is much more practical than the large carbon plate widely enjoyed in recent two years.

Nevertheless, the shoes are not without shortcomings. The hard vamp may not be that friendly to our skin because it may bring on blisters in the toe. Besides, its reaction is a bit slow when I am starting up.


To sum up, Nike Cosmic Unity is cost-effective with overall good performances. Although the shoes are far from being perfect and there is still room for improvement, I think it is still recommendable for most people. But before purchasing the shoes, you are also recommended to have a try in the flesh.

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A Close Look at Nike Dunk Scrap

With my last pair of Nike shoes worn out and disappearing in my shoe cabinet two years ago, I gradually lost interest in Nike shoes. It was not until I saw the photos of this Nike Dunk Scrap several months ago and then put the shoes to test that I regained my faith in Nike. It seems that it is hard for me to resist the temptation of recommending good shoes. Therefore, here is the introduction of the setups of this Nike Dunk Scrap.

Nike Dunk Scrap is actually the modified version of Dunk. Despite that, during the dunk series’ general increase in price, the price of modified versions are also on the increase, which many Nike fans frown at.

Compared with Dunk, Dunk Scrap adopts the structural splice in its design. The colorway here is mainly light green that looks fresh and aesthetic. For the materials used in the vamp, it contains mesh material, making the shoes somewhat distinctive among the various shoes of today. In fact, it is safe to say that even put in the midst of so many shoes, Dunk Scrap will still stand out.

At the heel there is a embroidery logo. The design, among other things, is enough to highlight the shoes’ characteristics.

The grains of the outsole, at the first glance, are not so eye-catching. During my testing the shoes last week when I exercised on both smooth wooden floor and asphalt road, its grip performance, not remarkable though, was still impressive. As soon as I got the hang of it, I found the outsole all the more helpful so that I could work out to my heart’s content.

The materials that made of the midsole are very comfortable. The midsole is very bouncy, offering quite a lot of feedback that always keeps its wearer motivated.


To sum up, Nike Dunk Scrap is very compelling not only in its appearance, but also in its setups. Whether you use the shoes for running, other exercises or daily wearing, the shoes are set to make you the center of attention.

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Unboxing: KYRIE 8

Just as Irving’s performance on the court has received a lot of attention, so has the series of basketball shoes. In fact, because of the KYRIE shoes’ excellent performance, they have always been widely enjoyed. Therefore, when this KYRIE 8 was launched, many people doubted whether it could be as satisfactory as its predecessors. Anyway, to get some knowledge of the shoes, it’s a must to take a close look at it first.

There have been several colorways of the shoes. Each of them has its own features and can therefore cater to the needs of different people.

For the colorway below, the vamp is a large tiger pattern comprised of purple, black and light green. In the tongue of each shoe, there are printed with different logos. Besides, the shoelace system is designed in such a particular way that it can improves the shoes’ overall wrapping performance.

It can be obviously seen from the side that the tongue is designed very high and the padding in it is very thick. However, whether such thick padding can enhance wrapping still remains to be tested.

The material of the upper is different from that of the front part. There is a large area of leather and quite a lot of padding.

The previous Kyrie shoes are equipped with only one Zoom, but now we can find two Zooms in KYRIE 8, which is actually a great improvement. However, the Zoom at the heel is so small that its performance might be barely noticeable.

The design at the heel is all the more elegant and simple. A logo of “Irving” is eye-catching there, but it is nothing more than a decoration. In short, I don’t think the heel design is outstanding or deserves much attention.

My first impression of its outsole was that it was so large and flat, and I even doubted whether the shoe could provide me with the grip I had expected of it. For all that, I must confess that the grains in the forefoot are very nice and distinctive. In the middle of the sole there is also a signature of Irving and the back part is marked red with the number 8, which is highly practical.


To sum up, this KYRIE 8 may not be superior to KYRIE 7 in its appearance, but its setups are certainly improved. Although Irving himself is not engaged in the design of the shoes, that’s not to say that there is nothing to recommend them. But anyway, ultimately it is you who are in charge.

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Kyrie Infinity Performance Review

This Kyrie Infinity, so called Kyrie 8, has failed quite a few reviewers. Anyway, for those who may be considering buying this Kyrie Infinity, an objective review of the shoes is necessary and here it is.

The first impression it gave me when I held it in my hands was that its materials felt very bad and its workmanship was also mediocre. In order to make up for this, Nike adopts genuine leather from the edge of the forefoot to the upper. Compared with its predecessors, however, this Kyrie Infinity is still far from being satisfying.

Nike’s last is still there and is also superior in quality. With this, I can enjoy excellent comfortness offered by the shoes. Besides that, I found that so long as I fasten the shoelaces, the shoes can still provided me with good wrapping. But it should be made particular mention of that the wrapping in the front part remains to be improved because of the thin materials used there.


Both the inner part of the heel and the shoe tongue are padded with a lot of foam, which, as is known to many sneaker fans, won’t lead to the desired result. “The more, the better.” doesn’t apply here. Therefore, if you are in need of particular excellent wrapping, you are very likely to get disappointed at this Kyrie Infinity. But on the other hand, one of its advantages is that it can be suitable for a wide range of people with different foot shape.

In the forefoot a Zoom Strobel is used which is the same as that in GT Run, but I don’t think it has done a better job than Zoom Turbo. In the heel, there is also a Zoom, but you can barely feel it if you don’t take a closer look at it. In spite of that, “half a loaf is better than no bread.”, and it is certainly stiffer than foams, offering a relatively nice support.

I have to admit that it was beyond my wildest dreams when I found that Nike equips the shoes with an anti-torsional device in the arch. However, it just turned out that the device’s role is minimal:it is not hard enough so that it can’t offer any support in the midsole. And with the soft vamp material, the shoe’s anti-torsion performance has gone from bad to worse. Therefore, you’d better not expect too much of it. After several rounds of matches, my feet has suffered a lot.

Taking a look at its outsole, I had thought the shoe’s grip would be satisfying. However, it failed me once again. The rubber of the outsole is again rather soft and is therefore prone to deformation. When I was playing basketball yesterday, I almost slipped a couple of times, from which you can see its poor grip performance.

For its cushioning performance, you can’t expect too much of it, either. Owing to the position of the cushion in the forefoot, I didn’t get much benefit from it.

However, this Kyrie Infinity is not without advantages. A single shoe weighs about 400 grams, which is above the average level. Over and above that, its breathability, I think, can be listed as superior. Personally, I get sweaty easily on my feet, but I don’t feel stuffy in the shoes.


To sums up, this is the worst Kyrie shoes of the series. To a professional player, this Kyrie Infinity is definitely unsuitable and not qualified for high-tensity way of playing. But for daily low-intensity exercise, these shoes are more than sufficient.


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Nike KYRIE 8 Performance Review

Through protracted and unremitting efforts, KYRIE 8 is finally here to meet us. Since you are all curious about its performance before buying, then its performance review is essential and it is also here to help meet the crying needs of some sneaker fans.

In terms of the shoe box, it should be made particular mention of. On the front of the box, there is the “KYRIE” and a logo which symbolizes “infinity”. However, whether this KYRIE 8 can live up to the symbolism of the logo remains to be seen.

The shoes, as yet, have accompanied me for only two months. In spite of that, I think I’ve been very familiar with its overall performance.

As regards its vamp, there can be found some originality of the designer. In the front part, there is the engineered mesh with a particular yarn which not only enhances the shoes’ hardness, but also improves its durability to a great extent. Over and above that, another part that impresses me deeply lies in the design of shoelace holes. In recent years, many designers have been innovating in a variety of places, and the shoelace holes are no exception. In this KYRIE 8, I found that the combination of its shoelaces and lace holes is quite a successful design. At the sides of a shoe, there are respectively two pair of independent shoelace holes, which will greatly strengthen the shoes’ wrapping performance.

The padding in both the heel and the shoe tongue is also thick and sufficient, which is set to ensure enough comfortness and wrapping for the wearer. So long as you fasten your shoelaces, the padding will only give weight to the shoe’s overall wrapping performance. At the heel, there is a relatively hard counter that guarantees necessary support.


That KYRIE 8 resembles KYRIE 6 will not in the least affect my liking for KYRIE 8 because it has done a more brilliant job than its predecessor.


Take the midsole. In the front part, there is a large Zoom Strobel, ensuring that the shoes won’t fall short of cushioning which I think is not so excellent in KYRIE 6. On the other hand, however, the midsole is not equipped with any TPU for anti-torsion, so it might not be suitable for a wide range of people.

In the heel, there is also a zoom, but I don’t think it is put to good use. After wearing the shoes, it dawned on me that the cushioning at the heel is nothing more than a decoration because I could barely feel its function.

Luckily, its anti-torsional performance is not bad, which in a sense has offset the nearly “absent” heel cushioning. As you can see in the pictures, the front part of the outsole is widened, which aims to improve the shoes’ anti-torsional performance, and this has been testified in my testing the shoes.


With regard to its grip, I think it lives up to my expectation. The design at the heel looks like two suckers, thus requiring little efforts of the wearer when he needs stability. Therefore, from my perspective, KYRIE 8 is actually superior to KYRIE 6.


Picking up a pair of sneaker that is suitable for ourselves is a shot in the arm. With the above information, you might have borne some ideas about the shoes in your mind. Anyway, it is said that KYRIE 8 is likely to be Irving’s last signature shoes in Nike, and if it is the right one for you, you’d better take action now.

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Nike KD 13 Performance Review

At the end of the day, Kevin Durant, who was injured in the playoffs previously, still released his new edition of signature shoes, the Nike KD 13. Similar to the Kyrie 6, this Nike KD 13 is also kind of improved version of the previous one. To be honest,  I deemed that it was nigh impossible that the shoes would make a difference initially and I was nearly to give up expecting something from it.

After all, in many cases, improved shoes can not gain the equal popularity as does their original versions. However, after testing this pair of Nike KD 13, I did have some different views about improved shoes.

To begin with, from my perspective, the shoes’ cushioning is the most satisfactory setup. Actually, it’s safe to say that this is a perfect setup.

I’m sure it is widely known that KD13 boasts a luxurious cushioning setup of the full-foot and front-foot ZOOM. But the fact is that there are also lots of shoes boasting excellent cushioning setups that disappoint their fans. Therefore, I was not optimistic about the cushion of this KD13 at the beginning.

However, it was not until I tried the shoes on that I found I was quite wrong. It is in fact very elastic instead of being too soft. The ZOOM in the front part also helps a bit in offering more traction in startup, which does surprise me a lot. And personally, I think there isn’t a cushioning setup that is more satisfying.

With respect to the grip performance, I should say that it is also prominent. Dating back the days when I was still obsessed with the KD12, I found it a bit disappointing that the shoes’ grip performance was just above average and didn’t stun me. However, when it comes to this KD 13, all the regrets have been made up for.

As you can see in the outsole, it is quite colorful and the grains are actually quite similar to that of the PG series. There are many circles in the outsole, which is a very popular design in recent years. In my first testing of the shoes, I’ve perceived that the outsole could not be very long-lasting, and if you expect it to last for several years, you’d better not wear it on rough floors. But on the other hand, I also found during the period that it was easy for the outsole to deal with the wet roads. After hours’ of testing, there was not in the least any signs of slipping. In short, both the transverse and longitudinal traction performances are outstanding and can be sufficient for use.

For the wrapping, I feel it is also sufficient. For example, so long as I tighten the laces, the shoes can wrap my feet tightly. Therefore, if you are not a wide-footer, you are set to  enjoy the fantastic experience the shoe offers.

Then when we are talking about the vamp, many people might have found that the vamp of this pair of shoes is super thin and lightweight. And many will also get surprised by its nice supporting performance with such a thin vamp.

The TPU at the heel plays quite an important in enhancing the shoes’ support.

From the outsole we can see that there are also TPUs which are not solid but enough for use though.

But for the blue supporting setup in the picture below, it seems that its performance is quite average and one can not count too much on it.

Of course, there are some disadvantages of the shoes. For example, the anti-rollover protection performance is not that perfect. Because of this, my impression of the shoes has somewhat influenced.


To sum up, however good or bad the shoes are evaluated by people, I think I’ve got my right one and also the most suitable one. So, you might as well keep your own ideas about the shoes, and go and find your most suitable one.