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A Close Look at Nike Dunk Scrap

With my last pair of Nike shoes worn out and disappearing in my shoe cabinet two years ago, I gradually lost interest in Nike shoes. It was not until I saw the photos of this Nike Dunk Scrap several months ago and then put the shoes to test that I regained my faith in Nike. It seems that it is hard for me to resist the temptation of recommending good shoes. Therefore, here is the introduction of the setups of this Nike Dunk Scrap.

Nike Dunk Scrap is actually the modified version of Dunk. Despite that, during the dunk series’ general increase in price, the price of modified versions are also on the increase, which many Nike fans frown at.

Compared with Dunk, Dunk Scrap adopts the structural splice in its design. The colorway here is mainly light green that looks fresh and aesthetic. For the materials used in the vamp, it contains mesh material, making the shoes somewhat distinctive among the various shoes of today. In fact, it is safe to say that even put in the midst of so many shoes, Dunk Scrap will still stand out.

At the heel there is a embroidery logo. The design, among other things, is enough to highlight the shoes’ characteristics.

The grains of the outsole, at the first glance, are not so eye-catching. During my testing the shoes last week when I exercised on both smooth wooden floor and asphalt road, its grip performance, not remarkable though, was still impressive. As soon as I got the hang of it, I found the outsole all the more helpful so that I could work out to my heart’s content.

The materials that made of the midsole are very comfortable. The midsole is very bouncy, offering quite a lot of feedback that always keeps its wearer motivated.


To sum up, Nike Dunk Scrap is very compelling not only in its appearance, but also in its setups. Whether you use the shoes for running, other exercises or daily wearing, the shoes are set to make you the center of attention.

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