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Nike Cosmic Unity Performance Review

Nike Cosmic Unity has attracted quite a lot of attention even before it hit the market. Actually, when Anthony Davis first wore this Cosmic Unity on court, it is set to be a pair of extraordinary shoes. Although admittedly, it has brought on some controversy for a while, its performance is certainly noteworthy.

Talking about its overall performances, I am most satisfied with its full-foot Zoom Strobel cushion that is really very impressive. Although the cushion setups in the market today have come in all shapes and sizes, the full-foot Zoom Strobel still works as well as ever. The cushioning is thick to thin from the rear part to the front, providing a comfortable experience with both rebound and cushioning. Put directly under the insoles, you can obviously feel the existence of the cushion and the rebound it provides is so conspicuous that you may feel like stepping on a foam.

However, such a setup is not generally applicable. Instead, it will be more suitable for center and power forward because the full-foot cushion, after all, has a certain bearing on startup. For guards, however, I think it is within the acceptable range.

The rubber outsole, XDR, of Cosmic Unity is equipped with grains that are thunder-like, which I’ve tested in different floors. It turned out that its grip performance was steady and good on clean wood floors, but not so on wet grounds. But despite some decrease on wet grounds, its grip is still enough for use.

Another advantage of the outsole is that it requires little cleaning because it has no “affinity” for dust. Although I only played basketball on indoor courts, the wear resistance of the outsole so far is pretty good. To tell the truth, after 8 hours’ combat indoors, there were hardly any signs of wear and tear.

One of the highlights of Nike Cosmic Unity is its use of 25% of recycled materials which, however, may also account for its weight and the hardness of the vamp. As a matter of fact, I was quite unaccustomed to it and I even thought that I might have picked the wrong one. But after a period of getting along with it, I am used to it now.

What is intriguing for me is the shoelace system. At first I even had trouble fastening the laces because of the thick tongue and the design of shoelace system. However, as soon as I got the hang of it, I instantly felt its super wrapping performance.

As is mentioned earlier, the vamp is a bit hard, bringing on some discomfort at first. Yet it is because of this that I am more assured that it will at least provide me with enough support which is essential for every player.

The midsole at the heel is both eye-catching and strong. It’s safe to say that the midsole is the largest I’ve ever seen and is capable of offering protection for the wearer.

The anti-torsional TPU in the sole, which most of the sneaker fans are very concerned about, is much more practical than the large carbon plate widely enjoyed in recent two years.

Nevertheless, the shoes are not without shortcomings. The hard vamp may not be that friendly to our skin because it may bring on blisters in the toe. Besides, its reaction is a bit slow when I am starting up.


To sum up, Nike Cosmic Unity is cost-effective with overall good performances. Although the shoes are far from being perfect and there is still room for improvement, I think it is still recommendable for most people. But before purchasing the shoes, you are also recommended to have a try in the flesh.

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Nike Cosmic Unity Performance Review

Three years ago, I was obsessed with the Hyperdunk, and I’d sometimes wonder that what would the shoes’ “successor” look like. And three years later, with the arrival of this Nike Cosmic Unity, I think the past several years of my waiting for it are all worth it. So with respect to its performances, I’ve done some tests which I am going to share with you, and let’s get underway.

The first feeling of my wearing the shoes was that everything had come back, and then all the memories just surge overwhelmingly in my mind. It is still the reliable and comfortable shoe offered by Nike that is quite a familiar brand for me. Besides,  it is destined that the shoes will never be “the nice-enoughs”.

For the vamp, the thick woven material used simply brings me a stellar as well as unforgettable experience. Although the vamp is solid and a bit tough, it remains comfortable and will not hurt our feet.

However, not to put too fine a point on it, there is still a problem notwithstanding the advantages of the shoes. That is the last of the shoe is a bit narrow, which might not be that friendly to people with wide feet. So I highly suggest them that they can have a try before buying if they really take  a liking to the shoes.

I also want to mention a bit about the heel wrapping. At the beginning of getting familiar with the shoes, I just ignored the two ear-like shoelace buckles. Therefore, I thought the wrapping was just of an average performance and I also wondered why so many reviewers gave it such a high rating. And shortly I realized that, quite literally, it’s all the shoelace buckles’ work. So after my using the two buckles, I only found that my feet were firmly locked in the shoes.

Then in regard to the midsole, the full-foot Zoom that is very rare on the market today still makes me feel intoxicated as always. Firstly, as soon as I put on the shoes, I can feel the excellent feedback from the midsole. And without the midsole cloth, the elastic midsole can be felt more directly.

As for the insole, it is the finishing point of the shoes. Without the insoles, it would have been too soft to start up. But with the insoles, I felt it quite easy to make breakthrough on courts. Besides, the insoles also play an important role in improving stability.

The heel cushion is also in place. With the ZOOM and the relatively hard insoles, even those people who are relatively heavy will only find the cushioning quite enough. Or perhaps to put it more bluntly, a Zoom has been removed from the front-foot of the midsole, which also helps reduce the shoes’ weight and improve stability.

I’ve also noticed one thing. That is many people expressed their concern about the shoes’ anti-rollover performance which seems not so reliable.

However, it is under most cases quite reliable and it would be superior had it been widened in the outsole.

For the outsole, it looks ordinary though, it is in fact not in the least mediocre. And although made of the widely-seen herringbone and XDR, the outsole is practical and at the same time durable enough so as to become a long-lasting companion for us.

Lastly, we can see that there is a piece of white hard material which is important in offering support. But, for those with flatfoot, the shoes might not be that suitable.


After the legendary Hyperdunk X, I’ve been seeking a more excellent shoe and also searching for its “successor”. But both AlphaDunk and Air Zoom BB NXT have left us an average impression. However, it is quite fortunate that the Cosmic Unity has not failed us and its almost perfect performances are set to make it one of the best Nike shoes on the market right now.