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Jordan Ultra Fly2 low Performance Review

Like many of you, I’ve also got a deep love for basketball. It is because of this passion, I’ve invested a lot in it and learned how important a good pair of equipment is to play basketball well. Therefore, when asked what kind of good shoes do I have, I would probably say, “Jordan Ultra Fly2 low”, which is a low-top version of the shoes employed by BTL.

As a matter of fact, this Ultra Fly2 low has been getting good reviews ever since it was released. Nonetheless, because of little publicity, the shoes are not so well-known for many people. In spite of that, its performances, as is said by some consumers, are far from what it looks like and can live up to their expectations.

In terms of the vamp, it is some kind of ordinary fabric, quite different from that of the high-top version and also being more excellent in air permeability. As for the hardness of the vamp, it belongs to the mediocre level, which may bring on a poorer protection than does the high-top one.

Notwithstanding that, for this pair of sneaker, the small flaw can still be made up for by other advantages. With regard to the shoes’ overall appearance, the brand has put away the eversion design of the high-top shoes for it leads to a poor wrapping performance in the ankle part. Because of this, Ultra Fly2 low has a much nicer wrapping performance than its high-top “fellow”.

However, different people have different views. From the perspective of some customers, its wrapping may have been too much for them and the shoelace system does little help in adjusting the degree of tightness so that it even causes pressure on their insteps.

As for the size, it is highly recommended to choose a bigger one because the sizes of the shoes are not quite accurate. To tell the truth, I am living proof of this. My feet are the lanky type, but the shoes are still too tight for me and therefore I had to go through a lot of trouble changing them. To avoid such a hassle, you’d better choose a larger size when purchasing.

When it comes to the support, it is safe to say that it won’t fail you. As is mentioned earlier, the wrapping of the not-so-soft vamp is excellent. And along with the heel TPU, the vamp support of the shoes are quite qualified. After wearing my Ultra Fly2 low for over half a year, I can say that my feet never slipped inside it, and as of today, there aren’t signs of serious deformation of it, either.

It can be seen in the midsole that there are anti-torsion devices, which, however, can not stand the test of high intensity exercises. Maybe it is because the midsole materials aren’t hard enough that the anti-torsion devices alone are simply insufficient for long and high-intensity exercises.

Regarding the cushioning, it is performs as well as the high-top one. In the front part of the outsole, there is a fan-shaped ZOOM and in the rear part, there is also a Hex zoom, which can be said to be a terrific setup among the recent Nike shoes. The two zooms together create superior rebound and feedback, which makes it easy for the guards and frontlines to harness. According to my friends who happen to have a pair of Ultra Fly2 low, the zooms, not least the one in the front, do play a significant role in propelling them forward. Nonetheless, because of the super excellent performance of the rear cushion, this Ultra Fly2 low is not recommended to those people who weighs over 180 kg.

The grip of Ultra Fly2 low is also stunning. The spiral grooves in the outsole provides all-directional grip so that whether you remain static or dynamic, it is always prepared to help you.


To sum up, this Ultra Fly2 low is a highly cost-effective work, despite that it does have some disadvantages which, I think, will not lead to much bother to the overall performances of the shoes. Therefore, if you are somewhat interested in the shoes, you might as well take a shot.

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