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Unboxing: Air Jordan 1 Elevated Low

The black and red Air Jordan 1 may be quite different from what we have thought before and it is no exaggeration to hail it as “the most unique Air Jordan 1 in history”. Actually, in the past two years, the brand has created quite a number of different versions of black and red Air Jordan 1 on the basis of this classic colorway. Earlier this year, the Air Jordan 1 “Bred Patent” was released to embrace the new year. But shortly after the new shoes, the Air Jordan 1 Elevated Low was also launched. Now that it is available, it is a must to take a close look at it so that those who are interested in it may make better decisions.

As one of the first colorways of Air Jordan 1, it is needless to say that this black and red is widely enjoyed. The first colorway of this Air Jordan 1 Elevated Low is just the black and red, providing a variety of choices for girls who are crazy for Air Jordan.

The new design has added weight to the popularity of the colorway. Compared with Air Jordan 1 Low, the design of this Air Jordan 1 Elevated Low is a big stride ahead. The most recognizable feature is the super thick sole, which is about 4 cm and is full of temptation for many girls.

The vamp is made of soft high-quality leather material whose outstanding texture can be felt through vision alone, which has successfully retained the essence of the original version and restored the charm of black and red Air Jordan 1 as much as possible.

The heel of the original Wings logo has now been changed to a simple version, with only stitches to outline the silhouette.

As for the built-in Air-Sole, not only has it increases comfortness, but to a large extent enhances the shoes’ cushioning.

The shoes are also characterized with cork insoles, with only black and red featuring the pattern of MJ dunk. On top of that, the black and red also comes with a gold Jumpman metal chain, which adds the air of luxury to it.

Over and above this black and red, there are another two colorways that are euqally inviting. Although they are different in style, they can match very well with our various daily dressings.

For instance, when our clothes are relatively drab, this black and red can be the finishing touch for us, and when we are wearing bright clothes, it can still be icing on the cake.

Warm colors have always been favored by many girls, and the yellow colorway just complied with the trend. From my perspective, Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low to a certain degree resembles to Air Jordan 1 Low, but it is also endowed with more fashionable elements.


Having been released on February 19th, the Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low is and will be the source of heated discussion and tantalizing for many AJ fans. Although the shoes have quite a nice looking and attract even a lot of boys, it is, however, specifically designed for girls. Therefore, those interested in the shoes had better act now.

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