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Nike Kyrie Low 2 Performance Review

Like some of you, when the Nike Kyrie Low 2 was released I didn’t make a purchase for I thought it would come down in price sooner or later. However, I did not expect that the price of the shoe has not changed much since it was put on sale for nearly half a year. But on the other hand, I think this indirectly reflects the shoe’s actual performance is excellent.

Actually when I first saw the shoe I could see a lot of characteristics of Irving’s signature shoes of the past. For example, the overall appearance of the shoe is much like the third signature shoe while the support plates on both sides, not least the inner arch, are like that of the sixth one. Some reviewer also says that the Nike Kyrie Low 2 can’t be simply defined as a low-top version of the Nike Kyrie 2, because in many ways, the two shoes are completely different despite the technical similarities.

Now that I’ve finally got the shoes and played in them for over 3 months, I’ll present to you my personal experience with it and its performance review. Let’s get started then!




Unlike some of Irving’s recent signature shoes, the Kyrie Low2 doesn’t look very round, but rather elongated, with a slim body. The vamp is made from a large piece of engineered mesh, and I think it’s far more delicate and textured than the first version of signature shoe. Besides that, the material is also quite breathable even in hot summer days. With the weather getting warmer, you can still rest assured to play to your heart’s content.


Then what about the wrapping? Can it firmly lock or fix the feet?Again, you can rest assured! The vamp wrapping is quite excellent without any toe bumps. Looking closely at the shoe you’ll find that there are something special about the shoelace system. Although it looks like there are only 6 groups of laces, it is not so. There are actually 4 sets of laces in the foremost, through adjusting which you can enjoy the most suitable wrapping according to your own foot type. As for the other three groups, they are to to cooperate with supporting pieces at the side of the vamp, which not only ensures excellent wrapping but also improves support.


When it comes to the heel, although there is no extra foam filling, the lining has been relatively thick, and the counter there is also big and stiff enough to offer support. At the outside there is the red woven material to provide additional wrapping.



Does it bite aggressively on various grounds? Does it wear out easily and what’s the state of my Kyrie Low 2 at the moment?


The big thing about the shoe is that it is prestigious for its traction performance. According to many players, the Nike Kyrie Low 2’s traction is superb, even in the outfield, and it can hold the ground firmly. With that, the problem of heel slipping and side-to-side movement are virtually nil.

While Irving’s signature shoes are known for having a spherical, or rounded, outsole, that of kyrie Low2 is a more conventional look. In the forefoot and the heel area, there is obvious extension while the upturned design has been remained, which is still very suitable for players who are good at making breakthroughs.


In fact, on the inside of the forefoot, the outsole has a large upturn to increase the friction between the shoe and the ground. In terms of the outsole pattern, I think it is quite similar to that of Nike KOBE NXT 360, which is the kind of fine granular grains. The only thing that requires particular mention is that when I played in it for the first time, I almost slipped and “kissed” the ground, which may be due to dusts on court. But since then the traction has performed to my heart’s desire.


Nevertheless, there is still some feedback from consumers that the Nike Kyrie Low 2, compared with the Kyrie 2, is not that sustained in offering traction on outdoor courts and also lacks the overall flexibility that the Kyrie 2 boasts of. But unfortunately, I haven’t experienced the Kyrie 2 before. Therefore, with respect to this problem, I just want to bring it up so that you could form an idea for yourself.




Let’s break down the energy return , step comfort and stability then. Its cushioning is probably the best of all Irving signature shoes. Well, it’s no exaggeration! Besides the traction, the midsole is also one of the highlights of the shoe. The separated Zoom Air in the forefoot and the heel area, though not the top-ranking ones,is a fairly standard setup for the price and also have huge implications for the shoe’s overall performance.


For most guards, the small square-like zooms with the foams is absolutely adequate for employment on courts. But for players with lighter weights, they may not feel the energy return obviously. Take my experience. For me who weigh about 75 kg, at first I had to play 3-hour sessions for the midsole and the zooms to fully break in and begin working to their full potential. After that, the setup became super comfortable; the forefoot cushion is nice and bouncy though the rear one is not equally satisfactory. Usually I land on my forefoot and I feel very stable underfoot, and the ride is also a bit low off the ground. But if you are used to landing on the heel, you may feel the rear cushion quite stiff and therefore not enough for use.



In terms of the durability, after I played in it for several months and more than 20 matches, the outsole lines remain relatively intact and the overall model is holding up very well as of today. Although there do exist some wear and tear in the outside of the rear part and the inside of the forefoot, I deem that these are normal in the high-use areas and the shoe has already done a stellar job.


5 Other details


The inner support plate extends directly to the arch, which is similar to the Velcro design of the Irving 6. Such a design actually provides some rigidity and also anti-torsional support at the meantime.


Summarizing the Nike Kyrie Low 2: the shoe is definitely worth the dollar, though not perfect, nor versatile, and it can stack up against the competition.


In general, the design of the shoe may not impress you too much at the first glance, but the more you look at it, the more likelier you’ll get attracted. With such setups and the public praise of many players, I am quite satisfied with its actual performance and feel quite delighted at having copped the right one.


I haven’t fully tested the shoe, but based on my own experience and what I’ve heard from other reviewers, the shoe is definitely cost-effective. So if you are someone who values that greatly, this is your thing!

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