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Shop the Look: Nike Air Jordan

It is nothing new that with some signature shoes’ reputation and their high popularity, their prices will also rise correspondingly, some even skyrocketing to incredible levels, which many sneaker lovers will naturally frown upon. But good news is that the prices of many shoes, even the famous ones, tend to stay stable and affordable in recent two years. For example, a lot of Air Jordan models are favored by the fans, yet many of them were out of reach because of their high prices. To fans’ relief, quite a few AJ models that their beloved have now remained at the prices that they were originally retailed at. Therefore, let’s turn back the clock and take a look at some of those cost-effective models.

1、AJ1 “Court Purple”

The white and purple color, which was released two years ago, has remained at its original price nearly two months after its official release. This colorway here, because of its similarity to that of the classic model, the Air Jordan 1 OG High “Black Toe”, has also received a lot of attention. In contrast to the “Black Toe”, the biggest difference in this one lies in that the original purple on the toe has been replaced with white, and most of the black leather on the body has also been replaced with purple leather.

If you were  in love with the “Black Toe” but couldn’t get it, you still have an alternative here. Don’t forget that  you’ll be snatching this kick for its original retail price. Actually you’re in for a good one!

2、AJ3 “Retro SE Red Cement”

The “Retro SE Red Cement” released during the NBA All-Star game in 2020 is actually one of my favorites. After playing in it for 4month+, it is safe to say that the techs adopted in the shoe altogether nail down the balance between keeping the model feathery, comfy and modern-ish while also satiate the needs of players.

AJ3’s most classic colorway is undoubtedly the “black cement”. Nevertheless, this “Red Cement” is, from my perspective, a breath of fresh air and quite recognizable. The vamp, having been largely changed into red leather, seems to be endowed with vigor and vitality. Over and above that, the classic crack pattern of the heel has been retained, making it all the more beckoning and outstanding.

Last but not the least, the market price of this one once fell below $160 which makes it no longer out of reach. Therefore, many fans of Air Jordan were more than satisfied with this and the shoe’s terrific all-around performances on courts.

3、AJ5 “Rukawa Kaede”

When the words, AJ, Slamdunk and Rukawa Kaede, come together, you must have understood the significance behind them.

The brand-new colorway of AJ5 “Rukawa Kaede”released in 2020 was once a source of heated discussion on social media for quite a period of time, from which we can get a glimpse of its popularity. Compared with the edition in 2013, this retro one is more like the original version, which can definitely meet the needs of OG shoe fans.

The current market price of this one does not change much, maintaining at about  the original price. If you happen to have some complex of the Slamdunk, this one is your thing!

4、AJ6 “Washed Denim”

The AJ6 “Washed Denim”was released in 2019 and again received a lot popularity among the AJ fans. The overall appearance of this one is similar to that of some joint work with Levi’s. With a denim vamp and brown leather trim on the laces, the shoes AJ6 “Washed Denim” look great with jeans for spring and fall.

In spite of that, the price of this one seems somewhat bewildered and unstable. In the year it was launched its price was once down to about $130, which electrified its fans quite a lot. However, I won’t recommend it to everyone because the midsole, based on my own experience, obviously left something to be desired, say, the renergy return and the cushion responsiveness.

Nevertheless, my experience cannot suit everyone and is only for your reference. Therefore, just know what you are getting for this price with the AJ6 “Washed Denim” and I think many of you will still be satisfied.

5.AJ14 “Reverse Ferrari”

The AJ14, which was inspired by Ferrari’s yellow colorway, was once a cult when it was newly released in 2019. The yellow shoe body is actually quite textured and its upturned carbon fiber board is now a rarity in the actual combat shoe market.

What’s more thrilling is that the price of this one has also slumped to less than $160, making it all the more cost-effective.

Over and above that, I also want to mention that regarding the build of the shoe, it is quite strong enough so that even heavy dudes will also find it aggreable. And the foot containment can never be an issue for someone very explosive and/or heavy.



For those who value their dollars and care more about the details of the shoes foregoing, I think there’s certainly  much more to know than just a cost-effective shoe list here.

No doubt having a bit more knowledge of the one model you are going to purchase will only be of great avail for you.

As fans of Air Jordan you must have been aware of those models’ popularity and now you have a bunch of potential options at your disposal! So I’ll just leave it for you to fully use your discretion.

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