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Unboxing: KYRIE 8

Just as Irving’s performance on the court has received a lot of attention, so has the series of basketball shoes. In fact, because of the KYRIE shoes’ excellent performance, they have always been widely enjoyed. Therefore, when this KYRIE 8 was launched, many people doubted whether it could be as satisfactory as its predecessors. Anyway, to get some knowledge of the shoes, it’s a must to take a close look at it first.

There have been several colorways of the shoes. Each of them has its own features and can therefore cater to the needs of different people.

For the colorway below, the vamp is a large tiger pattern comprised of purple, black and light green. In the tongue of each shoe, there are printed with different logos. Besides, the shoelace system is designed in such a particular way that it can improves the shoes’ overall wrapping performance.

It can be obviously seen from the side that the tongue is designed very high and the padding in it is very thick. However, whether such thick padding can enhance wrapping still remains to be tested.

The material of the upper is different from that of the front part. There is a large area of leather and quite a lot of padding.

The previous Kyrie shoes are equipped with only one Zoom, but now we can find two Zooms in KYRIE 8, which is actually a great improvement. However, the Zoom at the heel is so small that its performance might be barely noticeable.

The design at the heel is all the more elegant and simple. A logo of “Irving” is eye-catching there, but it is nothing more than a decoration. In short, I don’t think the heel design is outstanding or deserves much attention.

My first impression of its outsole was that it was so large and flat, and I even doubted whether the shoe could provide me with the grip I had expected of it. For all that, I must confess that the grains in the forefoot are very nice and distinctive. In the middle of the sole there is also a signature of Irving and the back part is marked red with the number 8, which is highly practical.


To sum up, this KYRIE 8 may not be superior to KYRIE 7 in its appearance, but its setups are certainly improved. Although Irving himself is not engaged in the design of the shoes, that’s not to say that there is nothing to recommend them. But anyway, ultimately it is you who are in charge.

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